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Sycamore Club Dublin, Guide & Review

Located within the heart of Fairwood, The Sycamore Club is about to open in 2004.
Designed as a haunt for Fairwood residents, The Sycamore Club will contain a regulation-size swimming bath , baby pool, pool house, court and a 99-person-capacity meeting room suitable for everything from family gatherings to community meetings. Situated under the signature sycamore tree, which is familiar to all or any Fairwood residents, are two new tennis courts. The complex’s hard courts are going to be hubs of athletic activity for tennis enthusiasts of all ages at Fairwood.

The founders of the Sycamore Island Club make a most authentic institution — a club owned and operated by its members through volunteer effort, during a democratic manner and completely independent. They developed a group of club bylaws that, though revised, are still with us today. They also scrupulously complied with the legal corporate requirement of monthly meetings, and from early on, meticulously kept the minutes of them. These were later published and distributed on the Sycamore Islander, the club’s monthly newsletter. From a remarkable outlook, these Islandersand meeting minutes have become the club’s single richest glimpse into the day-to-day workings of its past.

The Sycamore Island Club’s physical archives are preserved by The Historical Society of Washington DC. We can attest that it is beyond the resources of the club to publish all they contain in digital format. However, publishing the meeting minutes in their entirety is an ongoing project meant for the benefit and convenience of the membership.

For an in-depth summary of the renowned club in history of the primary 100 years and a few excellent articles, please visit the reproduced “Centennial Issue of the Sycamore Islander,” affectionately and painstakingly compiled by John Thomson in 1985.

We are anticipating meeting you at the Sycamore club.

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