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If you’re a Techno music fan, or want to see a grungy (in a good way) club and dance away until sun rises! Jerusalem is a renowned home to the hottest techno clubs that are a must visit and are popular for unbeatable clubs playing unbelievable techno music beats. The city’s techno clubs exhibit amazing techno venue standards. Be prepared for hard-hitting techno beats making you dance to your fullest fun. 

At Jerusalem techno clubs you’ll find pretty and friendly bartenders serving tasty reasonably priced drinks, food and cocktails. Lighting, sound systems and DJs booths are amazing and make the clubs beautiful for all guests to dance their moves in spacious stylish dance floors and eye-candy interior design. These venues exhibit an awesome and relaxed atmosphere. Amazing at different programs to choose from day and night hosting urban party seekers.

Zappa Jerusalem

Zappa the live music venue in Jerusalem, Israel built on the principle of respect for the music, the musicians and the listeners is the place to to experience the nightlife while at Jerusalem. The club has hosted the best Israeli and international artists for over 13 years now. Zappa Jerusalem opened in 2011 as a home for quality music in the capital and keeping with the city’s authentic spirit, the venue is housed in a historical building that dates back to the British Mandate that features a large space and impressive acoustics for an unmatched listening experience.

Sira Jerusalem

At Jerusalem and in lookout for a perfect place to have an unforgettable night out. Sira is a small pub located off Ben Sira street within the down to triangle a few steps from the City center, which is a popular hangout for the locals. The pub organizes regular DJ nights. At Sira everyone is welcomed regardless of race, religion and nationality. It is housed in an old stone building and offers a generous happy hour stretching from 1700hrs to 2100hrs.

Cactus9 Jerusalem

If you are in search of a trendy place if luxury and attain life full of delight Cactus9 club is the place to be. Cactus9 is a local artisan lounge bar, lounge and mini club located in one of Jerusalem’s exclusive downtown hidden streets, with local friends as clientele and a cheeky Berlin vibe. There is a wide range of electronic music with special DJ’s and profound events, A lucrative Happy Hour offered every night to create fair prices on great liquor and yummy snacks, and of course our local and foreign taps are always pouring tasty golden brews. A truly cool experience if you want to meet and greet the traditional Jerusalem local people. Where local friends and smooth Berlin vibe Meet for a nightly rendezvous…

In Conclusion

Jerusalem’s techno clubs are highly recommended for you who are searching for an amazing night out with techno beats fun. You can listen to fresh and exciting techno music producers/DJs and have a good chance to meet with local music fans. Don’t be left out!

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