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Disco club located in Rue Terme, Lyon, France. Small box is very well organized and well decorated. Nice climb, hat. Le Terminal is a perfect place to end your evenings. This name has a little Terminator side that made us fear the worst before discovering the place. The bouncer, friendly but concerned about the dress code by letting our jogging-basket friends at the door, is more smiling than Schwarzy and all the staff show good humour. Le Terminal is dedicated to the electronic music that Lyon loves, gathering the “happy people ” in the place, finally more spacious than a cellar. You can really dance while listening to the set of DJs that turn like the vinyls with which they mix. No resident behind the turntables, but a special programming that cleans the ears well. Note, a pleasant smoking-room in mezzanine that does not oblige the addicted clubbers to disturb the neighbors and that does not cut their general atmosphere. A Terminal tested and approved. A good late night uppercut, as we like them. When you enjoy it all, no problem: you’re ready for the Terminal.

Terminal will offer you an eclectic and refined program, as well as a sound system that will satisfy the most demanding. You can therefore refresh your ears at the Terminal from Thursday to Saturday, from midnight until the early hours.

This place is a musical escape on a human scale that will delight initiates and connoisseurs who want to stay away from the sometimes stifling crowds. This atypical landmark on two floors has a dance floor as well as a relaxation area and a smoking area.

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