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Club Description 

As the name suggests, Scandal is quite scandalous! The club happens to new on the scene as compared to other clubs in the area which have been around for a while. The club opened its door in mid-2017 and has been the spot to go to ever since it opened up. The club aims to feel like a baroque spot where people feel a little naughty. The club is designed in a way that makes one feel super cheeky for being there; with paintings of women on the walls and cheeky quotes about spanking and what not covering the wall, the club definitely fulfills the criteria. The club is not exactly for the fainthearted since it can shock a few people. But you should not worry too much either since the club attracts a sophisticated crowd and has a great drinks menu which you can enjoy. The club is a must-visit and honestly is not like any other London club, if you like feeling naughty and toeing the line then this is the place for you. Make sure you make friends since the club is more fun with the right company.


The club is fairly easy to find. You can easily look for it on any map application you might have in your phone. The exact address is 78 Wells Street, Fitzrovia. The club is in a great location since there are a lot of other attractions in the area as well.

VIP Table Guide 

The VIP Tables at Scandal are amazing and tend to get booked up really fast so if you are hoping to get one then you need to make the reservation as soon as you can. Every VIP table in the venue comes with its own sets of perks. The tables are, first of all, located in the best areas of the club. You are given preference by all of the staff since they know you are a VIP and have designated members of the staff to take care of your every need. Other than that, you get fast track entry into the club; instead of waiting outside in line for hours you get to go in first and skip the line! The cost for a VIP table depends on the number of people in the party, prices range from 1500-3000 pounds depending on the standard of the table and the number of guests.

Bottle Service

Bottle service at the club is much like any other club in the city when it comes to Bottle Service. The bill for your bottle service depends on what you end up ordering bottles of; the club has cheaper options in the face of vodka and more. While it also has higher-end options as well which cost a lot.

The Dress Code

The club expects patrons to be dressed to the nines. The club wants people to be dress in their formal clothes which includes suits for men and dresses for women. And make sure you pay attention to your shoes; no casual sneakers, and no flats for women either.

Scandal London Dress Code Guide

The first word that comes to mind when you think of Scandal Club in London; is unspeakable desire. This club has everything to offer to its clientele in terms of the most fabulous décor, amazing drinks, friendly staff and an ambience which will allure you into taking part in the scandalous! With hints of mystery and temptation hidden in every corner, Scandal Club is all about elegance, class and a little bit of oomph.

It is obvious that when it comes to keeping up this ambience, the night club expects its clients to dress with class, elegance and oomph as well. This is the guide to Scandal Club, London’s dress code policy and everything you need to know about what to wear, and what not to wear here.

Scandal Club Dress Code Guide for the Ladies

When it comes to Scandal Club, London, it is all about allure, desire, temptation and class. The dress code policy for this night club is ‘Elegant and Sexy’. For the ladies, this means that you can bring out some of your sexiest club outfits. Showing off the skin at this club is okay so that short designer dress you have been hiding at the back of the closet can finally come out at Scandal! You can also experiment with miniskirts, leather skirts and pants, and a fancy, alluring top or blouse.

As for shoes, stick to the high heels as it simply adds that extra layer of oomph and appeals to your outfit.

Although the name of the club suggests differently, you should avoid wearing anything too revealing or vulgar. Keep in mind that the door policy for Scandal is extremely strict, and the management refuses the right to deny entry to anyone who does not follow the dress code guidelines.

As for your makeup, go all out! Show your personality and allure by opting for just the right kind of makeup to go with your sexy club attire.

Scandal Club Dress Code Guide for the Gents

As for the gents here at Scandal, you should aim for a Smart Casual dress code. This means that a smart button up shirt with some great trousers and formal shoes would be the best combination.

Avoid wearing any kind of sportswear, which includes loose pants, tracks, sports jerseys and jackets, hats and caps. Of course, you should also avoid ending up in overly casual wear like t-shirt and jeans or shorts.

The attitude of this night club is truly full of mystery and allure, so try and incorporate that into your club attire as well.


While the club always encourages you to show off some skin and be comfortable, keep in mind that anything that does not coincide with keeping up the decorum of this night club will not be allowed.

Keep away from any kind of casual wear as well. Aim for the oomph and sophistication.

You can expect a few celebrity sightings here at Scandal, so always dress your best when you come here!

If you need any tips or suggestions about what kind of club outfits you can try out here at Scandal, don’t forget to check out the official website for Scandal, London. Here, you can go through the club pictures and get some tips and ideas on what kind of outfits you can experiment with.

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