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11. Cuckoo

Cuckoo is a Casual, 2-level spot for arcade games & bar drinks, plus a nightclub with contemporary & rock music. Ping pong games, air hockey, pool tables, pinball machines, and arcade oldies are available at Cuckoo. Are you looking for inexpensive cocktails in Belfast, unusual dating, or a laid-back birthday? This location is likely to contain every unusual activity you could want. Do you prefer your beverages with a side of gaming? Cuckoo has ping pong, air hockey, pool tables, pinball machines, and arcade games ranging from Mario Kart and Guitar Hero to Sega Rally and Time Crisis 3. The Lisburn Road hotspot, spread across two stories, is a center for exciting evenings out and clubbing, with a modern and rock music soundtrack. 

When you’re not playing old games or screaming out songs at karaoke, the bar and nightclub offer a variety of beverages to keep you satiated. Choose from mixers, shared drinks, and jam jar cocktails inspired by legendary characters such as Harley Quinn. Welcome to Cuckoo. They are a bar and nightclub situated on Lisburn Road in south Belfast. They are now open six days a week (see listings for specific times). They offer a range of entertainment from pub quizzes to club nights. Their venue plays a wide range of music, and they have a large selection of Jam Jar drinks, sharing cocktails, and mocktails to keep you going all night! But going to Cuckoo is about so much more than cocktails and dancing. They have a 9D VR Pod, a full arcade with games like Mario Kart or the famous DDR Machine. 

They feature a pool table upstairs and a private rental Karaoke lounge that can seat up to fifteen people! Cuckoo is a beautiful area if you’re young or feel youthful—three levels of live music, arcade games, and dancing. I was brought here by a family from the states in 2012 and just visited again. Drinks are reasonably priced. Great ambiance, and the staff is friendly. The jam jar drinks are fantastic, and there are frequent specials. It is a must-see if you haven’t been here already. If you haven’t already, you should go. Having just relocated to Belfast, I was delighted to discover this unusual bar at the top of my street. It was recently restored and outfitted with a few old games, free comic books, and a ping pong and pool table—such an appreciable service.

10. Filthy McNasty’s

Filthy McNasty’s is a quirky basement bar with bare bricks and mannequins, offering hot dogs and pizza, plus live music. It’s difficult to find a pub as unique as Filthy McNasty’s, where mannequins double as lights and old vinyl covers the walls. When it comes to refreshments, this restaurant will feed you with Italian pizza and a variety of specialty cocktails. Filthy McNasty’s is located in The Filthy Quarter, along with Filthy Chic, The Gypsy Lounge, and The Secret Garden. Mannequin lamps, antique records, and red candles light the way in this unusual space. There’s real pizza to satisfy your hunger. What about drinks? Soak up a variety of beers, including artisan cans and Guinness, as well as Red Stripe and Corona. Live music is provided by local performers beginning at 10 p.m. each night.

While the celebration continues on the terrace. I went there last Wednesday following the Super Cup Final, and it was quite packed. There were a lot of football enthusiasts, but there were also a lot of locals appreciating the singer, who was capable of singing many well-known songs in his own manner, and they were all warmly welcomed. The bartenders were working really hard, but it didn’t stop them from being exceedingly nice and helpful. We were seated near the bar, which aided in the timeliness of service. It was a pleasant way to end the evening. This restaurant rocks, with a terrific atmosphere and live music that has finally returned. Tonight we went to Filthy’s and were pleased to discover that they had live music, a first in a long time. The singer was fantastic, with a large repertoire and the ability to segue from one song to the next. 

The music seldom stopped during his 2.5-hour stint. He performed so many songs in his own unique way that appealed to a wide range of preferences. Very crowded and predictably sluggish owing to Covid limits. A visit is strongly recommended. Andrew served us on our first night and was such a delight. We had an exciting time when we returned the next night! He provided us with so many wonderful drink ideas and things to do around the town. Unfortunately, he was not available on the second night. Therefore the service was significantly slower. Nonetheless, wonderful energy and music. Last Saturday, we had a large party for the balcony area, and it was amazing.

9. Bert’s Jazz Bar

Bert’s Jazz Bar is a beautiful hotel bar with live music and freshly prepared drinks that are designed like 1930s New York. Take a seat at Belfast’s only jazz bar, absorb the elegant ambiance, and let the cool jazz tunes wash over you. Our broad beverage menu includes a carefully prepared cocktail list to compliment our exceptional 1 AA Rosette restaurant, which boasts a French bistro-style cuisine that varies seasonally to reflect the finest of each season. Seven evenings a week, Berts features live jazz. This plush red paradise is undoubtedly one of the most romantic bars in Belfast. Join Bert’s Jazz Bar for an evening, and you’ll revel in 1930s New York glamor, complete with live performances, handcrafted cocktails, and a luxurious French-inspired bistro menu. Bert’s Jazz Bar, inspired by post-Prohibition America, brings 1930s New York glitter to Belfast. 

The Merchant Hotel’s crimson decor combines comfortable couches and lives music for an unforgettable night out. A French bistro menu includes modules fries, baked camembert, steaks, and delectable desserts like sticky toffee baked Alaska and Tarte Tatin with coconut ice cream. Thirsty? Wines and handmade cocktails inspired by the great jazz cities of London, Havana, Paris, New Orleans, and New York are available. For my birthday, my loved ones brought me here. Belfast is just the most suitable location. We had a fantastic experience here. I believe we had the most admirable table in the house, with a great view of the band. The staff was outstanding. Attentive, easygoing, amusing but unobtrusive, and highly knowledgable and passionate about cocktails. 

The food was delicious and expertly prepared. I’m not sure if the band we saw was the resident band or if the acts vary, but this one was excellent and skilled. In a nutshell, I adored this location. A fantastic night out. Both fronts of house and wait staff were kind and professional. The food was delicious, especially the sweets. Live music by John Trotter and Richard Swan brought a lot to the evening. We paid £85 for three meals for two people and a bottle of wine; we thought this was pretty reasonable for the total experience. I would suggest it. While on a short trip to Belfast, we stopped at Bert’s Jazz Bar. The ambiance of the restaurant is calm but sophisticated. The service is outstanding, and the menu, while not huge, is varied and offers a fine selection of meals.

8. Town Square

Town Square is a Hip hangout serving up pub fare staples like burgers & nachos, plus brunch, coffee & cocktails. Town Square is one of Belfast’s best cafés and pubs, perfect for everything from chilled-out dates to weekend brunches. Enjoy live music while eating platters of seafood chowder, spaghetti, tacos, or avocado on toast, followed by DIY s’mores and affogato. Town Square is one of Belfast’s trendiest cafés and pubs, popular with after-work, date night, and weekend brunch audiences. The inside is simple and utilitarian and includes a terrace for those rare warm days. Whether you want seafood chowder, spaghetti, tacos, or avocado on toast, you can wash it all down with a terrific selection of filter coffee, drinks, and beer. 

Why do they act the way they do? Do you know that line in all the finest beer commercials? The group of friends hanging out (usually in the sun), loving life, having the craic – not a care in the world. Then comes that magic moment – they look at one another and realize that life can’t get any better than this – they raise their glasses and toast to the good times. They are passionate about getting their customers to those magic moments as quickly and as easily as possible. This passion plays out in every decision they make, the plate of food they serve, the cocktail they craft, the beer they pour, and every staff member they hire. Town Square is a 300-seater pub and street food hangout on Belfast’s Botanic Avenue. They try to keep things informal, so there’s no stuffy dress code, no snobbish wine list. 

if you enjoy your burger charred to a crisp, that’s fine with them. People are eating brunch, drinking coffee with friends, working on computers, and seeing clients in the mornings. By midday, you might notice the odd sneaking drink. The lights are darkened at dinnertime, and our famed outdoor beer garden begins to fill up. Fewer laptops equal more fun. More drinks, fewer coffees. Although my wife and I have had a drink here many times, we have always seen and smelled the cuisine being served by highly attentive personnel and had to make a reservation for dinner. We had a great time. We’re planning our next trip. Friendly, efficient staff. Decent size portions, and the food was served piping hot. Service was also very good. Will definitely be back.

7. Sunflower Public House

The security cage has been retained at Sunflower Public House renovated pub with a beer garden housing a pizza oven. Sunflower Public House is one of Belfast’s top live music venues, transporting customers to the 1980s. What about entertainment? This establishment invites musicians and is renowned for throwing stunning summer parties in the beer garden. Sunflower Public House’s security cage on the front door transports us to 1980s Belfast. Sunflower Public House is a popular hangout for students, visitors, and after-work drinkers and is only a few minutes walk from The Belfast Telegraph and the University of Ulster. Listen to live bands in a candlelit nook, or stroll outdoors to the beer garden for a wood-fired pizza slice. Are you paying a visit to your four-legged friends? 

Water dishes and snacks are supplied for pets. Sunflower also stocks locally-brewed craft beer, including stouts, IPAs, lagers, and more from Boundary Brewing Co, Heaney, Farmageddon Brewing Co, and Kinnegar, in addition to a fantastic collection of Irish ciders. Sunflower Public House debuted in December 2012 at the junction of Kent and Union Streets, where a public house had existed for almost a century. It lies just behind Belfast Central Library and a stone’s throw (a local unit of measurement) from The Belfast Telegraph, The Irish News, and the University of Ulster. Sunflower is a modest corner pub with no frills or themes, yet it is one of the few that still exists. The security cage on its front entrance, a remnant from 1980s Belfast, immediately identifies it. 

The cage has been conserved and preserved as part of the city’s social history, although it is no longer required for security purposes. Sunflower takes pleasure in providing fantastic local beers, such as Yardsman, our draught stout, which is made in Belfast. They also have the Kinnegar range from Donegal, and our real ale is from just out the road at Hilden. They regularly have beers from other parts of Ireland, Scotland, and England, and the excellent wheat beer, Erdinger, from Germany. Our cider, of course, is county Armagh’s McIvor’s. We arrived here on a Tuesday night with a group of friends and did not make a reservation. Even though the place was packed, we were fortunate to secure a small table. We had one drink apiece, and the bill was about £25, which was reasonable for four of us. I enjoy the drink choices, the environment, and the cheerful staff!

6. Cabaret Supper Club

Cabaret is a posh dinner club. Feel like a celebrity and enjoy an evening evocative of 1920s Hollywood. Live jazz, burlesque, contortionists, magicians, comedians, bands, and even famous local artists will entertain you as you dine on a gourmet dinner served by your Cabaret Butler, all in the comfort of a Belfast City Centre location. Cabaret Supper Club is undoubtedly one of Belfast’s oldest pubs, if only for its jaw-dropping live entertainment. Set aside a night of drinking and dining at this one-of-a-kind establishment, where burlesque, comedy, live music, and aerial acrobatics rule supreme. If being wined, dined, and entertained is your idea of a fantastic night out, you’ve come to the perfect spot. Cabaret Supper Club is a unique venue with burlesque, comedy, live music, and aerial acrobatics. 

Dress to impress because the Upper Arthur Street venue will greet you with some of the best performances in town. Tables are available at 6.30 pm, with entertainment beginning at 8 pm and the primary performance beginning at about 9.30 pm. If that isn’t enough, your ticket includes a three-course lunch and a butler. Fill yourself on duck parfait, slow-braised beef, asparagus risotto, and white chocolate cheesecake, all accompanied by a selection of beers, cocktails, and Champagnes. But the fun doesn’t end there. Live DJs, music, and post-show festivities will also be for a unique evening. The staff was warm, welcoming, and attentive, the food was delicious, authentic, and plentiful, and the entertainment gave me a stitch and ruined my eye makeup. I laughed so much (cheers Tony Stark)! Beautiful surroundings and such a fantastic atmosphere. 

I had a fantastic first night out following the second lockdown. The cuisine was delicious, and the entertainment was fantastic, given the constraints. The cocktails were delicious. I was unlucky enough to watch the manager being berated by customers who were incorrect about the pricing of their bill, which was awful to see. Still, the manager handled it exceptionally well and professionally, so a massive shout-out to Lauren for that and her excellent service throughout the night. The beverages are a little pricey, but that didn’t stop us from ordering a lot! My first night out after lockdown couldn’t have gone much better! First-rate entertainment, excellent service, and highly delicious cuisine! In terms of consumer safety, this establishment has gone above and beyond with temperature checks on arrival, screens, staff in masks, and everything being spotless.

5. Union Street Bar

Union Street Bar is a Pub with retro furnishings, industrial styling, and original features, plus Mediterranean dining. Union Street Bar & Restaurant opened its doors first as a bar in December 2003, with the restaurant following in January 2004. Union Street Bar has some truly amazing and weird nights out on the menu. It’s one of the top Cathedral Quarter pubs, with frequent quizzes, pride celebrations, and the hilarious ‘Cabargay.’ Visit this LGBTQ+ institution for one-of-a-kind events and a large assortment of classic drinks. Union Street Bar promises lethal nights out in Belfast by combining drinks with cabaret and all the craic. This LGBTQ-friendly favorite is no wallflower, as it is one of the best homosexual pubs in the city.

There is a packed calendar of activities, including smartphone quizzes, pride parties, and the funny ‘Cabargay.’ There’s everything from classic cocktails to boozy slushies and cocktail jugs on the beverages menu. Consider sex on the beach, espresso martinis, and other options. If mixed cocktails aren’t your style, beer buckets of Corona, Heineken, Coors Light, and Rockshore are available. The best burgers I’ve had in years. This pub/restaurant caters to the LGBT+ community and the rest. Lovely crowd and amazing food. Live music, and as I was seated by the bar, I could tell of cocktails I didn’t think existed. Give it a try, and you’ll be up for a good surprise, even if you don’t identify by any of those capital letters. 

But if you do, it’s a must! I followed a drag queen who was here and suggested we go. We didn’t get a table seeing Roxy (which I knew since she is so popular), but the security man at the front door was so helpful, and instead of telling us a table to sit at, he let us choose inside or outside! The staff inside was so helpful, and everyone kept asking if we were okay, did we need any drinks, etc. I ordered two cocktails from the 2 for £15 menu; both delicious! I ordered them through the night. A lovely lady and a few younger staff kept chatting away with us, and it was just the best atmosphere. The waiter with the portal tattoos was super helpful and nice, albeit I didn’t catch his name. I felt SO comfortable here, I had never written a review before, but between the delicious drinks and the class service, I really had to!

4. Laverys 

Laverys is a Long-standing traditional bar with sport on TV, a pool room with 18 tables, and a roof terrace. Belfast’s Oldest Family Owned Bar -The Lavery family bought the bar in 1918. Today, Lavery’s is an alternative Irish bar with something for everyone. Spanning three floors, they are home to the North of Ireland’s largest pool hall, which gets turned into a club room every Saturday night, playing the best alternative, dance & indie tunes. Belfast’s oldest family-owned tavern is also one of the most peculiar in the city. This restaurant not only has Ireland’s most extensive pool room, but they’ll have you returning for the beer garden, comedy evenings, and a fantastic culinary selection, with pints of Guinness for just five pounds. Lavery’s is Belfast’s oldest family-owned bar.

Ireland’s most extensive pool room, comedy evenings, and a fantastic culinary selection. Do you know your stouts? For the price of a fiver, you may try your hand at pouring the perfect pint of Guinness. Lavery’s is one of Belfast’s premier live sports venues, with over 20 screens. Are you a rugby fanatic? Don’t miss out on the Ulster transport package, which includes a beer or cider of the month, burgers or steak before the game, and round-trip transportation before returning to the bar for another drink. or two. Every Saturday night, Lavery’s transforms The Ballroom and middle floor into a 1200-capacity nightclub to get the party started. We were a small group of ten heading to Belfast for a rugby trip and to catch the Six Nations games on pub televisions.

Benedict’s hotel, where we were staying, recommended this establishment, and we weren’t disappointed on a Friday night. The food was brilliant, a quantity that could choke a horse, and reasonably priced. Based on this, we decided not to go elsewhere, as initially planned, on Saturday for both games, and Johnny, the manager, gave us an option of the first floor or the ground floor, we stayed on the first floor. Once again, the food was excellent. We seemed to have a large area to ourselves and started getting the company of locals when the Irish v England game was to commence. They were extremely friendly, mingling with us throughout the whole afternoon. To get a pint of Guinness to allow an old local man to have a comfy seat next to me was surprising and greatly appreciated but didn’t need to be given.

3. Santeria

Santeria late-night café bar complete with irresistible rhythms, funk, and soul. They serve classic contemporary cocktails and tasty food without pretension in the heart of Belfast City Center. Santeria is one of the premier bars in the Belfast city center, serving peach margaritas, kiwi-infused sips, and brandy-soaked hot toddies. You can buy classic cocktails, but if you’re looking for something unique, you’ve come to the correct location. Santeria is open seven days a week and serves unusual drinks, superb coffee, and photogenic decor. 19 Fountain Street has exposed brick walls and industrial design with Mexican-style artwork. The beverages are all about traditional cocktails.There are areas for gin, whiskey, vodka, and other spirits, as well as hot drinks such as Irish coffees and the Hennessy-tipped Cafe Royal. 

You won’t go thirsty here, whether it’s a laid-back dating night or after-work beverages. Santeria is a cozy city center bar serving drinks, coffee, and everything. The venue’s name is inspired by an old Afro-Caribbean faith and is the sister bar of Voodoo Belfast. We are pleasant and easy back during the day and come alive at night with DJs and live music, focusing on traditional and modern drinks. Santeria eliminates rigorous formality in favor of great beverages, pleasant service, and a relaxed, casual ambiance. What a little treasure. The staff is exceptionally courteous and knowledgeable about their extensive drink selection and always ready to make recommendations. Our waitress did too much for us several times, which we immensely enjoyed. 

Unfortunately, we did not test the meal, but I shall visit the city the next time. A true hidden gem in Belfast. Santeria, located on Fountain Street between the Fountain and Voodoo, is a must-see. I like to sit outdoors since there is so much rush and activity with the adjacent pubs, and the entire atmosphere is fantastic. However, the atmosphere inside is charming. The crew is highly knowledgeable about the drinks and takes great delight in their work. Worth seeing! I adore this tiny bar! I adore their drink menu, rates, friendly environment, and informed staff!!! The other day, I came here with a buddy, and we felt pretty welcome; our cocktails were delicious!! Guys, keep it up! Belfast’s top cocktail bar in the city center, with Very affordable rates and a wide variety of cocktails and beverages. The bartenders were exceptionally kind and helpful. The Food was awsome and the music was great!

2. Franklins Sports Bar

Belfast’s newest sports bar Franklins shows football, rugby, ice hockey, darts, snooker, baseball, and all things sports. Franklins Sports Bar also houses four pool tables and a dart board if you’re feeling competitive with friends! On Belfast’s largest indoor sports screen, you can enjoy a wide variety of beverages, snacks, and live sports. Franklins Sports Bar includes a top-floor gaming room replete with darts, beer pong, and pool tables available for individuals seeking a fun night out in Belfast. During the week, there are also large televisions displaying live sports, American eats, and £2 beers. Franklins Sports Bar, which debuted in 2020, has quickly become a fixture in Belfast’s hospitality sector. The city center watering spot is a strong favorite among sports lovers 

Including pool tables, beer pong, dart boards, and lots of HD TVs to witness all the action. There’s even a huge 6.5-meter screen. Whether you came to watch American football, The Premier League, or the Six Nations, make sure you’ve got a tasty spread to keep you going. We’re talking pizza, loaded wings, and American comfort food washed down with Heineken, Hop House, and, of course, Guinness. I had a fantastic time at Franklin’s yesterday. One member of the staff, in particular, went above and above to accommodate my boyfriend and me. Stephen was fast to obtain beverages and served them immediately to us in a very crowded atmosphere. More than five* might be requested. I went on Saturday and had a good time. 

Beer prices are among the lowest in Belfast. However, they will benefit from the benefit of the doubt. So, what can I say? I have been here a couple of nights & tonight; I have to say, it has been the best! Ricky is an absolute credit to you guys; he always tries to do everything for you & nothing is ever too much bother! Thank you, Ricky, for everything! Popped into Franklin tonight, great welcome and fantastic service will be back soon. Keep up the good work. Welcomed by a general manager, Cathal couldn’t have done enough for us and was so surprised he’s only been there a short time, a real professional, bar well run with all measures adhered to. A fantastic atmosphere for the England game! I’d like to personally thank Stevie, the bouncer, for his assistance in finding us a table! He’s a living legend. 

1. The Dirty Onion And Yardbird

The Dirty Onion And Yardbird is a Traditional looking pub with a modern vibe, including a Jameson barrel sculpture in the beer garden. Whether it’s food, drink, or entertainment, The Dirty Onion has everything. They amuse you with two bars, one restaurant, and one of Belfast’s most extensive beer gardens. They entertain seven nights a week, focusing strongly on contemporary live bands and acoustic acts. Oh, and they are free entry every night! Yardbird is their rotisserie chicken restaurant upstairs above The Dirty Onion. Their free-range chicken is marinated in lemon, buttermilk, and paprika for 24 hours. The meat is then dry-rubbed, boiled, then blast-chilled to keep it moist before being roasted on a spit. All of their cuisines are prepared in-house, and service is quick! Every Monday night, enjoy the finest of the city with a lineup of local performers playing chart-toppers and your favorite songs. 

Every Tuesday evening, kick back and relax with Connor Maley, Mark Hamilton, and Nathan Oregan. The musicians may vary each week, but the music remains first-rate! Every Wednesday evening, they feature the best in live acoustic sessions from Belfast’s top musicians in the beer garden! Juram Juram and The Fables will provide spectacular performances. The Second Fiddle hosts an excellent music session called Handed-Down, hosted by Joshua Burnside. Expect remixed classical music and a relaxed mood. Whether you’re looking for foot-tapping or an actual jig, The Fables and Scott MC will get you moving at The Dirty Onion beer garden! Artists may alter their minds at the last minute—every Thursday at 8 p.m. 

Traditional music features a one-of-a-kind combination of bagpipes, guitar, and vocals. Every Friday, The Dirty Onion has three live performers. Acoustic Sessions – in the beer garden – information on Facebook. The Nine Inch Nialls, Drum and Bates, and Jav & Dave are among the possible acts. The Second Fiddle presents the city’s best late-night Trad sessions, so relax and enjoy. Every Saturday, we have live music all evening at the Onion from some of Belfast’s greatest local bands! Expect incredible guitarists, wild vocalists, and music that offers a new and exciting interpretation of modern hits. We like a laid-back Sunday, but that doesn’t mean we can’t provide some wonderful tuneage on stage throughout the day, and who knows? Things could just become rowdy! Michael Kerr, The Fables, and Nathan Oregan will be performing. Artists may alter their minds at the last minute. 

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