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Oslo Hackney London, Guide & Review

London is probably one of the best places you can think of when you want to experience history, art and culture, all in one place. And there’s no better place to do all three than Oslo Hackney, a restaurant and club located in London’s Hackney Central. Built in an old Victorian-era railway station, Oslo Hackney takes inspiration for its décor from the Nordic aesthetics.

The club and restaurant are open throughout the week, from noon till late at night, so whether you want just a bite to eat or you want to dance the night away, you can’t go wrong with Oslo Hackney.

London is rich with history and cultural landmarks so finding a gem like Oslo Hackney is definitely something you will be boasting about to all your friends. Located in the Hackney Central area of London, Oslo Hackney pays homage to the old way of life by adopting a very Nordic aesthetic, inside a building that used to be a railway station back in the Victorian era. Wherever you look, Oslo Hackney has a story to tell, and it tells it best through music.
The place is more than just a club; it also hosts a superb restaurant that offers some of the best food and drinks you will find in the city. So the club is not just for the night owls; you can use it as a daytime hub to meet and have some quality food as well. While during the night, space transforms into the perfect place to socialize and dance the night away.
Since Oslo Hackney is both a restaurant and a club, it is open all seven days of the week, from noon till night. So, whenever you decide to visit Oslo Hackney, you can be sure to find something unique to do and experience.

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