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    Avery Lounge

    About San Jose

    Once a quiet, central city in the heart of a thriving agricultural community, San Jose was transformed in less than 30 years into a major city and a milestone in U.S. economic history. As a result of the computer revolution, San Jose became the capital of the β€œSilicon Valley,” the largest electronics industry located throughout California, Clanta County. From 1950 to 1980, a time of great growth and prosperity, the population of San Jose increased fourfold. Like other large urban areas, however, the city has been forced to deal with problems that come with uncontrolled development: traffic congestion, air pollution, housing shortages, and disastrous infrastructure. The economic downturn in 1985 in Silicon Valley produced a stagnant economy, with the city returning in the 21st century. San Jose remains high at the polling stations that balance cities with business climate, lifestyle, and fun.

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