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Stereo Bar Magaluf, Guide & Review

Pouring fun into your nights, Stereo Bar Magaluf stands as the best bar in the Majorca. The club offers much more than what is promised. This is a place which always has exceeded the expectation of the visitors.

Want to party as you have never done? You certainly need to come to Stereo Bar Magaluf. We offer cocktail masterclass which gives you a true sense of freedom. Prepare your own drinks while you have the uttermost fun among the dazzling lights in the club. The alluring clubs lights are just more than enough to get you started to have the fun. The bartenders are always at your service helping and guiding you to prepare the cocktails of your choice.

Not only we have a stereo that enhances the whole ambiance lifting the partiers spirits to stay up to fun, but the sports lovers can also enjoy the live sports without missing out on any part of the fun-filled night. You can make reservations prior to the scheduled date of your favorite sport.

At Stereo Bar Magaluf, you can choose among categories of the VIP tables. The categories entail VIP table, Premium Table, Buddha Millionaire, Last Night of Freedom Table, The High Roller Table, King of the Hill Table, and Buddha Billionaire. Each category offers a unique set of amenities and each charged differently. Although there are no strict rules about the dress code, flip flops, and the vests are not permitted for the VIP balcony but shorts, shoes, and smart trainers are not prohibited. The timings for the VIP areas are between 20:30 to 04:00.

All the bookings can be made online conveniently. An e-ticket is sent to the customer and the stereo bar Magaluf is notified about the reservation. Full payments are to be made only on arrival.

Come, visit us for an unforgettable fun experience!

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