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Pryzm Birmingham, Guide & Review

Pryzm is a nightclub located on Broad Street, Birmingham and it is the newest addition for Birmingham’s late-night crowd. This nightclub offers four different rooms of music, drinking and dancing for people to enjoy. Moreover, this nightclub is also a big hit with the students in Birmingham because of its great drink deals and lively atmosphere. Furthermore, Pryzm is also quite popular, with six branches in the country so far. In addition to the good drinks and music, they are also quite popular for their outstanding customer service. A dancefloor is also present in the nightclub for partygoers to dance their nights away. Lastly, there is no specific dress code, however, the age limit for entrance is 18 and above.

Pryzm Birmingham Dress Code Guide

PRYZM is a popular nightclub in Birmingham. The nightclub has a wonderful standard and ambience. There are 7 rooms in the nightclub, each with a different theme. So this nightclub caters to the taste of all the individuals. And, this is probably why there is a huge footfall in this nightclub, especially on the weekends.

Like all the nightclubs, PRIZM has also a dress code, which party hoppers need to follow. If you’re planning to book a table in Prizm, then do read this post in the next 60 seconds

Pryzm Dress Code for the Ladies

Simple and stylish. This is the dress code for women. They can wear dresses, tunics, skirts, jeans, jump suits, etc. But like men, they are not allowed to wear sportswear.

A cute black dress is always a safe bet. You can experiment with the cuts though. Your dress can be halter-neck and backless or your dress can be off-shoulder with a slit from your mid-thigh area.

Heels are preferred over flats at PRYZM. So buy a pair of heels before you come to this place.

No matter how cold it is, try to avoid carrying a big furry coat with you. When you’re dancing almost the whole night, you’re all sweaty, tired, and hot. You hardly need the coat after a few minutes. Plus, there is a cloakroom in the nightclub where you may have to stand for 20 minutes in a queue for your turn. It’s usually crowded there. I’m sure you won’t want to waste 20 minutes there.

Pryzm Dress Code for the Gents

PRYZM nightclub has a stylish, fresh and fashionable dress code. Shirts, jeans, and formal pants are allowed here. But there are a few attires that are not acceptable here.

For instance, sports attire is prohibited here. No sneakers, hats, caps, hoodies, jerseys, and shorts here. Even gym clothes are not entertained here. So don’t wear gym style trainers.

Formal shoes are the safest bet. Sports shoes and gym shoes should be avoided by all possible means. Sometimes, being too adventurous is not good for mental peace.

Tips for both men and women 

  1.  You’ll be thoroughly searched before entering the nightclub. Yes. Even though if you look like million dollar bucks. I am telling you this very clearly. If the doorman finds drugs in your bags or pockets, you’ll be thrown out of the nightclub. If you really want to carry anything, then take your identity cards with you. PRYZM may ask you to show your identity cards if you look younger than 18 years.
  2. No matter how good your dress is, it will be completely worthless if you are too drunk and are completely intoxicated. PRYZM won’t allow you to enter the nightclub. The dress code matters. But your behavior also matters a lot.

Our Suggestions

The dress code is casual but sportswear is completely prohibited here. So avoid wearing sports clothes by all means. Okay.

Have a great night at PRYZM. Enjoy.

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November 20, 2021

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