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Queens Disco Palma, Guide & Review

Queens Disco Palma is a nascent club yet the desired one amongst the clubs of the Balearic Islands the club is known for bringing the fun, excitement, and thrill to the nights of the visitors. Make your weekend nights fun-reviving and energizing. Started in 2017 only but have been spreading joy and fun since then. The club without a speck of doubt has become popular among those who like to party hard till dawn.

To any club, music is one of the most vital components. We play the broad spectrum of music genres which suit the visitors with varied tastes in music. The in-house DJs and the guest DJs at Queens Disco Palma have some incredible talents in music which boosts the whole atmosphere getting each one into a dancing mood. The grand sized dance floor amidst the dazzling club lights is always left with o space given the great number of party-revelers that come here.

The club is only open on Friday and Saturday, from 23:00 to 06:00. The party once started goes on without stopping until the sunrise. We wait for all those who revel in everything about the parties and would keep their spirits up until the night vanishes into the dawn. If you are looking for the same kind of fun on your weekend nights, come to the Queens Disco Palma prepared for the unstoppable, electric fun.

Nobody says no to drinks. Everyone agrees that drinks are compulsory for partying. The bar at Queens Disco Palma has a quite varied collection of drinks and cocktails. You can have any drink of your choice from the bar and sip it along while you dance and groove through the night. We promise you, the spirited ambience made up with the lights, music, and the amazing crowd would be enough to make you feel like a true partier and get you in the partying mood at Queens Disco Palma as we have never failed in satiating your cravings for fun!

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