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Seven Marbella, Guide & Review

Seven nightclub has earned positive reputation in the past because it offers something for everyone. Due to the same reason, Seven club is quite different from the other clubs that you can see in the Puerto Banus region as well. You will be able to find an Asian and an Arabic mixed design inside this club. You can also discover the portrayals of chandeliers, Buddha’s and small covens throughout seven nightclub.

If you are a person who is interested in enjoying your time with enhanced privacy, this is a good place to consider. That’s because you can find a large number of small drinking areas throughout the club. In addition to that, you can discover a lot of go go dancers, who are performing throughout the club as well. Sheesha pipes are available throughout the nightclub, which can provide you with an outstanding experience, which you will never regret.

You will be able to get into Seven nightclub from the second line of Puerto Banus. You need to wear a smart casual and a glamorous outfit to get in. But before you go there, you must also keep in mind that the drinks and entrance are relatively experience when compared to other clubs in the region. If you are concerned about this, you are encouraged to reserve a table and then split the prices with the others who are coming along with you.

One of the best things about Seven nightclub is that it doesn’t get too crowded. Therefore, you can always find a table to sit and enjoy your drinks. But if you are planning to organize a party with a bigger crowd, it is always recommended to make the reservation in advance. Then you will be able to overcome last minute surprises that you will have to deal with.

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