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At Jerusalem and in lookout for a perfect place to have an unforgettable night out. Sira is a small pub located off Ben Sira street within the down to triangle a few steps from the City center, which is a popular hangout for the locals. The pub organizes regular DJ nights. At Sira everyone is welcomed regardless of race, religion and nationality. It is housed in an old stone building and offers a generous happy hour stretching from 1700hrs to 2100hrs.

This small underground locale is very popular with students and young professionals and has a bar area and small dance floor near the DJ. With regular events and performances by both well known and up and coming Israel artists, Sira is known to be quite electric. There’s a mini dance floor ruled by DJs with eclectic tastes, and the beer flows fast and well into the night, guzzled by a student-heavy crowd.

Sira is known as one of Jerusalem’s most avant-garde and eclectic underground clubs. The bar has several rooms including an arcade room. The tiny Sira eludes easy labels. Boasting a generous happy hour from 5pm to 9pm during the week and hosting nightly events, such as film premieres, live music from up-and-coming Israeli artists, DJs and lectures, Sira is anything but conventional and gets more spirited the later it is. Talk of Good underground atmosphere and awesome music!

Indeed Sira is the most underground pub/dance bar in Jerusalem. The Sira is known as a very cosmopolitan place where you can have a good local beer, with a small dance floor and places to have a seat inside and outside. Don’t miss it. A landmark oasis for the thirsty visitors of Jerusalem, Sira Bar is difficult to label, and even harder to leave.Sira Bar is hard to define. It’s frequented by students, so don’t be put off by its exterior either. The mini dance floor, DJs and beer will lure you into its magical world. If you’re a lover of Electronic beats and eclectic tunes, then Sira will thrill you right to the core and keep you coming back for more!

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