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Ritz Tampa, Guide & Review

For a glitzy and glamorous night out, The Ritz is your best bet. This club has borrowed concepts from dance halls, chill lounges and other modern discos. You can expect to find a renowned DJ playing his beats or live music serving as the background music for your evening. They have a large performance stage and a huge dance floor that can accommodate a large group of people. You can even lounge around the retro couches and chintzy sofas or sit at the bar if you are thirsty.

The Ritz is the perfect combination of old and new. The venue is built inside a historic theatre that is over 100 years old. This 1917 building is now the hottest night club and venue for VIP events like parties, concerts and other events. The Sunset Events management company operates out of the Ritz so there is always something going on. They have three different rooms inside so you can book one for your own private party too! Situated right in the heart of the nightlife district, you do not want to miss out on this club!

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