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11. Cannibale

Cannibale Bar

Cannibale is a neighborhood hangout that doubles as a barbershop during the day and a dimly lit, wood-lined cocktail bar at night. Cannibale is a neighborhood tavern that doubles as a barbershop during the day and a cocktail bar at night. Cannibale customers can also rent out the bar as an event space and have a private event. Birthdays, engagements, marriages, and other intimate gatherings may be held there. As one of the most excellent Calgary bars, they make their customers feel important by offering daily specials and discounts at the bar on specific days to keep the party going. Important highlights at Cannibale are $5 happy hour, Aperativo Mondays and Tiki Tuesdays. Customers love Cannibale for its excellent meals and drinks. 

They also enjoy the atmosphere, fantastic service, and great music. Some consumers stated in their ratings, “Great cocktail bar in this neighborhood.” Because it’s dark and comfortable, bring a phone flashlight to read the menu. The drinks are superb, as is the meal. We shared the charcuterie plate. I’ve heard the Cuban sandwich is also fantastic. They have excellent cocktails that alter frequently enough. If you have a specific need, they always seem delighted to accommodate it. The popcorn is a great treat. What an excellent neighborhood bar/pub with delicious cocktails, beer, wine, and great food. The terrace is a great area to hang out, and there are plenty of heaters for those cool evenings. Excellent happy hour specials and rotating culinary offerings are always worth a look. It offers a unique cocktail menu, and the three we tried were fantastic. 

And the cuisine is fantastic. The cheese plate, charcuterie plate, and olive toast are all wonderful. Their handmade pickles and coleslaw are out of this world. I adore this location. Excellent service! Excellent food! Excellent location! The terrace was pleasant, and the walls kept the wind from ruining your evening. The beverages here are intriguing and incredible – there are so many possibilities!! The servers are pleasant and knowledgeable. The terrace is lovely, as is the interior. Excellent feeling. This quaint establishment offers a terrific pub ambiance, pleasant service, exceptionally decent drinks, and delicious food. We particularly enjoy the steak tartare and the duck Reuben. Cannibale offers the finest value for money in Calgary. So, Cannibale is one of the best bars Calgary has to offer you. If you are in the city, we recommend visiting this venue!

10. Milk Tiger Lounge

Milk Tiger Lounge Bar

Milk Tiger Lounge is a snug, buzzy spot featuring artisanal mixed drinks & a modest menu of light bites. The bar hosts themed events on occasions, such as art displays, famed emo nights, 90s cocktail parties, and more. Milk Tiger Lounge is a relaxed establishment serving some of the most incredibly mixed cocktails and a small plate meal menu to satisfy your appetite. As one of the top Calgary bars, their distinctive and highly appealing twist on classics such as cocktails, wine, beer, and food. It keeps their customers intrigued, so many return for another round after the first! The significant highlights at Milk Tiger Lounge are Hotel Georgia, The meat hook, and Parisienne negroni. Old Y Center is a great attraction for tourists who eat at this bar after long walks. 

At this venue, you can find the recipes and ingredients of Spanish cuisine. Milk Tiger offers you perfectly cooked Brezeln. It’s time to try delicious beer, liquor, and martinis. Customers can relax and enjoy themselves in this establishment’s inviting atmosphere. The high ratings of this spot would be impossible without the friendly staff. Good service is something visitors like here. The reasonable costs at this establishment may surprise you. Customers have dubbed Milk Tiger Lounge the “dream factory of your mouth.” They’re also recognized for their elegant decor, pleasant atmosphere, stylish interior, affordable drinks, and innovative cocktails. Some customers left positive feedback and expressed how much they enjoyed the bar. I enjoy coming here. 

They have fantastic personnel, beverages, and the whole atmosphere. Ali is an expert at cocktails and enjoys what she does. I’m always made to feel welcome, and the music is banging. I strongly suggest it. It is a beautiful tiny location. I like the logo. I’m typically a wine girl, but I’ll have a beer on a hot summer day. I’ve never been a fan of cocktails, but the Compadre may have changed my mind. Not sweet, a little tangy from the grapefruit juice, and delicious. Our visit to Milk Tiger was brief yet memorable. It didn’t disappoint, from the ambiance to the service to the wonderful cocktails—a small and pleasant area ideal for socializing with friends while sipping beverages. The drink menu is full of original drinks created by professional mixologists. If you’re unsure what to order, the knowledgeable and courteous staff will assist you in selecting the perfect cocktail. I wholeheartedly suggest this establishment. 

9. Betty Lou’s Library

Betty Lou's Library Bar

Betty Lou’s Library is a prohibition-style speakeasy featuring an intimate vibe, cocktails, small plates & entry by a password. Passwords are given to guests with confirmed reservations. They try their best to accommodate walk-ins on a first-come, first-served basis. You will be transported back in time when you walk through the hidden door and sit in a vintage velvet chair. Their chandeliers cast a gentle glow, and their bartenders craft unique, high-quality cocktails. Sip, savor, and socialize in this one-of-a-kind setting that combines the American Prohibition era of the 1920s with Paris‘ Lost Generation. At Betty Lou’s, they host regular events that include Jazz Bands, Musicians, Dancers, and Burlesque shows. Parisian salon meets prohibition speakeasy. Pick up the phone, step behind the bookcase and enter their library. 

Carefully crafted cocktails, live jazz, burlesque, and much more await you. Betty Lou’s Library is a 1920s-style speakeasy that merges the aesthetics of Paris’s Lost Generation with the American Prohibition Era. They serve a familiar medley of beverages and small meals behind a bookcase and only allow guests to access it with a password. Betty Lou’s Library, one of Calgary’s most excellent bars, is well-known for its live jazz nights and burlesque performances. Visit them to find out why! The main highlights at Berry Lou’s Library are Babylon revisited and Literary-themed cocktails like Virginia Woolf and Jane Eyre. Betty Lou’s Library is well-known for its atmosphere and experience if you’re looking for something different. Customers also praise their excellent service, ambiance, and beverages. 

Some customers left positive feedback and reviews about the establishment. I’ve been a few times, and each time it’s fantastic. The servers are informed and pleasant. The bartenders are real architects, and the space is breathtaking! This is a fantastic idea and would make an excellent beginning point for an evening on the 17th or a night of settling in. Try it if you appreciate reading, chilled beverages, and a 1920s feel! We had the most excellent drink experience we’d ever experienced. The decor was nicely designed, and the staff was helpful and made you feel at home. Complimentary bubbly on the house just because it’s your birthday. The drinks were delicious, and they could prepare almost any other traditional cocktail. Fantastic bar to visit, see and have fun! So, Betty Lou’s Library is one of the best bars in Calgary. If you are in the city, you must visit for a unique experience.

8. Frenchie Wine Bar

Frenchie Wine Bar

Frenchie Wine Bar is a French-focused wine list & bites like fondue & charcuterie are offered in a stylish, intimate hideaway. It is a French-inspired wine bar. Frenchie is a 38-seat wine and cocktail bar on 17th Ave SW, directly next door to its famous sister restaurant, UNA Pizza + Wine. Frenchie embodies the same spirit and farm-to-table ethic that has made UNA Pizza famous. Their wine list primarily features small, natural winemakers from France and worldwide. French-inspired food menu with an emphasis on cheese fondues. They operate on a first-come, first serve basis. Check in with their host and have a drink in their entryway while you wait for a seat. Small Frenchie, a 16-seat bar tucked behind Frenchie, is ideal for entertaining small groups or private occasions. 

Frenchie Wine Bar, located in a fancy setting, is a modern wine saloon inspired from a Frenchman’s point of view. They have a wide selection of Wine produced by well-known wineries that promote organic methods and believe in traditional wine-making processes. And, being one of the most excellent Calgary bars, Frenchie Wine Bar takes pleasure in its culinary selection, promoting and collaborating with local stores that supply them with artisanal meat and cheese variations. The main highlights at Frenchie are The apothecary, Lazio bellini, and Vanilla old-fashioned. Customers recognize Frenchie Wine Bar as a hidden gem with fantastic experiences, great fondue, great cocktails, and a super cool wine bar. Some customers left positive feedback about Frenchie in their evaluations. 

What a spectacularly hidden location. I mean, I should become a regular since it’s the type of place where you expect your drink to be ready when you walk in. It offers an exclusive backroom feel that is unrivaled. I drank an Old Fashioned, which was delicious. The service makes you feel like the main attraction. I recommend going to this spectacular bar. That is if you can locate it. Great venue for a date, enjoy the atmosphere and music, would be perfect for a Christmas party or small work occasion. Less than 20 people are ideal. The service and bartenders are outstanding. So, Frenchie Wine Bar is one of the best bars in Calgary. If you are in the city, we highly recommend visiting this bar at least once. Go with your friends and loved ones for a memorable and fun time!

7. Bridgette Bar

Bridgette Bar

Bridgette Bar is a chill locale with an arty flair for clever, chef-driven small plates & entrees, plus unique cocktails. It’s a chef-driven bar located in Calgary’s Design District. Snack, indulge, bend an elbow, and reach the full potential of your day when you spend time at Bridgette Bar, a venue where design, craft, and culture collide. This is a bar that also serves delicious meals. Their drink menu includes a creative collection of crushable cocktails, high-octane originals, craft brews, and a wine list that will appeal to both hedonists and geeks. They don’t use seasonal, fresh, or locally sourced words to describe their meals because those are givens. Chef JP Pedhirney puts new spins on traditional favorites, resulting in a lively meal grilled on a savory wood-burning barbecue. 

Everything is settled in a classic, mid-century-inspired atmosphere to keep things interesting. Bridgette Bar is a well-known relaxed hangout with a creative vibe. They serve clever, chef-inspired small appetizers and entrees, as well as great beverages. They are situated in the heart of Calgary’s design district, so their ambiance reflects the area’s vibe. Bridgette Bar, one of Calgary’s most fantastic bars, is willing to lend its space for large and small parties and gatherings. The main highlights at Bridgette Bar are Moonlit villa, Stockholm syndrome, and Thirty-six views. According to patrons, Bridgette Bar is a great restaurant with excellent food, drinks, service, and music. Some customers shared their reviews and wrote good things about the venue. Fantastic food, excellent service, and safe curbside pickup! 

They sent extra goodies with dinner. This venue is well worth the $25/per person, and we will be coming back during quarantine! If you haven’t been here, you must. The staff is exceptional. They go above and beyond. And the food is superb! It is the best meal I have had in Calgary! This restaurant is not to be missed. We had dinner at Bridgette Bar on our last night of vacation, and it was an incredible feast! Honestly, that was the best meal we had on our vacation and one of my top ten of all time; that is quite a statement. The menu is unlike anything else you’ll find at a restaurant, the food presentation is like art, and the flavor is superb. The staff is friendly and ensures you feel at ease from beginning to end. I cannot emphasize more how important it is for you to eat here.

6. Vin Room

Vin Room is a stylish, modern locale featuring tapas & wine by the taste, glass or bottle, plus sidewalk seating. Vin Room provides a venue for visitors to sample a wide range of wines. They are a licensed establishment that also serves non-alcoholic beverages to youngsters. In Calgary, they have three locations: Mission, West, and YYC Calgary Airport – International Departures. They urge guests to sample wine to learn about and enjoy it before purchasing a bottle or glass. The main highlights at Vin Room are Over 85 wines to taste, a Dog-friendly patio, and Great Live Music. It is a wine and tapas restaurant with over 85 wines by the glass. Enjoy their tapas made with local and regional ingredients, infused with a global twist. Happy Hour from 3-6 pm daily. 

The front patio is dog-friendly seven days a week, weather permitting. Vin Room provides a venue for visitors to sample a wide range of wines. They are a licensed establishment that also serves non-alcoholic beverages to youngsters. In Calgary, they have three locations: Mission, West, and YYC Calgary Airport – International Departures. They urge guests to sample wine to learn about and enjoy it before purchasing a bottle or glass. With three locations across Calgary, Vin Room is Canada’s most extensive wine bar, offering 85 wines by the glass. Whether you want to try a glass before buying a bottle or sample several wines without committing, this wine bar is the perfect place to experiment. Complemented by a tapas menu focusing on fresh, local ingredients, make an evening out of your wine tasting and stay for the whole experience. 

Like other businesses, Vin Room had to adapt to closures across the city. They moved to a pickup and delivery model to continue bringing “Date Night In” to their customers’ homes. You can order delicious meals from charcuterie and pasta to ribs and calzones. They can be reheated and served from the comfort of your own home alongside excellent wine pairings, enjoying a night off from the kitchen to spend more time with your date. You can support Vin Room at this time by supporting any local Calgary business, as the team here knows how much everyone is hurting. Any way you can put your support behind a local business will be greatly appreciated by any of your neighbors. If you want to support Vin Room directly, you can order online and choose curbside pickup and contactless delivery.

5. The Derrick Gin Mill & Kitchen

The Derrick Gin Mill & Kitchen is a brick-lined haunt with old-fashion flair serving area-sourced eats with clever gin cocktails. The Derrick is an affordable, locally sourced restaurant that features a great food menu. It comprises traditional classics, seductively smoked meats, and a spirited menu. It emphasizes GIN, all paired within a cozy atmosphere that should make you feel right at home. Their music will include blues-rock, old-school hip-hop, rhythm and blues, and live music performances by local musicians. The Derrick will serve business lunch, a bustling happy hour with the area’s best drink specials, dinner, and cocktails. Six nights every week. So, either put your feet up or participate in the fun. 

The Derrick Gin Mill & Kitchen, reminiscent of a classic tavern, displays the charm of the old west in its décor and ambiance. Whether they’re playing blues or old-school hip-hop, their music selection complements the whole ambiance. The Derrick Gin Mill & Kitchen is well worth a visit, with one of the most extensive gin options in Calgary, fantastic food, and an intimate atmosphere. The main highlights at The Derrick Gin Mill & Kitchen are Build your Martini and Gin and Tonic, Blowout Hour, and Live Blues every Thursday. The Derrick has received numerous accolades for its cocktails and interior design. It’s easy to see why their consumers want to return when their staff is accommodating. Some consumers left positive reviews about The Derrick Gin Mill & Kitchen. This venue is very incredible. 

The drinks and Gin selection are excellent, with two pages dedicated to each! The food was delicious, fresh, and well presented. We had the Gin and Tonic for dessert, which blew us away. We can’t wait to return and try more of the cocktails. What a find. It caught my focus from the outside and served as my birthday spot months later. Staff and bartenders were highly informed. The Interior is cozy and comfy. The lettuce wrap Korean bbq was a pleasant surprise concealed among menu offerings of traditional Canadian with a good, modern twist; the food I did eat and the modest size of the menu left me with little doubt about their quality. Gin. Gin is another option. They are served with a pomegranate tonic. So, The Derrick Gin Mill & Kitchen is one of the best bars in Calgary for you. If you are in the city, visit this spot at least once!

4. UNTITLED Champagne Lounge

UNTITLED Champagne Lounge is a champagne, cocktails & light bites in a sophisticated lounge with gold-framed artwork & chandeliers. UNTITLED Champagne Lounge epitomizes sophistication, charm, and flair. They have developed a one-of-a-kind, friendly, and unpredictable environment, offering outstanding service unbiasedly. Their team is ready to match your taste and budget with the ideal bottle from their extensive collection of champagne and stunning assortment of sparkling wines. UNTITLED provides something special for people who love their drink on the rocks or two fingers high: Artisanal Champagne-based Cocktails. They have created a new beast that will challenge even the most delicious old-fashioned using cutting-edge methods and carefully picked spirits. Welcome to their world of exquisite champagne. Relax, enjoy, and raise a glass. 

UNTITLED Champagne has developed a welcoming and distinctive environment with a crew that provides outstanding services to all of its customers. You shall undoubtedly enjoy your time with your friends, with a vast selection of champagne and a gorgeous display of sparkling wines. Their crew is also capable of matching your preferences and budget with the ideal bottle. UNTITLED Champagne Lounge’s key attractions include high-quality champagne, reasonable prices, and a clean setting. Here is a review from one of UNTITLED Champagne Lounge’s customers explaining why the bar is worth a visit. The ambiance is reminiscent of a speakeasy from the 1920s. I fell in love with this house right away! The food is terrific (the sushi rolls are highly recommended), and the bartenders are true alchemists, masters of their craft, making the most beautiful and tasty cocktails! 

The live jazz on Thursdays is also ideal for a dating night. This venue is simply ideal for either starting or ending your night!! Fantastic music, a great environment, and even better beverages. I came here for a date night with my girlfriend, and I honestly don’t have anything negative to say. The service was terrific, the staff were incredibly friendly and accommodating, and the food and drinks were exquisite. You come here for cocktails in the evening. The ambiance is somber, sexy, and elegant. The art deco decor and lighting transport you to the setting of The Great Gatsby. The cocktails are unique, delicious, and challenging to select from. The staff was kind and educated and highly advised pairing wine with the charcuterie board. Everything that comes from the kitchen or the bat is presented beautifully. This is my new favorite cocktail bar in Calgary.

3. Lounge Eighteen

Design by Martin Lee Design Image courtesy of

Lounge Eighteen is a prohibition-inspired locale offering unique cocktails, global bites & shisha in vintage-chic digs. This swanky lounge pays homage to the prohibition era with a new touch on classics that will likely surprise its guests. The speakeasy-inspired bar serves delicious food, fantastic cocktails, and water pipes for those who want to kick back and relax. By day, Lounge Eighteen is calm, but by night, it transforms into an exuberant atmosphere, providing an experience unlike any other. The main highlights at Lounge Eighteen are Shisha, Happy Hour, Night Specials, and Guest DJ. Lounge Eighteen is renowned for its shisha, killer drinks, and incredible food, but the customer service and atmosphere keep people coming back for more. The Eighteenth Amendment prohibited alcoholic beverages and made liquor manufacture, transportation, and sale unlawful. 

Despite this attempt, the amendment did not pass. Many people took the risk of making their alcohol and died from poisoning due to a lack of competence. However, gangsters took advantage of prohibition and profited by bootlegging and operating unique places known as speakeasies. A simple emblem frequently identified these establishments. They were guarded by hidden entries and frequently required secret passwords. This age was synonymous with secrecy and the need to know the proper people. Lounge XVIII is a cocktail lounge inspired by the period. Join us and enjoy this enticing atmosphere that honors individuals who sacrificed all for a decent drink. Some customers left positive feedback about Lounge Eighteen in their reviews. Fantastic location! 

Whether searching for a spot to work alone or a location to hold a birthday celebration, Lounge 18 has a terrific menu with tasty cuisine and drinks. The service is usually excellent, and the happy hour deals are fantastic! One of my favorite hangout spots. During the day, you can take your laptop to work or hang out while smoking a water pipe. I prefer going during happy hour since the pipes and cocktails are half off, so I can get a $10 shisha and a $4 prosecco! Also, the new menu is fantastic! The steak pieces and spinach/artichoke dip were both delicious. It’s a lovely lounge, and on weekends, they’ll have hip-hop/RNB DJs, making the nights lively, gloomy, and party-like. This is the spot to be if you enjoy cocktails, shisha, and delicious food. So,  Lounge Eighteen is one of the best bars in Calgary. If you are in the city, you have to try this bar! 

2. The Tea House

The Tea House is an intimate lounge offering craft cocktails & small Chinese plates in a retro, Asian-inspired setting. This bar and Old Y Center can both be really attractive for tourists. The spicy flavors of Chinese cuisine draw a large number of visitors. According to the reviews, the servers serve good buns, noodles, and chicken. Throughout the year, the knowledgeable staff welcomes visitors. Fabulous service is something clients appreciate here. The Tea House has a calm atmosphere and beautiful decor. The Tea House is well worth a visit for its modern take on classic Chinese cuisine and out-of-this-world beverages! The excellent selection of food and beverages isn’t the only thing that sets The Tea House apart. Another significant selling feature is their venue (and the surprises that await inside). 

The Tea House is excellent for gathering friends and family for a night out, from comedy nights to karaoke parties! Happy Hour, WU & Wings Every Wednesday, Set-up your own Ping Pong party, Turning the bar into your private karaoke party, and Comedy Night Every Thursday are the key features at The Tea House. The delicious cuisine, pleasant drinks, and exciting atmosphere provide a fantastic experience. Customers of The Tea Place have nothing but positive things to say about the establishment. Yummy! Try the papaya salad. The cuisine is tasty and well-portioned. Order a selection of five or six meals to share with someone, and you’ll feel happy that you ate a filling dinner. 

The staff tries their best to go above and beyond to help. We give them five stars out of five. It is an ideal spot to hang out with friends. It was my wife’s birthday, and we went there with a few friends after dinner on a Saturday night. The decor and ambiance are pleasing. We were looking for a spot where they played hip-hop music, and we didn’t have to yell to communicate. We all had a good time there. Another advantage was that they accepted reservations, and we could get seats in a crowded restaurant. The drinks were fine, and the cuisine was delicious. Therefore, it was a great experience, and I would return. So, The Tea House is one of the best Calgary offers. If you are in the city, we highly recommend you visit this bar at least once. Go with your family, friends, and loved ones for a memorable and fun time.

1. SS106 Aperitivo Bar

SS106 Aperitivo Bar was established in 2016. Since then, SS106 Aperitivo Bar has served authentic Italian food and drinks. Domenico Spadafora, the proprietor of Aperitivo Bar, designed a modern area that is great for socializing with friends and family. At the same time, their use of fresh, high-quality ingredients guarantees that their meals are nothing short of spectacular. SS106 Aperitivo Bar has brought the essence of Italy to Edmonton, from pizzas to kinds of pasta, Aperitivo to wines! The main highlights at SS106 Aperitivo Bar are Aperitivo, Gluten-free pasta options, and 5-Course Dinners. Socialize with friends while enjoying Italian food and wine. They are located only minutes from downtown on the Edmonton Trail. An authentic Italian tavern with an Italian kitchen. 

Domenico Spadafora opened his restaurant in YYC to promote a modern style of Italian cuisine with authentic flavors. SS106 Aperitivo Bar is designed to be convivial while serving authentic Italian cuisine. A full Aperitivo, cocktail, and wine menu is available. Appetizers, salads, boards, platters, pastas, pizzas, and entrees. Domenico, passionate about travel and culture, sought every opportunity to explore. He had a soft corner in his heart for his father’s hometown of Staletti in Calabria, Italy. After many visits to Staletti, the SS106 Aperitivo Bar was formed. With a passion for music, cuisine, and socializing, he realized his dream of founding Calgary’s first Aperitivo bar. The name is derived from the SS106, a 491-kilometer highway on the Ionian coast of southern Italy that runs from Reggio Calabria in the west to Taranto in the east. 

While the route provides breathtaking views of beaches, ancient coastal towns, and the sea, it is also one of Italy’s most dangerous roads due to its tight turns. On the other hand, Domenico intended to improve the highway’s reputation in Calgary. SS106 Aperitivo Bar was founded to bring the Italian lifestyle to Calgary. The Italian way of life is incredibly social, and every Italian visits their neighborhood bar regularly, even if it is just for a short cappuccino. Many individuals who have never visited Italy believe that Italian restaurants are calm and candlelit. Many Italian restaurants and pubs are more social, joyful, and louder in Italy. SS106 Aperitivo Bar brings a taste of Italy to YYC. So, SS106 Aperitivo Bar is one of the best bars Calgary has to offer you. If you are in the city, we highly recommend visiting this bar.

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