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Pura Club San Francisco, Guide & Review

Pura is a Latin club that welcomes everyone and provides a space for people to relax. Five rooms are available here. All of them are equipped with bars and DJ booth. Our sound system is marvelous and ensures that every patron can hear the beat of the music. The lighting show creates a mesmerizing scene. TV screens are also installed here, which further enhance the audience’s audio-visual experience. Beautiful dancers perform at our place their killer moves will leave you awe-struck. We are quite strict about our code of conduct. Pura does not welcome people who use violence, threats, drink irresponsibly and disrespect other guests, etc.

Every Saturday, we host an event called Pura Saturdays. During which our residence play Reggaeton, Merengue, Salsa, Bachata, Cumbia, Hip Hop, and Top 40 music. On 31st August we will celebrate the ninth anniversary of Pura club. Alex Sensation will live perform at our place. If you want to reserve a table, then please contact our VIP manager. The required information is available on our website.

Bottle service is also available at our place. The menu is comprised of Vodka, Tequila, Cognac, Whiskey, Scotch, and Bubbles. Our VIP packages come with reserved VIP tables, Premium Liquor & assorted mixers/Champagne, quick entry, and personal escort to the table. Please follow our dress code standards for admission.

We have a strict dress code. For Men Dress shirts with collars and ties, two-piece, three-piece, Dress slacks, Dress pants, Well-fitting jeans, and Dress shoes are good choices. Please don’t wear baggy clothes, logos, sportswear, T-shirt, Pullover shirts, Polos, Flannel Shirts and Short sleeves. Tattoos must be covered at all times. For Women, sophisticated clothing is a good choice. Please don’t wear overly sexy, revealing clothes, flip-flops, baggy jeans, Team Gear and Ball Caps.

Come to the Pura club for a good time.

Pura Nightclub San Francisco Dress Code Guide

Most nightclubs in San Francisco have dress code guidelines. Do you know why? It’s because proper dress code guidelines can help to maintain safety and security. It can help you to experience the best night of your life without worrying about your safety.

Pura is an upscale nightclub in San Francisco with a strict dress code. Both men and women need to take the dress code guidelines seriously. Otherwise, they won’t be allowed in the nightclub.

Pura Nightclub Dress Code Guide for the Ladies

No matter what you wear, make sure it’s tasteful and classy. Be it a skirt or a dress; it shouldn’t be too revealing or vulgar. Even when you’re using make up, it shouldn’t be gross or too loud. Your makeup should be tasteful and enhance your facial features.

You can wear jeans, but they should fit you well. They shouldn’t be torn or ripped anywhere.

Wear heels when it comes to shoes. Don’t wear flip flops or sandals even if you’re most comfortable. You won’t be there every day. It’s just a matter of a few hours. I am quite sure you can adjust.

If you have tattoos, don’t flaunt them. Rather wear something to cover them.

Like men, women are also not allowed to wear caps and sports attire. So, they should avoid wearing them at any cost.

Dressing style tips for both men and women

  1.  Do make sure that pants, shirts, tops, and skirts fit you perfectly. They shouldn’t be baggy or loose.
  2. Avoid wearing low-waist jeans.
  3. Avoid wearing pull-over shirts and t-shirts.
  4. Don’t wear polos.
  5.  Don’t strip in the nightclub.
  6. Avoid the color red and blue when it comes to clothes.
  7. Watch makeup tutorials online to know how to enhance your beauty for a party.

Pura Nightclub Dress Code Guide for the Gents

Men can wear collared dress shirts with front buttons. They can wear dress pants without any quotes, logos, writings, and stitches on them. Jeans and dress slacks are also appreciated here. A tie gives a special edge since it upgrades the look of any men.

Flannel shirts and plaid shirts are not allowed in the Pura nightclub. Sportswear is also not allowed in the nightclub. Baseball caps, sneakers, hats, jersey, track jackets, joggers, and shorts are not allowed here.

Dress shoes and loafers are the standard shoes. Tennis shoes, work boots, sandals, and timberlands are not accepted here.

Suits are highly appreciated in this nightclub. So you can wear a two piece or 3 piece suit here.

Our Suggestions 

Last but not least, beach attire is prohibited here. This means bikini, monokini, shorts, and tank tops are not allowed here. Although it’s not written anywhere, yet it’s better to avoid carrying backpacks. A small clutch is more than enough.

Pura nightclub is extremely strict about the dress code. If you can’t follow the dress code, then don’t go there. Speak to the waiter and the staff with a smile to avoid any hurdles.

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