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Club Description

This club is one of the most popular clubs in the country and has been for more than three decades. The club has been frequented by royalty including Prince Charles and Princess Margaret. Ever since it was found in 1967, Raffles has been the center of attention for all of London’s biggest nights out. The club is always filled to the brim and the waiting line outside is very long. The reason for the clubs sustained success and popularity is because of the fact that the club has delivered on so many things throughout the ages; the music, drinks and the atmosphere have all been amazing. If you are in London for a little while or have lived there your entire life, you need to make sure you visit this staple of the London nightlife scene. The club is an essential visit for you. The décor will make you feel like you have traveled back in time since it has a very disco chic look which will entice you. The dance floor is multicolored and made for you to express yourself through the medium of music and dance so you can truly let it rip there!


The infamous club is located right so on 287 King’s Road. We say rightly so because of the illustrious history of this place and how many royals have come to spend their nights inside of this heaven of a club back in the day.

VIP Table Guide

The club is incredibly popular which means that VIP tables sell out fast. Since the club has been around for decades, a lot of people, want to make sure they get a chance to go inside the club and ensure their entry by reserving a VIP table. While the VIP tables might be a little expensive they get you a few added benefits which will help you out a lot. These include fast track entry into the club ahead of the queue outside. Other perks are that you get preferential treatment by employees and even get designated members of the staff who ensure you have a good time while you are at Raffles. A small VIP table which fits 3 people costs 1000 pounds while a large VIP table which seats about 10 people costs 2000 pounds. The cheapest table you can get is a Standard small table for 500 pounds which can seat 3 people as well.

Bottle Service

Bottle service at the club is expensive and you will have to pay the bill according to the alcohol you order. The bill will come with a 15% service charge which you will have to pay when settling your tab for the night.

The Dress Code

As you can imagine, the dress code at Raffles is pretty standard for any good club around the world. The women are expected to wear their best dresses while men should be in smart formal jackets with sharp shoes. The women should also not be wearing flats of any kind.

Raffles London Dress Code Guide

Located on King’s road in London, Raffles Chelsea is one of the most popular night clubs you will find in London. Adorned in large leather sofas, an airy dance floor illuminated by neon lights, and a very modern, contemporary appeal to the place, Raffles Chelsea is an exclusive night club which very selected clientele can enjoy entry into.

If you are planning on enjoying an amazing night out at Raffles Chelsea but you are worried about what kind of dress code you need to follow, here is a short guide on the Raffles Chelsea Dress Code for men and women. Here, you will find out everything you need to do, and what you should not do, to gain entry into Raffles Chelsea, London.

Raffles Chelsea Dress Code for the Ladies

The dress code policy followed by Raffles Chelsea is strictly Smart and Elegant. Being a super exclusive night club in London, one of the main things that people look forward to when they visit this club is the luxurious atmosphere and the exclusivity they can enjoy.

To be allowed into Raffles Chelsea, you will have to put on one of your most elegant gowns or dresses. Remember that you can never go wrong with an LBD or a Little Black Dress. Pair it up with a great pair of high heels and of course, don’t forget to adorn yourself with chic, classy accessories and jewelry.

As for the shoes, it is best to stick to high heels only and avoid any kind of flats, flip flops, sneakers, running shoes or any other kind of shoes generally.

You can always experiment with your hair and makeup, but keep in mind that the look you want to achieve should exude class, elegance and style. You can opt for a soft, subtle look with bold lip color, or go for the opposite; a bold eye look and softer lips. Avoid very loud makeup and jewelry, as it would not complement the look you want to achieve for this club.

Raffles Chelsea Dress Code for the Gents

As for the men, the dress code for Raffles Chelsea is quite strict when it comes to what you cannot wear, however, you do have the luxury of experimenting with a number of options. You should typically wear trousers and a formal, button-up shirt. However, if you prefer a more casual look with jeans, make sure you opt only for dark jeans; nothing faded and nothing distressed.

As for shirts, you can also opt for a t-shirt, however, make sure you wear a jacket or a blazer over the t-shirt.

Opt for formal shoes only. If you end up wearing sneakers, running shoes or any other kind of sportswear, you will be strictly prohibited from entering into Raffles Chelsea, London.


The dress code policy for Raffles Chelsea is quite strict, however, this is done to maintain a certain standard and decorum of the venue which is one of its strongest attributes. You can always visit the official website for Raffles Chelsea, London, and find out more about the dress code guidelines for this club.

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The bouncers are unnecessarily rude

Rated 1 out of 5
June 11, 2022

The staff is rude, the service is bad, full of cleaners- waiters pushing women , the bouncers are appallingly mannered (the worst) and the drinks are overpriced. To make things worse the music is rubbish too. It is not a girls friendly place. I don’t know where the misleading 5* reviews are it is definitely a horrible place.


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