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Club Description

The Tape is a brilliant club that redefines clubbing in London. The vibe of the club is dark and bight at the same time; LED lights are a major attraction at this club. There is a lounge area where you can sit back and enjoy your drinks and chill with your friends and a bar with a dance floor area which is great to let rip all of the dance moves you might be hiding. The club is a great getaway for people who want to get rid of the stress of the week. The club is almost always lined with people on the outside who are eagerly waiting for a chance to go inside. When you go to the club on popular nights you will probably run into the familiar faces of celebrities and socialites. The entire experience of the club is great and will make you want to dance the night away since the music in the club is always banging. The DJ is pretty great so you know that you will have a good time because lets be honest, the music makes the ambiance of a club and if the music isn’t good, the club must suck.


Tape is located in London’s chic Hanover area. The exact address is 17 Hanover Square in London. The area is very popular for various things such as restaurants, clubs and other attractions which is why the area is always bustling with activity.

VIP Table Guide

The VIP tables at Tape are incredibly exclusive and even hard to come by. You need to book weeks in advance to ensure that you will actually get a table. With a VIP table, you are guaranteed fast track access to the club if you meet their door entry requirements. The other perks are that you get the best seats in the entire club. As well as the fact that a designated host will ensure you have a great time. The price of a table depends on the number of guests. If you opt for a Standard table for a maximum of 3 people it will cost 1000 pounds, the same table for 10 guests will cost 2000 pounds. The exclusive VIP tables cost 2000 pounds for 3 people and 3000 pounds for 10 people. The entire place is great to hang out at and experience is better when you’re a VIP.

Bottle Service

Like any club in the country, Tape also has great bottle service. The prices for bottles start under 400 pounds and go up as high as 25,000 pounds. Your bottle service bill will entirely depend on the bottle you choose to order.

The Dress Code

The dress code at the club is much like that at any high-end club. The men should be dressed in sharp jackets and formal shoes and the women should be in their best dresses; cocktail or floor length so that you look your best and fit into the crowd.

Tape London Dress Code Guide

If you are looking for a completely unique night club atmosphere in London, then Tape London has it all for you. This famous night club has seen the likes of many famous celebrities and personalities from all over the world. Tape London has a pretty strict dress code policy and has the right to refuse entry to anyone who does not adhere strictly to the dress code guidelines.

If you are looking for some tips on how to dress when at Tape, London, here is a short guide on all you need to know about the dress code policy for Tape.

Tape Dress Code for the Ladies

The dress code policy for Tape is Smart, Sexy, Chic and very cosmopolitan. The ladies should stick to their favorite dresses or skirts, of course, along with a killer pair of high heels.

Casual clothing is strictly prohibited in this club, so keep the designer jeans and formal trousers at home.

Keep your hair open, but don’t forget to put in some effort as you don’t want to end up with ‘just out of bed’ messy hair to this club. Style and groom yourself well so that you always get second glances at Tape.

As for the shoes, opt for high heels always.

Don’t forget to accessorize your outfit with the right kind of jewelry, just to add that extra oomph to your outfit.

Avoid wearing any kind of casual shoes, tops or jeans, and avoid all kinds of sports or athletic gear to the club. The dress code policy for Tape is pretty strict, so stick to it as much as you can.

Tape Dress Code for the Gents

While the dress code guidelines for the men here at Tape as less strict than a black tie event, it is still expected that the men would come well dressed, classy and well groomed to this club.

Opt for formal trousers along with a classy, chic looking button-down shirts, with or without a jacket or a blazer. You can also opt for a tie, but this is completely your choice.
Steer clear of any kind of sneakers, open-toed shoes, loafers, jeans and casual club outfits, t-shirts, shorts, etc.

Basically, you should dress to impress. Keep in mind that some of the most famous celebrities often end up unexpectedly at Tape, London, and the last thing you want to do is look shabby when meeting them! Of course, if you are a celebrity yourself, you can dress up as you please!
As for the hair, make sure you come well groomed and do not sport any kind of untidy or odd hairstyles.


Tape, London, is one of the most popular night clubs you will find in the city. Of course, this also means that the door policy is pretty strict. You can always go through the official website for Tape and find out more about the kind of dress code policy followed here and even get some inspiration for your next club outfit here at Tape!

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