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Reign London, Guide & Review

Club Description

Imagine the most sublime club in the world and you still probably fall short on imagining what happens at Reign. The club has a seriously amazing vibe and aesthetic. With aerial acrobats performing amazing feats above your head and fire artists, mesmerizing guests with their skills; this club is a sensory overload on its own. It is a show club through and through with amazing acts and whatnot. The club has been talked about excessively this time around. The club is located in one of the most happening areas of the city where other famous clubs are located as well. The vibe of the club is the future meets the 60s and everything is LED and bright, and the atmosphere is festive and exciting. People wait for ages to get a chance to get into Reign because of the mere fact that the club is so popular and heavily visited. The only way to ensure entry is pre-booking a VIP table for yourself otherwise the chances of getting in are pretty slim, especially during the weekend. But the club is definitely worth the wait. So if you can squeeze in a visit, you should definitely go to Reign.


It doesn’t matter what part of the world you are in, you probably know of Piccadilly circus. That is where Reign is located so you can imagine how exclusive it is. The exact address is 217, Piccadilly Circus in London. You can get off at the nearby Piccadilly Circus tube station which is a few minute’s walk from the club.

VIP Table Guide

The VIP tables at Reign cost quite a bit but they also come with their perks. A VIP table means you get preferred entry into the club. Other than that you have a designated hostess at your disposal whose only job is to entertain you and your friends. For a standard table, the rates vary; for 6 guests it will cost 1000 pounds but for 10 guests it will cost 1500 pounds. And for the exclusive VIP tables, the first will cost 1500 pounds and the second one will cost 2000 pounds for ten guests. So you need to make sure you choose your table accordingly. The VIP tables are incredibly amazing since they are in the best area of the club and the standard tables are pretty good as well.

Bottle Service 

The club has a great bottle service which you and your companions can enjoy. The prices start at about 100 pounds and go up to over 1000 pounds for premium drinks and bottles. So the price depends on what you order and how many of them you order.

The Dress Code

Like the name, Reign has a very high standard you are expected to follow. The club expects people to be wearing their best when at the club. This means men should be in their best sports jacket, formal shoes and their hair should be on point. While for women, the club requires dresses, heels and

Reign London Dress Code Guide

London’s first ever showclub opened up in 2017, The London Reign Showclub offers everything doused in luxury, fame, and elegance to its patrons. This night club in London is a private members-only club and is extremely popular amongst the party goers. For those who are looking to have a ‘Vegas night club’ kind of experience while in London, this night club is the perfect place to experience it all.

Of course, being such an elite night club means that their door policy is also extremely strict. When it comes to their dress code policy, club goers are expected to follow them strictly if they want to gain entry into this night club. This short guide on The London Reign Showclub will tell you everything you need to know about their dress code policy and guidelines.

The London Reign Showclub Dress Code for Ladies

For the ladies, The London Reign Showclub has a strictly Smart and Sexy dress code policy. This means bringing out some of your best gowns and dresses for this night club. If you want to wear something classic like a Little Black Dress, make sure that you accessorize well enough to not look like you have not put in any effort.

As for your shoes, opt for the best, killer high heels that you own, and you should be fine. Stay away from flats, sandals, sneakers, and any kind of sportswear for this club.

When it comes to makeup, go all out! Dress your face with bright, bold lips and beautiful eye makeup to complete your look. Remember, you don’t want to look underdressed for this night club. So if you are someone who likes to dress up, then this is the perfect opportunity for you to do so. If you sport any tattoos on your body, don’t be afraid to show them off here at The London Reign Showclub.

The London Reign Showclub Dress Code for Gents

The dress code policy for the gents here at The London Reign Showclub is Smart Casuals.

This means that you should typically opt for a smart collared shirt, paired along with some great trousers. The most important thing to keep in mind is your shoes because even if your outfit is perfect, choosing the wrong kind of shoes can get you sent away from the front door, and that is something you definitely don’t want!

Keep away from sportswear of any kind, sneakers, running shoes, and overly casual outfits such as t-shirt and jeans.

The London Reign Showclub is very finicky about their dress code guidelines being followed since the management strives hard to maintain the decorum and fashion quotient of this place.


The London Reign Showclub is a very exclusive night club in London which is open to members only. For those who wish to gain entry into this club, you have to follow their dress code policy really well in order to be allowed. If you fail to adhere to their dress code policy, you will be refused entry from the front door. Check the official website for The London Reign Showclub to find the club pictures and get an idea of what kind of club attire you should be wearing here.

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