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Temple San Francisco, Guide & Review

Temple has been created specifically for the artists and is an incredible place. Multiple rooms are available here. On the main floor, a custom DJ booth, Void Sound system, multiple VIP booths, three box suites, multiple Mezzanine tables are installed here. A stage is also available here. It is used to highlight our world-class performers. The LED lighting is installed in every corner of the main floor area. EDM music is played on this floor. If you are tired of our Main floor music and want something different, then head towards Temple’s LVL 55. Multiple VIP tables are installed here. You can relax and listen to the Open format music. Columns with LED lighting and Void Sound system are available here as well. They create a fantastic party environment. A DJ booth is also installed here. Our other two rooms are named the Infinity room and Hive Café.

In the upcoming months, various famous artists/DJs such as Burns, Romeo, Mario E, Morgan Page, Getter, and Lucas & Steve will Live perform at our place. On the 29th August, we will also host an event called the College House Party. During which Matt Meyer and D-Rollz will play music. Grab your friends and get ready to play a game of beer Ping Pong.

Temple is fully capable of handling different styled events. Book any one of our rooms and leave the rest to us. We also have multiple beverage packages available as well. Our food menu is comprised of various platters, Wings, and Appetizers. If you would like a more interactive food choice, then we have food stations available as well. You can choose between Taco and Sushi bar. Buffet Dinner and Bottle Service are also available here.

Our place has a casual dress code. Dress comfortably and get ready to party.

Visit the Temple now for a fantastic experience.

Temple San Francisco Dress Code Guide

Do you want to enjoy an awesome nightlife experience in San Francisco? If so, then without giving any further thought, rush to the Temple SF nightclub. Just keep one thing in mind, and that is, you have to follow their dress code guidelines.

Today, in this post, we will talk about the dress code guidelines of the Temple SF nightclub. So, if you’re planning to go there, then stay tuned. We will give you all the information within a minute.

Temple SF Nightclub Dress Code Guide for the Ladies

The dress code is upscale and chic. Women have the freedom to wear long dresses, short dresses, skirts, tops, jeans, jumpsuits, etc. But they should be of perfect size. If you’re thin, then don’t wear a plus size dress since you’ll be engulfed by it.

Dress shoes are for men. For women, it’s heels. They are not allowed to wear sandals and flip flops here. The same thing is applicable for the swimsuits as well. It’s not a beach club where you can roam around wearing a bikini.

Wear tasteful clothes with bold accessories. Go for branded clothes and accessories instead of local ones.

Sports attire are prohibited for women too. This means they can’t wear tank tops and hoodies.

Dress code – The Do’s and don’ts 

Don’t wear flannel shirts.
Do wear crisp and clean clothes.

Don’t wear loud makeup.
Do carry a small clutch instead of backpacks.

Don’t wear tattoos on your face.
Do cover your tattoos with something.

Don’t wear big junk jewelry if you’re a man.
Do choose black and white in color when it comes to clothes.

Don’t wear white t-shirts with logos or quotes or images or any visual that may offend anyone.
Do wear blazers and ties if possible. (Applicable for men)

Don’t wear ripped or torn clothes.
Do use a good perfume to attract the opposite sex.

Don’t take off your clothes inside the nightclub.
Do carry your identity card in your wallet.

Temple SF Nightclub Dress Code Guide for the Gents

Dress code guidelines for men are straight and clear. They can wear collared shirts, dress pants, and jeans. But they can’t wear sports attire or sports shoes. This includes jersey, track jackets, sneakers, leather boots, work boots, joggers, etc.

Baseball caps and hats should be kept in the car since they are not allowed in the nightclub.

Don’t wear ripped clothes and baggy jeans. They are the best attire for going to sleep.

The best shoes for nightclub are dress shoes. Sandals and flip flops are again not entertained here.

Our Suggestions 

Unless you’re a celebrity, who can call the shots, make sure you follow the dress code of Temple SF.

Temple SF management has the ultimate power. They will decide who can enter and who can’t enter. If they see you wearing shorts or bikinis, there is a 100% chance of not gaining entry into the nightclub.

Please keep it in mind that there is also a coat check. It is done once you cross the ticketing booth.

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