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The Patio season has arrived, and it is time for a new update of the Eater Dallas Cocktail Heatmap. These 7 cocktail bars offer the perfect answer to the question, “Where should I drink tonight?” Whether you are looking for a sophisticated drink mixed with one of Dallas’ top breweries or a drink, this guide to the city’s hottest cocktail venues will satisfy you.

9. Tipsy Alchemist Bar Dallas

Tipsy Alchemist Bar Dallas

Combine cocktails created from science, the eye of the artist, and the magic of the mixologist. Located in the heart of Uptown, this is not your typical nightlife scene. Watch as your favourite liquor is transformed into something you will never forget. Bonus: Tipsy Alchemist is a stopover for Margarita Mile, so be sure to check it out.

You can enjoy more than 100 ales, bottles, and recipes at Tipsy Alchemist. The drink menu has long pages and includes not only cold beer but also wines and cocktails. Located in one of Dallas’ best counties, the bar is a full-fledged restaurant open for brunch, lunch, and dinner. Other favourite menu items include mussels, tandoori lamb, risotto, and more, and you can eat your food in a warm leathery area inside or outside the balcony, surrounded by lush vegetation. This is a great place to meet friends or collaborate with colleagues, and watch live music concerts from time to time.

The cocktail bar offers a rotating menu of cocktails featuring fresh herbs, flowers, and other garden ingredients. Add the swanky atmosphere of the restaurant and chic design and you will drink in style here.

8. HIDE Bar Dallas

HIDE Bar Dallas

Located in Deep Ellum, one of Dallas’ most artistic venues, HIDE is home to some of the most innovative drinks around. Their unique twist in the introduction will satisfy everyone from the beer guzzler to the more selective. We like to make cocktails with bold flavour combinations that push the boundaries of cocktails, and combinations that people have never tasted before, and create a place for people to interact, make real interactions with other people and relax a bit.

Here is the deal: they are busy making their perfect ingredients. Their food has a homemade taste and sticks to their bones by memorizing the recipes for grandparents. They make their own cocktail spices, blends, and garnishes. They also prepare their ingredients in unusual ways (such as reducing their syrups, rising custom tinctures, checking extracts, and specifying new juices by centrifuges and so on) – but that is not really how they do it. It is about the quality of the experiences they discuss and setting their guests to really ENJOY their time here. It’s the ultimate cocktail bar in Dallas for the perfect night out. HIDE is also home to dynamite burgers which you can get for only $ 6 on Sunday – Friday from 5-7 p.m.

7. Mitchell’s Bar Dallas

Mitchell's Bar DallasLooking for the ultimate Dallas experience? Look no further than Mitchell’s Downtown Dallas. With food options such as frozen ice cream to escargot and a wide range of cocktails, you will understand the saying, “everything is bigger (and better!) In Texas.” 

Downtown’s glamorous gold theme bar could be the venue for a great night out, a romantic getaway, or it could be the quickest spot to crash after a show. Mitchell is flexible, and that leads to a huge selection of alcohol – which includes a lot of gin; order a martini and they’ll ask what you want – and Champagne options for a party. The small kitchen produces large, hearty cheeseburgers and French bistro dishes such as steak fries, venison tartare and fresh oyster crust. Located in a stately 1920’s style adorned with candles and leather upholstery, the backyard cuts across the line between the restaurant and the restaurant. Which means a good place to stop for a quick drink or sit down to get a full meal. Offerings include sophisticated cocktails, more than 100 gin options, a solid wine system and a stellar menu of French-inspired food at a reasonable price (niçoise salad, beef tartare and steak fries). Whiskey lovers will especially want to note that they offer drinks made with Tottori and Teeling. Also, get live music Thursday through Saturday night. 

When Mitchell reopened after the epidemic, it took some time to publish the new beverage menus, but in the meantime, the staff here could do something, or ask to find out about their inventions. You can just order vodka. They keep a bottle or two in an emergency, but that’s about it.

6. Bowen House Bar Dallas

Bowen House Bar Dallas

Ahab Bowen’s farmhouse in the 1800s was reborn as a fashionable Hangtown in Uptown. Here you will find lively and imaginative creatures. There is also a Private Bar Inside the Bar at the back where guests can enjoy a very intimate experience.

5. Jettison Bar Dallas

Jettison Bar Dallas

If small, cosy bars are your thing, this is the right place for you. Jettison in West Dallas takes great pride in making old-fashioned cocktails emphasizing mezcal and sherry. Ideal for a romantic night with that special someone or to relax after a long day. Take a closer look as this hideout is located inside the Houndstooth Coffee in Sylvan Thirty – easy to miss!

Why book a trip to Mexico where you can go to Yellow Rosa Cockteleria? The hidden speakeasy transports visitors to the beautiful beaches of Tulum and the cantinas of San Miguel de Allende. Cocktails feature agave-based spirits such as Sotol, Raicilla, mezcal, and tequila for true Mexican flavour. We love Frozen Blueberry Mojito with Frozen de Cana rum, lime juice, mint syrup, and blueberries. You can also make no mistake about the Coupe de Ville, made with Calamity Gin, ginger and simple syrup, lemon juice, and strawberries mixed with mud. Thursday they do 5 Ritas, so stop and get your drink! Jettison opened in the Fall of 2016 as a small bar connected to Houndstooth Coffee.

Their goal is to bring a relaxed and hassle-free cocktail experience. Since  they opened, they have kept this, and after Covid-19, they are now “recommended bookings” to ensure that their philosophy is maintained.

4. Midnight Wrangler Bar Dallas

Midnight Wrangler Bar Dallas

The Downtown Dallas hotspot is located within The Joule, a fashion hotel, and a shopping mall across the street from the iconic “Eye” building. Drink fragrant or sour cocktails while taking a speakeasy-style vibe. Dress to impress here as dignitaries from Dallas are known for making cameos.

Creative cocktails, fun time films, and sonic scenes await you in our subterranean cocktail lounge. The menu, designed by the award-winning Best Bartender in Dallas, Gabe Sanchez, offers refreshments for lovers of the sun and traditional lovers alike.

Come down, downtown. The Midnight Rambler is an underground lounge inside The Joule Hotel. The award-winning cocktail menu established by the award-winning bar Gabe Sanchez is complemented by the warm, glowing bar of the bar. Try a pineapple drink. Capture a live DJ. Order beer and guns. Moved to another location and time.

Available for private events, and full and partial purchases. For 8 or more segments, a standard 20% service fee will be automatically deducted. On the weekends, catch the talented and emerging DJs of the city. Inspired by the eclectic, new soul of jazz, funk, rock, and afro-beat, the Midnight Rambler stays cool without trying too hard — as it should be. 

3. The Old Monk Bar Dallas

The Old Monk Bar Dallas

Go back in time to Old Monk. Founded about 20 years ago in 1998, this neighbourhood bar is located in the ancient shopping district of Dallas. The bar fits well with historical trinkets and antique decorations – in fact, many ornaments are found all over the world. If you are not filling up with homemade beer and bottled beer, whiskey, wine, and hot cocktails, then try something you can eat with brunch, dinner, or dinner menu. Snacks from their cheese bowl or bite into a fried chicken with pistachio. Old Monk is known for hosting entertainment events, especially Oktoberfest, which is fast approaching – so stay tuned!

 Pull a seat at the Common Table. This friendly neighbourhood provides a great place to spend time with friends and family, or even make some new people! The restaurant and bar offer delicious food, such as Korean barbecue jerky and caramel bacon popcorn, and you can wash them with over 30 beers or a signature cocktail. For those on a budget or people who find it difficult to make an informed decision when ordering, give the Pour Man menu a picture. The consistent menu, available Monday night, offers sponsors four meals and four beers, and the menu rotates each week. Go back for a beer, chat with friends, or enjoy live music, which is played several times a week and on weekends.

2. AMADEGRE Bar Dallas


This Knox-Henderson rooftop lounge serves healthy cocktails in a delightful setting. By opting for cocktails, such as Violet Sky, a watermelon with thyme ingredient, or a Ruby Slipper Cocktail, as well as a delicious bite to share, this rooftop lounge offers a casual escape.

1. Libertine Bar Dallas

Libertine Bar Dallas

any Dallas residents have named their favorite Libertine bar, and why not? First, though, it is the bar, Libertine does not just offer bar food. Enjoy the gastronomical feel as you try the famous pork wings, fried Portobello, meat sandwich, oxtail tacos, and more. Your waiter will be able to tell you professionally which beers and ales fit best with your chosen menu, or, you can work backward and order your drink first. Choose a cold dessert, a glass of wine, whiskey, or an original cocktail. Be sure to check in on special weekend nights, including Pint Thursday and Wine Wednesday, where you’ll find cheap drinks and a wide, special selection.

Libertine is everything we wanted but could not find in our city. A place to go for a cup of coffee, work in peace, enjoy a comfortable lunch, go on a date or enjoy a cocktail dinner.

In the evening Libertine transforms into a cocktail with a wide range of tipples from handmade beers, natural wines and cocktails.

Weekends; Thursday to Sunday, it attracts some of the city’s best music talents where local music heroes play vinyl among friends, good & cocktails.

Libertine also offers room service from midday to midnight.

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