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Temple Nightclub Denver


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Temple Nightclub Denver, Guide & Review

Temple Nightclub is a venue for the finest artists, by the finest artists. Here, you can get a night experience like no other in Denver. The venue features a fully impressive, awe-inspiring, and state of the art visuals and lighting paired with an electrifying sound system.

Temple Nightclub is kinda venue where your dollar gets a higher value. A world-class nightlife experience is offered at a reasonable price. Soon as you enter the venue, you feel as you have teleported into a new and higher dimension of life. The venue has a cathedral main room which evokes a sense of grandeur and excitement. The main room has 3 stories which are designed in a way that entire room acts as a single unit pulsating to the single rhythm.

The sublevel has the main dance floor where you will find 50K floor-to-ceiling, addressable LED bulbs along with a throbbing sound system specially designed to provide you with the ultimate listening experience that is not harming or overbearing to the audible senses.

The main dance floor is surrounded by 4 VIP booths paired with a couple of tires stadium seating as well as 8 VIP sections. The VIP areas offer a high-energy and upscale experience for the guests. The main stage is facing the dance floor which is conceptualized and designed to showcase the Temple’s world-acclaimed artists, performers, and DJs. Besides that, there is a mezzanine level comprising of 6 tables facing the dance floor. The third level extends 5 skybox tables to the guests from where they can view the immersive and unparalleled actions in a private setting.

The best cocktails and liquors are on offer. VIP bottle service is available. You should make a reservation beforehand as the venue gets overcrowded on special events. Get up and enjoy a chic night out in Temple!

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