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If you’re an R&B listener, it will make sense that you’d want to go to clubs that play those songs. Once you have gotten accustomed to the taste of rhythm and blues, it’s truthfully challenging to enjoy music without sprinkling in some good bass-boosted songs in there. So, if you’re in Savannah for the night and are looking for some R&B fun, we’ve compiled a list of some nightclubs that are undoubtedly worth checking out. 

Savannah has superb nightlife, but you need to know where to look! For instance, a lot of the action can be found near City Market, but there are also some other amazing clubs like The Crypt Pub with its permanent horror theme that you wouldn’t want to miss. In fact, the city is known for its haunted spots and history of spooky stories. But that’s beside the point. 

Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of Savannah’s hottest R&B nightclubs.

Club 51 Degrees Savannah

Club 51 Degrees is one of the best dance spots in Savannah. So, this is the place to visit for those of you looking for a classic night of clubbing. The club is three floors high, with each playing a different style of music, ranging from hip-hop and EDM to Latin. Perhaps the most popular area of the club is the third floor, where it’s all about genres like house, EDM, trance, progressive, mashups, dubstep, and Top 40 remixes. In other words, you’ll find more modern and upbeat hits here. Each floor of the club also has a separate bar and drinks area.

Club 309 West Savannah

Located at the West end of River Street, Club 309 West is a rocking bar that’s all about the good, old dancing-on-the-bar vibes. In other words, you’ll find a seductive crew here willing to entertain and lure you into a night of intense clubbing. The club features a two-story venue with six bars and two separate wings – one that plays all-DJ mixed tunes and the other hosts live bands. 

While their bars are famous for tabletop dancing, you’ll also find a great dance floor with plenty of space to get your groove on. The club does get a bit crowded after 10 pm, but you’ll find people of all types here. Thanks to the affordable drinks and nightly specials, Club 309 West has a lot of diversity and a lively environment.

Elan Savannah

If images don’t lie, then the pictures coming out of Elan Savannah certainly seem to paint a very vivid and lively nightclub! Elan is known to cater to various music artists while hosting live shows. According to reviews, the music mostly tends to be hip-hop (rather than EDM as advertised in some places). The club also acts as an event venue between Atlanta and Miami.

In the past, Elan has hosted some great music legends from the likes of Lil Jon and Waka Flocka to Snails and Borgore. You may want to check out their event schedule before heading out for the night!

Tree House Savannah

The Tree House can accommodate almost 250 patrons at one time and is located in Downtown Savannah’s City Market/Ellis Square. The club features two large covered balconies overlooking City Market & Congress Street. And there’s nothing that the modern bar atmosphere lacks – from a professional bartending staff and incredible live music to two large plasma TVs and a whole lot of dancing – the party goes on till late in the night. Also, one of the best things about the Tree House is its decor – all per its title. You’ll find a lot of green around you and some of the friendliest crew to guide you around!

Club One Savannah

Club One is an impressive LGBT-friendly space for the people of Savannah. The all-inclusiveness is undoubtedly a factor that makes this place stand out. No matter who you may identify as you’ll always be welcome at Club One. That means you can usually find a well-blended mix of people to talk to and mingle with throughout the night. You’d never get bored!

What’s more, Club One has three floors or levels – featuring regular drag shows, musical performances, and other similar entertaining events such as their popular Monday Bingo Night. And thanks to their 1,000-square-foot dance floor, you’ll have a lot of space to boogie the night away. 


Did you make your pick yet? Savannah has a lot to offer for nightlife, but events may be scarce depending on the COVID situation. Do take a look at these clubs’ schedules before you head out for the night – you can often find live music shows, drag, and other forms of entertainment hosted for you. That aside, if all you’re looking for is a night of drinking and dancing, you’ll still be in the right place! 

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