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Studio 338 London, Guide & Review

It is probably the vastness of the venue which gives it the illusion of being a year long festival like scene at this club. However, with mind blowing events, concerts and parties being held almost every night of the week, the club does its very best to hold up this year long party vibe for its loyal club goers.

This is the ultimate guide to Studio 338, London. Here, you will get to know everything you need about how to get to the club, what you can expect when you get there, the door policy, dress code policy, etc.

With some of the most quirky yet exciting outdoor parties, keep an eye out for having the best time of your life here at Studio 338, London.

Location and How to Get to Studio 338

This Ibiza style night club is situated at 338 Boord St, London SE10 0PF, UK in Greenwich, London. With its terrace venue and underground venue combined, it has become one of the most sought after places in all of Greenwich.

Dress Code and Age Requirement for Studio 338

The minimum age requirement for Studio 338 is 18 years of age. Studio 338 is quite strict about this age requirement, so make it a point to carry a valid proof of ID when you visit. You will be asked to show your ID proof at the front door, but you can be asked again at the bar as well, if the bartenders feel the need. It is best to hold on tightly to your ID proof at all times.

The dress code for Studio 338 is pretty simple; there is no dress code! This simply translates to- wear whatever you are comfortable in! As for the men, this is pretty simple. A jeans and t shirt, collared shirt, shorts, anything will do as long as you are comfortable and look decent enough for the club. The ladies can come in their favourite dresses, skirts, tops and blouses. Of course, it is best not to dress in anything too suggestive or vulgar, but you can always experiment with your sense of fashion at Studio 338.

Weekly Program at Studio 338

Having one of the largest terrace venues in town, Studio 338 has become an extremely popular spot for music lovers from all over the world to visit. The club is known to host a number of amazing events and gigs throughout the year. There are some pretty big names in music who visit the club to show off their talent. Of course the club is also always open to exploring new talents in the form of artists and DJ’s.

There is something exciting or unusual always going on at Studio 338. The only way to know is to constantly keep yourself updated on their recent events. Visit the Facebook page as well as the official website for Studio 388, London. Here, you will get all the information you need on the various events, parties and gigs being held here at the club.

As if the terrace venue wasn’t enough, the indoor venue has stunning glass ceilings which allow the club goers to take a loving gaze at the night’s sky every once in a while.


Studio 338 has a mega void sound system which is really something you need to experience firsthand to really understand the beauty of. This super expensive, but super worth it sound system produces the best quality sound that you can’t get in absolutely any other night club.

While the music scene at Studio 338 is quite the usual; techno, house and the likes, every once in a while, a new artist comes up with a completely new and unusual set which blows the crowds away. If there is one thing that Studio 338 is known for, it is its more than excellent sound system and amazing music, which really, no one has ever complained about. It is important that you check the events page for Studio 338 so that you know exactly which artists and DJs are performing on what nights, and don’t miss out on buying their tickets!

Average Line and Guest Lists

The average line outside Studio 338 can be anywhere from a 30 minutes wait to even a 2 hour long wait. This just goes to show how very popular the club is on all nights of the year. The typical entry fee is also varying depending upon the night, the crowds and the kind of event that is being held here at the club. You could, however, expect to pay anywhere in between 15 pounds to 25 pounds as an entry fee.

There is no Guest List as such for Studio 338; however, you can always get in touch with the club partners. This way, you can find out about any kind of Guest List which is open on a particular night, and get your names up on this Guest List. This will help you pay a much lesser entry fee than others and also skip the long wait in line.

VIP tables and Bottle Service at Studio 338

The VIP tables and Bottle service at Studio 338 is just as extraordinary as everything else about this club. The VIP area is located in the Main Room of the club. Here, you can book a table for 10 guests at a minimum price of 1000 pounds. With the best bottle service in town, there is not much you cannot expect from the luxurious VIP table and bottle service at Studio 338.

Drink prices

The drink prices at Studio 338 are quite basic; with cocktails starting from 10 pounds and going up to 15 pounds or more, as you get fancier with your drinks.

Our recommendations

Studio 338 is definitely not the club for you if you mind getting hot and sweaty during your night here. Of course, it is always recommended to go out for a breather, but everything else about this club is so raw and passionate that it will keep you up on your feet, dancing, sweating and drinking all night long.

Well, that’s all you need to know about Studio 338!

Studio 338 London Dress Code Guide

Studio 338 has turned into a blatantly hip, popular and an un-miss able club venue in Greenwich, London. This night club has proven that Greenwich has really set the bar high for the rest of London when it comes to supreme clubbing and partying.

With an impressive capacity of 3000 people and a multi- million pound refurb, Studio 338 has turned into a stunning all night terrace party venue and a mind blowing underground club as well.

If you find yourself in Studio 338 and are wondering just what you need to be wearing and what you need to avoid, well, this is the ultimate dress code guide to Studio 338, London.

Dress Code Guide for the Ladies

Studio 388 does not enforce any kind of strict dress code. Well, this certainly opens up a lot of doors for experimentation! Since Studio 338 is all about getting right into the groove, things do tend to get pretty hot and heavy at these parties. What we mean by that is, you can expect to break out a sweat if you are going for the 8 hour long parties at Studio 338.

You will find a lot of the women here dressed in their classic Little Black Dresses. Of course, you are always free to experiment. Put on a crop top and a skirt, a fancy t shirt, or just any dress that you want to show off. Heels are not a must, but since it is a night club, women still tend to bring out the big guns and put on their killer stilettos.

As for the hair, you can wear it just about any way you like. You can expect to get really hot and sweaty however, so keep a hair tie handy with you just in case you need to get your hair out of your face.

As for tattoos, well, if you have a few, don’t be shy of showing them off. You will find a lot of different kinds of body art here at Studio 388, so embrace your own!

Dress Code Guide for the Gents

As for the gents, the no dress code policy actually works out pretty well. This gives you a chance to really get into the zone of partying, caring less about what you are wearing and more about actually enjoying what is going on in front of you.

You can choose to dress as fancy or as causal as you wish to. A t shirt, jeans, trousers, khakis, well, just be comfortable and you should face no hassle at Studio 338!

As for the hair, it is always preferable if a man appears well groomed and neat, however, if you are sporting a fun and quirky hairstyle, Studio 338 definitely won’t turn you away for it.

Tattoos are always welcome, so if you have something to flaunt, don’t hold back!

Our suggestions

The no dress code policy is a pretty great one implemented by this night club. The club tries to be as real as possible. If you wish to have a great time at Studio 338, well, just be yourself and everything else will fall right into place!

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