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Piccadilly Institute, Editors Guide & Review

If crazy parties are your thing, the Piccadilly Institute is just the nightclub venue in London that you are looking for. This super-sized, super eccentric, super fun party venue has a collection of 6 rooms, each with a completely different persona of its own. Of course, you might have heard of many clubs with multiple rooms, but each of the rooms at Piccadilly Institute has their very own cocktail menu!

Each room having their very own theme, Piccadilly Institute is here to cater to their club goers’ every mood and every taste. Probably one of the biggest attractions of this nightclub is the diversely varied rooms. Full of adventure and excitement from every angle, Piccadilly Institute provides a pleasant form of sensory overload to all their excited party goers.

The club is so very popular in London that it remains open every single night of the week. Themed rooms and themed club nights call for some of the most unique parties held under the roof of Piccadilly Institute.

This is the ultimate guide to Piccadilly Institute, London. Here, you will find out absolutely everything that you need to know about the directions to get to the club, what you are expected to wear, what kind of music you will get here, the drinks, and so much more!

Location and How to Get to Piccadilly Institute

A late night cocktail bar, Piccadilly Institute is famous for its music, drinks and eclectic taste in general. The nightclub is located at The London Pavillion, 1 Piccadilly Circus, London W1J 0DA, UK.

Dress Code and Age Requirement for Piccadilly Institute

The age requirement at Piccadilly Institute is strictly 18 years and above only. For those who wish to gain entry into this club, it is extremely important to carry a valid form of ID proof with you at all times. Without this, you would be denied entry into the club.

As for the dress code for Piccadilly Institute, the dress code policy states Smart Casuals only. This makes it quite easy for those visiting the club after their work, as they can come over in their business formals and get into the club without an issue. Jeans, fancy t-shirts, crop tops, dresses, and skirts are quite common here. Of course, the weekends entertain fancier crowds who love to dress up a little more for their club nights.

One thing to keep in mind is that you should not come to the club in hoodies, timberlands, trainers or any kind of sportswear. The ladies can obviously show off their killer moves in their stunning high heels or can opt for something a little more comfortable. As for the men, formal shoes, fancy sneakers and loafers would be just fine.

Weekly Program at Piccadilly Institute

Piccadilly Institute is one of the few nightclubs in London which are actually open all nights of the week. This makes it one of the most popular and exciting nightclub venue for after work hours. Every day you can enjoy happy hours from 5 pm till 9 pm. Every night except Sunday nights, the club doors remain open till 3 am, and on Sunday nights the club says open for another extra hour.

Every Wednesday Night at Piccadilly Institute is the Wow Wednesdays. These nights feature some of the most popular hip-hop and reggaeton music in town.

Bad Decisions Thursday are the biggest student nights in London. These nights welcome over 1000 students, amazing music, great vibes, and drinks all night starting at just 2.50 pounds!

VIP Fridays you can enjoy VIP entry along with 2 free drinks.

The other nights at Piccadilly Institute are full of exciting themed parties. With 7 bars, 6 rooms and an array of interesting faces every night of the week, Piccadilly Institute is really one of the most interesting nightclub venues to explore in London.

Make it a point to visit the Facebook page as well as the official website for Piccadilly Institute, London. You can get updates about all the events and parties being held here on each night of the week. This way, you won’t miss out on any of the mind-blowing parties being here at the club, and you can even book your tickets in advance.


The music scene at Piccadilly Institute is extremely exciting. There are 6 different rooms, each room following their very own theme, music, drinks, décor, and welcoming their own type of crowds. In one room, you can enjoy some of the most amazing hip-hop and reggaeton music, while another room you would enjoy dance music, commercial music, and house music.

You can always explore all of the rooms in one night. However, once you find your favorite room, you can stick there with your gang for the rest of the night enjoying the music, the drinks and the vibe of that room.

Average Line and Guest Lists

Piccadilly Institute Club has a 1000+ capacity. However, the club doors still find it filled right up to the brim on most nights. The weekends at Piccadilly Institute are way more crowded, but on weeknights also, you will find the average line outside the club to be quite long.

It would probably be a better idea to get your names on the Guest List for Piccadilly Institute. This way, you can enjoy getting into the club at a cheaper rate, and even avoid the long wait in line outside the club. Sunday nights, of course, you can get in for free, so don’t miss out these amazing nights at Piccadilly Institute. From Monday nights to Thursday nights, the entry fee at Piccadilly Institute is just 5 pounds. Friday and Saturday nights, you would be required to pay 10 pounds after 10 pm and 15 pounds after midnight. However, entry is free till 9.30 pm for those who are members of DesignMyNight.

Keep yourself updated on the exciting events being held at the club every night and make sure you don’t miss out on any of these parties here!

VIP Tables and Bottle Service

The VIP area at Piccadilly Institute Club is stunning. The service you can expect here is extraordinary. If you can afford it, it is advisable to opt for the VIP table and Bottle service when you are here at Piccadilly Institute. The VIP experience here is the icing on top of the cake and will complete your wonderful experience at this ultra-popular nightclub in London.

Drink prices

On student nights, students can enjoy some of the cheapest prices on their cocktails, with drinks starting at just 2.50 pounds all night. Every single night, of course, the happy hour deals with 50% off are just amazing. It would be a shame to miss out on these mind-blowing offers. Each room at Piccadilly Institute has a different cocktail list, so you will never be bored here!

Our recommendations

On your first night here, visit all the rooms instead of just sticking to one room. This way, you will get a feel of the entire club.

Be sure to visit during happy hours to enjoy the amazing offers on the delicious drinks.

Well, that’s about all you need to know about Piccadilly Institute. Get your names on the Guest List and enjoy some of the most memorable nights here at the most popular nightclub venue in London!

Piccadilly Institute London Dress Code Guide

A nightclub venue full of imagination, inspiration, and a bold approach, Piccadilly Institute is really a one of a kind club in London. 6 different rooms under one roof offer the most unbelievable party experience to those who are a little bit bold and a lot adventurous.

If you wish to visit Piccadilly Institute but are wondering about the general rules such as the dress code policy, here is everything that you need to know about it.

Dress Code Guide for the Ladies

The dress code policy for Piccadilly Institute is strictly Smart Casuals. During the early evenings, you will find most of the members of the Piccadilly Institute in fun, flowing dresses, after work formals, designer jeans, and fancy tops. Of course, later on during the night, the more trendy and fashionable crowds start to stream in. Be sure to wear your best high heels and definitely dress to impress.

As for your hair, put on a hairstyle that complements your club outfit. Business casuals usually look great with a nice pony or even a bun, while dresses and skirts look better with free-flowing hair. Of course, you are free to experiment with your own styles.

As for your tattoos, there are very few clubs which would turn down ladies for showing off their beautiful works of body art. If you have a couple of tattoos on you, don’t be shy to show them off to everyone here!

Dress Code Guide for the Gents

Men, listen up; the dress code for Piccadilly Institute is pretty straightforward. Come over in a great collared shirt with some formals and a great pair of shoes. On more casual nights, you could also wear jeans and a fancy t-shirt. Of course keep in mind that under no circumstances will you be allowed to enter in sportswear, hoodies or even Timberlands. Avoid wearing these at all costs.

As for your hair, a neat hairstyle and a well-groomed beard are always appreciated. You will find no difficulty in entering the club if you are well dressed and well groomed. If you are sporting a quirky, unique hairstyle, it is completely under the discretion of the club bouncers if they wish to let you in or not.

When it comes to tattoos, the club is quite open about them. As long as your body art is in places which are appropriate to show off in the club, you can show them off as much as you wish to! Of course, tattoos in more intimate areas should probably be best left covered up when you are in the club!

Piccadilly Institute

Our suggestions

Piccadilly Institute is all about mood and ambiance. Each room caters to a different type of clientele, and finding your own vibe here is the best thing that you could do.

Keep an eye on the events page for Piccadilly Institute; here, you can find out about the themed parties and events being held here and dress appropriately.

If you have any other questions about a certain item of clothing which you wish to wear here, contact the club and ask them about it!

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