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Stampede Houston, Guide & Review

Stampede Houston is a uniquely themed nightclub that you can find in Houston. That’s because you can find a mechanical bull inside this nightclub. To get that experience, you can simply walk into Stampede Houston and enjoy the moment. Stampede Houston is open on every Friday and Saturday. The opening hours are in between 7:00pm and 2:00am. During that time, you can get a thrilling experience at Stampede Houston, with all the great moments. You need to be at least 18 years old to get into Stampede Houston. However, you should be at least 21 to get to the bar and grab a drink.

When you are visiting Stampede Houston, you need to be mindful about the dress code as well. They don’t allow you to get in wearing dresses that have offensive images or statements. On the other hand, men who wear sleeveless shirts, tank tops and flip flops will not be allowed to get into Stampede Houston. They have taken such measures to ensure a safe environment, which all the guests can enjoy.

As mentioned earlier, you can witness a mechanical bull at Stampede Houston. All the guests will be provided with mechanical bull rides for free. There are many specials in the food and drinks menus. You can go through them and order anything that matches with your preferences. At Stampede Houston, you will mainly be exposed to country music. That’s the theme of the nightclub. However, you can also enjoy many other popular dance hits throughout the night. Apart from dancing and sport bar games, you can find a 50-inch television at Stampede Houston, where you can catch live sports entertainment. In addition to that, you can also find a giant Jenga, corn hole, shuffleboard, darts and a pool table.

Stampede Houston Dress Code Guide

The Stampede nightclub in Houston takes every precaution to avoid stampede when they host concerts, private parties, fundraisers, or any other shows with its mammoth 2000 seating capacity. The nightclub is chic, upscale, and cool. The biggest proof is their dress code. In their official website, it’s written: Attire is mandatory, but the style is your choice.

Stampede Nightclub Dress Code Guide for the Ladies

Every Saturday is celebrated as the Girl’s night out. You can wear a sexy black dress with a red stiletto to make other women in the nightclub jealous. If you want to chill with friends, then wear jeans and a cute top. Wear a bright shade lipstick and a bold eyeliner. That’s it.

Please don’t wear tank tops and bikinis. You’re not here to swim in the sea. Backless sandals are not given preference here for safety reasons. So wear heels to add grace in your body movements when you walk into the nightclub.

Stampede Nightclub Dress Code Guide for the Gents

Full sleeve shirts with jeans and dress shoes are what you need to wear in the Stampede nightclub. Don’t wear sneakers, leather boots, work boots, beanies, and bandanas.

Your dress should well-stitched, and it should fit you well. The pants shouldn’t hang from your waist. They look very bad.  Your shirt shouldn’t be baggy either. If you’re wearing a necklace, wear it inside your shirt. Usually, shorts are not allowed in Stampede. But if you do, wear shorts, make sure they are golf style.

A few Words of Caution for Both Men and Women

1. Don’t wear any t-shirt that contains slogans against a political party or country or women. There shouldn’t be any slang or vulgar pictures or quotes.

2. Don’t wear torn t-shirts or shirts or jeans. Keep them in your wardrobe.

3. Athletic clothes are not allowed for both men and women. Athletic clothes include jersey, track jackets, joggers, shorts, baseball caps, hats, sneakers, and tennis shoes.

4. Avoid flashing any related gang tattoos. These are not appreciated in the nightclub.

5. If men are carrying heavy chain wallets, then try to hide your chains in your pants.

6. Workout clothes and accessories are not allowed for both men and women.

Our Suggestions 

Be it, men or women; they are not permitted to carry backpacks. So it’s best to carry small bags when you’re going to the nightclub. There will be a coat check during the winter season. So you should be extra cautious during that time.

Don’t carry pocket knives, box cutters, and guns in your bag. These things trigger red alarms in the minds of bouncers, and they will either send you back to home or police station.

The nightclub’s management has the sole authority to make a decision. They can allow or discard someone solely based on the dress code. You can’t argue, or you can’t expect to get a refund. So it’s wise to adopt a style that is widely accepted and appreciated by all.

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