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Teatro Cubano Warsaw, Guide & Review

In the heart of Warsaw there lies a heaven called Teatro Cubano – one of the finest night out venues on the club map of the city. Visit this place to experience the best Cuban vibe presenting Cuba Libres and Havana Club Mojitos. Occupying 600 meters, Teatro Cubano is a top of the line venue to party all night. With a kitchen till late, 3 dancefloors, 2 smoking rooms, 5 bars, and frequent live concerts; Teatro offers a good space for the people who want to make the most out of Warsaw’s eclectic nightlife. We can bet, at Teatro, you are never going to experience boredom for a moment. Expect anything but ordinary from this miscellaneous night out venue.

Get up to enjoy the eclectic music scene while dancing and sipping from the most delicious drinks ever. Wishing You All The Best!

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