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Palladium Nightclub, Modesto , Guide & Review

Palladium is one of the most popular night clubs in Modesto, California. The club hosts a variety of age groups but is very specific about its dress code. A classy club like Palladium requires its party goers to be classy too. The night club has a branded dress code. They want to see you in all your glitz and glamour.

With five bars and four dance floors things never get boring. However, even these aren’t enough to guarantee you a spot. If you want to get into the on high demand nightclub, its best to get there early! With four resident DJs Palladium offers a unique mix of music that caters to everyone’s taste, from hip hop with acts such as Afroman, Adrian Marcel and Rayven Justice to Latin, showcased by acts such as Bajo Perfil, Jenny-69 and Chuy Lizarraga.

The night club also provides VIP and bottle service, which lets you enjoy the music and the dancing to its fullest without having to worry about ferrying drinks back and forth from the bar. Furthermore, Palladium has its own professional mixologists that skillfully make a variety of cocktails and drinks to your tastes. Though the drinks may be a little pricey, the club offers specials and deals often like the $20 special which gives you six drinks. For those who want a more relaxed environment than the pulsating inside, Palladium also has a Patio where people can socialize and engage in casual conversation.

Bustling with life and energy, Palladium is open Thursday through Sunday from 9:00 PM to 3:00 AM the next day. An absolute must-visit for anyone in Modesto who’s looking for a good time and better music.

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