RnB Clubs in Glasgow

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So on this page, you’ll find the official shortlist of the RnB clubs in Glasgow. (More in-depth further below)

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RnB which stands for rhythm and blues which is a genre founded by the African American community in the 1940s. It has been a long time since the 1940 but somehow the genre has not just survived but thrived. Since then, the genre has grown considerably and is enjoyed by people from all over the world. The music is soulful and has a lot of beats which makes it perfect to dance to! Which is why a lot of people prefer RnB clubs over every other kind of club! If you happen to be one of these people then keep on reading since we have compiled a list of the best RnB clubs in the city of Glasgow.

We have searched for and looked at all the clubs in the city to find the top 5 RnB clubs in Glasgow. So don’t worry about anything but choosing the club you want to party at! We have all the information you will need for a fun night out; the cost, the location, the dress code and more!

Keep reading to find out:

1. Bamboo

Bamboo is a student club located in Glasgow. Moreover, the club also offers the cheapest drinks starting from £1. In addition, the club also provides customers with great music. In addition, the club also has a lavish setting, which includes wall coverings, wood paneling, leather seats, three dance floors and much much more. Furthermore, the club also holds its infamous disco badger club nights that contains everything related to boat parties and break bashes. The club also hosts a wide variety of guest DJs as well as celebrities who visit.

2. The Flying Duck

The Flying Duck has been a staple in the Glasgow party scene for the last ten years. The club is a three in one; a bar, a cafe and a nightclub. They have an eclectic theme going for them and often describe themselves as a dive bar. The Flying Duck attracts a diverse clientele and since the menu is vegan, it is very popular among the vegan community. The age limit to enter the premises is 18 years old. They have an extensive and impressive menu for both food and drinks. The vibe and dress code of the club is casual. While the club often hosts live acts, they play a lot of music on their sound system too which usually consists of r’n’b, hip hop, rock, pop and more!

3. Distrikt

Distrikt is a sleek and sexy nightclub, which is perfect for Glasgow’s young and elite crowd. The club itself is intimate in nature, with a bar with the club’s name in lights, with a dark color scheme and green and red neon lights. Moreover, the club plays a different variety of music, ranging from house to RnB, depending on the night. In addition, you can also expect great drinks and even better drinking deals. Furthermore, you can also book one of their chesterfield booths for a more intimate affair. A dance floor is also available for partygoers to dance their nights away.

4. Kushion

Kushion has been operating in Glasgow since June 2006 and has a steady fan following in the city from locals and is a popular club preferred by tourists as well. Kushion has a very elegant set up and boasts a hearty drinks menu. The club has a new age vibe to it and is popular among a younger aged clientele. The dress code is pretty casual at the club. It has 3 rooms inside which all have different genres of music playing and different vibes within; patrons can choose which room they want to party in!

5. Buff

The Buff Club is located on Glasgow’s Bath Lane. The club has a unique and funky interior, and a laid back, chill and friendly crowd. Moreover, it is the perfect spot for students that enjoy a vintage environment and mature clubbers who wish to try something different. Furthermore, the club provides customers with funkiest tunes, ranging from funk, soul, disco and 80s hits. In addition, the drinks in this club are also pocket-friendly. Moreover, a dance floor is also available for partygoers to dance the night away. Booth service is also available, with a selection of tasty drinks packages as well. 

In Conclusion

You don’t have to be in America to be able to enjoy a club that plays RnB. If our list is anything to go by; it should give you an idea of the places in Glasgow you can go to enjoy this genre of music.