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Pz City Club Montpellier, Guide & Review

The PZ City Club is a 2-level discotheque formerly known as the Zero Point, it has existed in Montpellier nightlife scene since 1995. Located in the city center of Montpellier, between tram stops Louis Blanc and Albert 1st line 1 and near the faculties. Nightclub changed its name to PZ Club when they did a complete makeover and club rebranding in 2014. Club attracted young Erasmus students in the past, but today because of their popularity they have reached a far wider clientele. Pz City Club consists of two rooms that are modern and nicely decorated. These two rooms feature entirely different sounds, and that is one reason why this club is so special. One room is more like tech, house techno room, while other open floor room is predominantly funky music. Total capacity of the club is around 500 people. Pz City Club is open from Thursday to Saturday from midnight to around 05.00 or 06.00 am. There are 18 tables with approximately 60 seats.

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