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Shaka Zulu London, Guide & Review

Club Description

What is the first thing that pops into your head when you hear the name, Shaka Zulu? African landscapes, with animals running around and what not? Well, then you are right since Shaka Zulu happens to be a club that takes influence from Africa. The club is decorated with warrior statues and has a great ambiance which is unlike any other club in London. If you want to have a very unique experience in the city then you should definitely give Shaka Zulu a try since it is not like any other club in the city. The atmosphere might remind you of Africa but the music is usually techno beats and more; the music, in short, will make you want to get up and dance. The club has a lot of perks that it gives to its female clients including free drinks and VIP entry for women in the club. It is a much-beloved institution in the city. If you want to have a night of great fun then Shaka Zulu is definitely the place to visit because it will make sure you let loose when you are there.


Shaka Zulu is located in Camden town, which is a very popular place in London and should be fairly easy for you to find. The exact address is Stables Market, Chalk Farm road. The club is very easy to find in the area.

VIP Table Guide

VIP tables at Shaka Zulu are a complete riot. A lot of people especially come to the club to celebrate their birthday since they have one of the best Birthday packages out of all the clubs in London which tends to attract a lot of people. The club happens to be one of the cheaper options for clubbing in London since the VIP tables start at 500 pounds depending on the number of people in your party. The club is very popular for bigger groups so you need to make sure you plan in advance so you can actually find a place and a VIP table at the club. The VIP table means you will be given a designated host who will cater to your every need for the night. And other than that, you also get to be one of the first few people who will enter the club because of the fact that you are a VIP.

Bottle Service

The bottle service at the club is excellent. The staff is very courteous and helping. They make sure they get you the drinks you will prefer and your bill will completely depend on how much you drink and what you order.

The Dress Code

The dress code at Shaka Zulu is simple; they want you to look your best. This means the men should be wearing nice dinner jackets with formal leather shoes and women should be in their best dresses with a nice pair of heels. The club wants to make sure their patrons represent the clubs image as well to the outside world.

Shaka Zulu London Dress Code Guide

A popular night club whose international roots are found all over the world, Shaka Zulu has opened up in London as well and found itself gaining immense popularity amongst the locals as well as from international tourists craving to have an authentic London nightlife experience. Shaka Zulu has a very Afrikaans vibe, right from its choice of interiors, to lighting, and is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful night clubs in London.

If you wish to gain entry into this night club, you have to follow their strict dress code guidelines. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about the Shaka Zulu Dress Code Policy and what you need to wear when getting into this club.

Shaka Zulu Dress Code for the Ladies

The Shaka Zulu dress code policy is strictly Smart Casuals. For the ladies, this means that you should put on some of your best dresses paired with some fancy high heels. Of course, the place is always open to experimentation. You can pair up a beautiful top, strappy or crop, with a nice mini skirt, or even some trousers. Coordinated outfits are always a hit amongst the ladies.

When it comes to your shoes, you should typically stick to your high heels for this club. Of course, if you have a smart pair of designer shoes, you can wear those too. However, steer clear of track running shoes, sneakers, flip flops and sandals, even if they have a designer label on them. This will absolutely not be allowed at this club. You should also try and avoid wearing jeans.

You can experiment with soft or loud makeup according to your preference. Team it up with a great hairstyle and you are good to go!

Shaka Zulu Dress Code for the Gents

For the men, Shaka Zulu allows quite a comfortable dress code policy. The Smart Casual dress code policy basically means that you can wear the sleekest pair of trousers you have, paired with some amazing formal shoes, a nice collared button up shirt, or even a fancy polo if you have one. It is best to avoid wearing casual t-shirts as it just doesn’t gel well with the entire vibe and ambience of this club.

Keep in mind that any kind of sportswear is also not allowed into this club. This also includes hats and caps, jerseys, trainers, running shoes, sneakers, or anything casual. Stick to the smart stuff. At Shaka Zulu, you definitely want to dress to impress.


The club has a strict policy against casual t-shirts and shoes, jeans, sportswear and any other sort of fancy dresses unless it has been specially permitted by the club. If you fail to adhere to these dress code guidelines, you will be denied entry into the club. So make sure you know exactly what to wear, and more importantly, what not to wear.

As for tips, you can always visit the Shaka Zulu, London, official website and go through the club pictures. Here you will get an idea of how the club goers dress and even get some tips for your next visit to Shaka Zulu, London!

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