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12. Gallo’s Tap Room

Gallo’s is a range of pub fare & craft brews are on offer at this sports bar, plus pool, darts & arcade games. We like it: Gallo’s is the place to go if you want to watch sports in a bar. They have projectors, 4K televisions, and even free wi-fi. Regarding food and drink, they have a chef-driven menu with 23 craft beers and over 50 bourbons and whiskeys to pick from. What to order: Sip a drink and unwind. At Gallo’s, there is no pressure! Their “original” Tap Room on Bethel Rd. has been a popular location for Columbus sports fans and craft beer connoisseurs since 2004. Gallo’s Tap Room on Bethel epitomizes their enthusiasm for outstanding cuisine, drink, and sports, with over twenty high-definition TVs, wall-size projection screens, and 23 draught lines showcasing hard-to-find, limited production craft beer and whiskey, and a chef-driven “scratch” menu. 

In addition to the bar, main dining area, and terrace, the Bethel Road site has a casual, private event space ideal for weekend tailgates, family festivities, and corporate holiday parties. Book your next party with them! Go to celebrate your special event or – allow them to make your event memorable. They are excited to serve you and hope to see you soon! Gallos is unquestionably one of the most popular football game spots. The number of TVs on the walls (and even in some of the booths) is astounding. They have the majority of games going at all times, and the excitement is contagious. They also have daily specials. It is the most popular activity on the menu. 

They don’t scrimp on the toppings and will add or remove anything you desire. Remove the Cockfight sauce with caution; it is a show stealer! The Bang Bang shrimp and pizzas are usually famous. Also, the wings are good. I like that they weren’t breaded. The hot garlic sauce has some heat but doesn’t overpower the wings. Tons of TVs so you can see the game. The waitresses are friendly and come around all the time. It is an excellent neighborhood restaurant with many beers to try, lots of different ones on tap. This venue is a friendly place. They provide make-your-own-burgers services, and the fries are great! So, this bar is a fun place to be at. So, this is one of the best bars Columbus has to offer. If you are in the city, we recommend this spot!

11. Bob’s Bar

Bob’s Bar is a lively neighborhood tavern featuring hundreds of on-tap or bottled beers, plus pool tables. Why we love it: Bob’s Bar is the self-proclaimed “Cultural Hub of the Midwest,” and I have to say, I agree. Hear me out. Yes, it’s a dive. But that’s what makes going there such a great experience! Just trust me. What to order at this Bar? Scotch. The liquor selection at Bob’s surprises me every time, but there’s nothing like a nice glass of Scotch at a dive bar. Bob’s Bar is the place to go when you want a traditional bar with no frills. With around 240 different beers offered, Bob’s tagline exclaims, “Bob loves beer!” Bob’s Bar in Columbus’ Beechwold neighborhood is one of the country’s top 32 dive bars! Happy hour is available every day from 2 to 8 p.m. locals like the “World Tour” challenge. 

A steady, courteous workforce demonstrates the diamond in the rough’s tenacity. Are you hoping to visit a bar with a divey vibe? We suggest Bob’s Bar. This neighborhood bar features a lively and inviting atmosphere. With hundreds of beer options and pool tables, you’re bound to enjoy yourself here. Choose between bottled beer on tap and mixed drinks at Bob’s Bar. People love the wide selection of beer as well as the friendly staff. Be sure to play some darts or pool to relax! Bob’s Bar is shaped like an onion. It’s a shockingly strong craft beer sanctuary wrapped in a dive bar shell with one of the most severe toilet layouts in Ohio and a big, flaming banner outside proclaiming “Cultural Hub of the Midwest.” 

And Bob’s might have been a typical strip mall pub with a local clientele and a TouchTunes in the corner, perilously near a large Target parking lot and a Gamestop a few doors down. But Bob’s is so much more, as seen by the white sign over the entrance, which promotes the Bar’s cultural center status to everyone who enters. The foundations of any excellent bar are there at Bob’s, but the beer selection warrants the label above the entrance. And the variety is egalitarian, with equal parts High Life and triple dry hopped fruited lactose-infused milkshake IPA, offering outlets for every socioeconomic ability and unlimited possible adjustment throughout a beer-soaked night. Bob’s occasionally has beer on tap that is unavailable anywhere else in Columbus, maybe not in Ohio. 

10. Lincoln Social Rooftop

Lincoln Social Rooftop

Lincoln Social is a laid-back lounge great for catching up with friends over snacks. It is a comfortable restaurant offering cocktails & pizza, plus generous tacos & sliders. Why we like it: Lincoln Social is the ideal late-night drink hangout. The views of Downtown Columbus are breathtaking, and a visit to the rooftop bar will genuinely make any day brighter. What to get: You may enjoy a Luke Skywalker, a lemongrass-infused Ketel One vodka cocktail prepared with matcha and lemon, while staring up into a galaxy far, far away. Lincoln Social Rooftop on High Street is a classier option than the two roofs mentioned above for drinking and dining. The ideal time to visit is between 4–6 pm on Tuesdays through Fridays and 1–4 pm on Sundays when they provide Happy Hour bargains on food and drink. 

I don’t think getting 50% off all food and alcohol is a terrible deal! And their Diavola pizza is to die for. Furthermore, if you are gluten intolerant, you can request that it be gluten-free! This Cameron Mitchell Restaurant concept has a cozy atmosphere with incredible creative drinks, including numerous no- or low-ABV alternatives. Lincoln Social is a terrific addition to Columbus’ rooftop bar scene. It boasts excellent city views and is conveniently located in the Short North. It’s sophisticated yet approachable, and it’s rapidly become where I take my out-of-town friends visiting Columbus to wow them. 711 N. High Street is the address of Lincoln Social. They’re open from 4 pm to 12 am Tuesday through Thursday, 4 pm to 1 am. Friday, 1 pm to 1 am. Saturday, and 1 pm to 10 pm Sunday. 

You have to be at least 21 years of age to enter this bar. The Lincoln Social Rooftop is the finest location for a night with the stars. Their cocktail lounge can light up your night with wines, spirits, and cocktails. They also have small bites to pair with your drink. Enjoy a drink crafted by one of their expert mixologists during Happy Hour. Lincoln Social Rooftop has excellent drinks with beautiful views of Columbus. Stop by today to elevate your evening! Relax and take in the view! Nine floors high, light up your night. At the rooftop oasis, sip, enjoy, and be surrounded by beautiful city views. This is a more upscale lounge! Take in the scenery while slurping a drink created by one of our experienced mixologists. In addition, enjoy a tasty snack prepared by our award-winning culinary staff.

9. The Light of Seven Matchsticks

The Light of Seven Matchsticks is a 1920s-themed subterranean speakeasy inspired by Wes Anderson that serves handmade drinks and small appetizers. What we like about it: The Light of Seven Matchsticks has the atmosphere of a bygone period. This speakeasy takes it to a new level, from the luxurious velvet décor to the hidden menu you must locate before ordering. What to get at this bar: Nor in my circus, not with my monkeys. Yes, it is the actual name of the drink! It contains Overproof Rum, Smith & Cross, lemon, cinnamon, and demerara sugar. In Great Mythologies, the Heroes’ adventures begin with a summons to experience, and they must leave their usual surroundings. Dr. Joseph Campbell describes this other realm as a Kingdom Underground, a Profound Dream State. 

Tonight, they want you to run away with them, escape the commonplace, defy convention, leave your inhibitions at the door, and explore that other realm by the Light of Seven Matchsticks. “Cocktail for a Cause” is available. Among them are tequila, lychee, Blue Curacao, citrus, and spice. To promote reproductive choice, $3 from each drink sold is contributed to Planned Parenthood. They hold an Industry Night regularly. Every Sunday, if you’re in the business, which includes artists, you receive free popcorn all night, 10% off, and $2 snaquiris. Standup From the Waist Up has returned! You are cordially welcomed to The Light of Seven Matchsticks for an exclusive drink and comedy event! Host Travis Hoewischer and his guests Mary Santora and Pat Deering sling drinks and quips from behind the bar. 

If you’d like to throw a party with a group of close friends, don’t hesitate to contact The Light of the Seven Matchsticks tucked away behind Natalie’s Coal-Fired Pizza, and Live Music invites you to journey back in time. With luxurious velvet seats, a traditional bar, and warm lighting, you can practically hear Prohibition-era Columbus, the rich history of the site, and the individuals who have gone before you. The house drink menu invites you into the intriguing and burgeoning world of craft cocktails, blended and shaken with quality house-made ingredients and an adventurous attitude. The cuisine selection pays homage to heritage while pushing the boundaries of the palate, and it is sure to please. This bar has its own set of regulations. Come with those you like spending time with! (There is no cell phone service.) Please leave your children at home, as much as adorable they are. 

8. Antiques on High

Why we like it: Antiques on High offers a vintage feel with a beautiful selection of sour beers and cocktails on the menu. The area might become a little cramped when you travel upstairs to the rooftop patio. It’s much better in the winter because of the enormous fireplace! What to get: This Seventh Son Brewing offshoot is all about sour beer. Wax Poetic is my go-to beer at Antiques on High since I prefer a sour but not too sour beer. It’s a sour blond ale aged in oak barrels that’s “moderately sour,” according to the pub. Antiques on High is a highly-rated brewery located in the Brewery District of Columbus. They focus on sour and wild beers, but you can get hazy IPAs, classic-tasting pale ales, and other refreshing draft beers. AoH is a causal environment, so it’s no surprise that the food consists of food truck meals. 

I think there’s nothing wrong with it because there’s a different food truck every day, and all of the food truck alternatives are fantastic! On Saturdays, I get a California Burrito from the burrito truck, and on Tuesdays, you guessed it, I get tacos. If food trucks aren’t your thing, that’s fine. Antiques enable you to bring food from nearby eateries that may be more attractive to you. Just be sure to order drinks from them! This is one of my favorite Columbus rooftops. You may not only contain a wonderfully prepared cocktail or a sour beer from the bar, but you can also enjoy it on the roof. They have a cozy fireplace, relaxed lighting, and an excellent atmosphere for drinking with your friends. 714 S. High Street is the address for Antiques on High. 

Monday through Thursday, 4 pm to 12 am, Friday, 3 pm to 2 am, Saturday, 11 am to 2 am, and Sunday, 11 am to 12 am. Antiques on High is located on South High Street in Columbus, Ohio’s brewery area. As the sister brewery to Seventh Son Brewing, AoH focuses on producing sour and wild beers, hazy hop-forward IPAs, and pale ales. Along with our AOH beers, several wines and craft cocktails are offered on draft. Feel free to bring food from their neighbor’s Kolache Republic, Smoked on High, Emmett’s Cafe, Local Cantina, or Lawbird when a food truck is not on the premises. So, this is one of the best bars Columbus has to offer you.

7. Seventh Son Brewing

Why we like it: It’s hard to believe that Seventh Son has only been in existence since 2013. They appear to have an elderly spirit, but this is likely due to their extensive involvement in the Columbus community. We like Seventh Son because they brew handcrafted beers with care. Humulus Nimbus is a drink to order. This Seventh Son flagship beer straddles a fine yet ideal line between an IPA and a pale ale. The Strong Pale Ale has 6.0 percent alcohol by volume and is brewed with berry-piney hops and light malts. Seventh Son Brewing Company’s spacious garage-turned-taproom has been restoring the Italian Village, a once-downtrodden part of Columbus, with its youthful vigor through the medium of genuinely delicious craft beer. 

The taproom is only one of the brewery’s hangouts; also, check out the front terrace and the permanent food truck parked outside, where substantial gastro-pub classics are served. For a hops-filled experience, try the Humulus Nimbus Super Pale Ale and the American Strong Ale. Another brewery makes a list and is a local favorite in Columbus. Seventh Son Brewing boasts a fantastic beer variety, a pleasant terrace and a lovely rooftop bar. It also offers a food truck schedule on its website so that you can organize your vacation around your favorite foods. Seventh Son is open every day. Seventh Son is a trendy brewery on 4th street, across the street from the almost equally as famous Budd Dairy Food Hall. This brewery has a rustic style and a hipster vibe. 

Also, people who love IPAs love Seventh because that’s the specialty, along with a variety of ales. In addition to the classics, they’ve also made a craft hard seltzer called Kitty Paw, and it’s delicious given that it’s made with natural fruit. And remember Antiques on High, mentioned above? That’s the sister company of Seventh Son, and they have food trucks at both as well. So if you appreciate one bar, check out the other! The rooftop of Seventh Son Brewing seems like the coziest rooftop you’ve ever been on. It may not boast panoramic views of the city, but it is full of character. Good vibes abound here, and a night on this roof has my approval. The address for Seventh Son is 1101 N. 4th St. Monday through Thursday, 3:30 p.m. to 12 a.m., Friday and Saturday, 11 a.m. to 2 a.m., and Sunday, 11 a.m. to 12 a.m.

6. Watershed Kitchen + Bar

Watershed is a swanky dining room inside a distillery offering signature house cocktails & seasonal American fare. Why we like it: Watershed is elegant and outstanding. When I have out-of-town guests, it’s always my go-to spot to wow them with dinner and cocktails. That’s the tea: it’s a lovely restaurant with high-quality service and items. The Dunhill is the drink to order. This drink mixes several things I don’t usually enjoy into one of the most excellent drinks I’ve ever tasted. Four Peel Gin, East India Sherry, Dry Vermouth, Dry Curacao, and Absinthe Rinse make the Dunhill. Watershed Kitchen & Bar, located just off the beaten path in Grandview, reflects the community they love, the ingredients that inspire them, and a platform for the people who make it great. 

They collaborate to deliver excellent offerings and experiences with genuine hospitality, warmth, and a sense of fun by procuring from local producers and enabling the creativity of their staff to show. Watershed Kitchen & Bar is a terrific location to meet new people and get to know their spirits, space, and crew. Visit them for happy hour, a get-together with friends, a date night, a special occasion, or everything in between. Respect for ingredients and people is the foundation of honest food and drinks. They seek to make Watershed Kitchen & Bar a reflection of the town they love, a platform for the people who make it great, and a representation of the foods that inspire us. They collaborate to deliver excellent offerings and experiences with genuine hospitality, warmth, and a sense of fun by procuring from local producers and enabling the creativity of their staff to show. 

Watershed Kitchen & Bar is a terrific location to meet new people and get to know their spirits, space, and crew. Their cocktail menu represents their bar team’s energy, innovation, and seasonality, creating one-of-a-kind flavor combinations and transportive beverages. They provide an immersive themed cocktail menu twice a year that includes a wide selection of styles, spirits, and tastes for customers wishing to drink in their unique distillery atmosphere. The cocktail menu not only contains Watershed Distillery spirits but also rotating low- and no-ABV beverages for everyone to enjoy. They provide genuine Midwestern fare. Food demonstrates a regard for the ingredients and how they arrived in the dish. Food with a feeling of time, changing with the seasons, and place, recognizing how they live and grow up. 

5. Pins Mechanical Co

At Pins Mechanical Co, craft cocktails are served in an industrial space with duckpin bowling, pinball & other classic games. It is a social destination featuring duckpin bowling, dozens of classic pinball machines & many more ‘old schools’ entertainment options, along with high-quality cocktails and craft beers served daily. Go Play! Why we love it: Duckpin bowling combined with a fantastic beer, excellent companions, and a late-night food truck feast equals a pretty incredible night. Pins Mechanical Co. is an excellent spot to gather a large party even if you don’t intend to bowl. What to get: At Pins, I can order whatever I want: they always have fantastic beers on tap and some delicious cocktails. Because I’m a bourbon fan, I recommend the Brown Derby, prepared with Four Roses whiskey, honey, and grapefruit juice. 

What more could you want than beer, fire pits, a lovely patio setting, and games? Pins have a fantastic outdoor layout, which is why it’s so popular. Not only is there bowling indoors, but there are also activities like Jenga, patio pong, and table tennis outdoors. Furthermore, the enjoyable atmosphere is ideal for spending time with friends or family. Pins does not have a kitchen, although some locations (including Easton and Dublin) offer food trucks on-site. Every day. Pins Mechanical Company was founded to provide a social gathering space that brings people together via non-traditional/playful activities. Pins combines ‘Old School’ entertainment, inventive handmade cocktails, and regional craft beer to reimagine how time should be spent with friends, whether it’s duckpin bowling, pinball, bocce, or old arcade games. 

The vibe is retro-industrial, with an emphasis on comfort for prolonged stays. Pins caters to individuals searching for an alternative to the mundane, with a name taken from the pins of duckpin, the nostalgia of pinball, and the retro mechanic’s attitude of our workforce. The brand caters to a wide range of demographics, from bar-going veterans to young open-minded, beer-centric types to gaming beginners and fanatics; the nostalgic and lighthearted ambiance appeals to all sorts of gamers. The laid-back and trendy alternative to a night out has come. So, this is one of the best bars Columbus has to offer you. If you are in town, you should visit this venue at least once. Go with your family, friends, or loved ones for a fun, lovely, and memorable time! Their entertainment services make them one of the most fun bars in the city!

4. Denmark on High

At Denmark on High, Handcrafted cocktails & European-style small plates are offered in a chic, convivial atmosphere. Why we love it: Want to feel like an absolute baller? Order a cocktail from Denmark on High, and then sip that cocktail while you look down on North High Street. Seriously. You’ll feel grown up AF. What to order: Brexit No. 86, a refreshing cocktail made with mint, cucumber, Pimm’s Liqueur, Ginger liqueur, lemon juice, strawberry jam, Turbinado, and soda. DENMARK is Columbus’ destination for an unforgettable drink experience. Guests may enjoy sips and snacks in the open, cosmopolitan ambiance of the 2nd-floor bar and lounge, which overlooks the High Street. DENMARK creates one-of-a-kind, delectable cocktails for all palates, employing handcrafted liqueurs and cordials, house-made bitters, fresh juices, and intriguing procedures. 

Their home concoctions and advised classics shift periodically, so there’s always something fresh to try. DENMARK is located on the second level of the Yankee Trader building, just north of Columbus, Ohio. The bright, open, and attractive room, available to the public Monday through Saturday, can comfortably seat up to 100 people. The Secret Cellar, located on the underground level of the building, not only acts as the backbone of the DENMARK Lounge but is also a private event area that can seat up to 50 people. DENMARK takes pleasure in producing as many ingredients as possible in-house. All infusions, cordials, syrups, bitters, and tinctures are made in-house from scratch. In other words, if they can find out how to create it, they will. As a result, DENMARK offers a unique selection of drinks and tastes. Visit their blog for recipes, tips, and ideas! (Stay tuned!) 

DENMARK & its private events venue, the Secret Cellar, can design and accommodate an event that is likely to rank as a highlight of your year, from a few friends meeting to learning how to mix excellent cocktails to eighty-person conference-opening blowouts to intimate, hassle-free weddings. They provide delicious hors d’oeuvres, make unique event drinks, and offer various event planning services. They would be delighted to host a gathering in the upstairs lounge or plan a special event for the Secret Cellar. Take it from the best! A member of their talented bar staff will lead the group in a hands-on cocktail demonstration in which students will prepare (and drink) numerous cocktails. Make a reservation for a private party of 8-20 individuals—ideal for holiday parties, birthdays, and team-building activities. Alternatively, join up for one of their next public cocktail courses!

3. Pretentious Barrel House

Pretentious Barrel House is a sour beer brewery and barrel house located on the east side of Columbus. They serve a wide variety of barrel-aged sours. Why we like it: There are several reasons to spend an evening at Pretentious Barrel House. One of them is their Skee-Ball league. Begin extending your arm right now, buddy! What to get: Pretentious Barrel House was Columbus’ first specialized sour brewery, and their knowledge shows in their cocktails. They contain some of the most distinctive tastes in a beer, and there isn’t a “wrong” way to order. Sybarite is an excellent beer to begin the evening. It’s a red ale matured in a combination of red and white wine barrels, with flavors ranging from vanilla to orange citrus. 

Pretentious, which opened in October of 2017, is Columbus’ first brewery to concentrate only on barrel-aged sour ales. Their in-depth understanding of the synergistic interplay between beer and wood results in consistently high-quality sours. Their consumers may ease their way into this unique taste by producing a wide selection of beer around the sour spectrum. Their mission is to make award-winning sours that improve people’s perceptions of craft beer. Do you want to reserve Their private Parlour, Barrel Room, or the full brewery? Their venue is ideal for various events, including weddings, baby showers, and Bar/Bat Mitzvahs. Pretentious Barrel House is Columbus’ first specialized sour brewery. They produce constant volumes of high-quality sour beer due to their considerable expertise in sour beer manufacturing and microbe control. Martinez and his partners run Pretentious Barrel House. To date, the investment has been around $500,000. 

The 4,400-square-foot space most recently was Davies Electric, which has moved into another unit in the same building. The building has an additional 3,500 square feet for barrel storage. The brewery has a pair of 30-barrel fermenters and a couple of Brite tanks in addition to a growing assortment of barrels that range in size from 2.25 hectoliter (1.9-barrel) and five hectoliters (4.2-barrel) to a 23-hectoliter (19.5 barrel) cask. “I’m a chemist by training. Microbiology is my hobby,” owner Joshua Martinez told me. “Sours are my favorite style to make. That taste and complexity.” It’s a process that’s less focused on the brewing and more on what comes after – using bacteria to alter the tastes, aging brews in barrels, and then blending those varieties to create different beers, to put it simply. For instance, the facility’s 70-degree temperature is one of many variables that require a close watch, he said.

2. Mouton

Mouton is a relaxed neighborhood pub decorated with local art that serves sophisticated cocktails, beers, and gourmet nibbles. Why we like it: Mouton is a Columbus institution for cocktails. It’s a little spot with a melancholy (but pleasant moody) feel. Cocktail enthusiasts in this city owe a lot to Mouton because they were among the first to raise the standard regarding mixed cocktails in town. Order the Old Fashioned. I’m not sure how they developed the world’s finest drink. But you won’t find a finer one than at Mouton. If you’re looking for a stylish and engaging atmosphere to have some cocktails at a Columbus bar, Mouton is the place to go. This central location is well-known as a neighborhood cocktail club with a reputation for refined beer, cocktails, and luxury drinks. 

You’ll get a sense of an enthusiastic and high-spirited community with local art covering the walls. Mouton offers a broad range of drinks and beers to suit your taste and hence satisfy your hungry want. It is open from Tuesday through Friday, and its happy hour is from 5 to 7 p.m. Looking for a fancy place to drink in Columbus? MOUTON is the solution to your prayers. This neighborhood cocktail bar serves sophisticated drinks, craft beers, and premium appetizers. With local art adorning the walls, you’ll be able to get a feel for the neighborhood as well. MOUTON has a wide range of cocktails, so you’re sure to find something to your liking. Try the gregarious animal, the golden year, the daily superhero, or the rose gold. They also serve traditional drinks if you want to stick to the essentials. Don’t forget about happy hour, which runs from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesday through Friday! 

MOUTON has been one of your local bars for over a decade, serving as a beautiful meeting place for friends, family, and professionals. It’s a location to enjoy the company of those you’re with. Take in the beautiful works of the local artists whose work we are happy to display. Mouton serves unconventional yet professional beverages and cocktails in a modern and relaxed setting. They serve artisan bread, cheese, cured meats, European wines, and champagne. But the traditional vintage cocktails and highballs, all crafted with high-quality ingredients and tinted with hand-pressed citrus, set this restaurant apart. Beautiful artwork and sculptures fill the room, giving it an aristocratic aspect. Try a Whiskey Smash, Iowa Ham, Gin Gimlet, or one of their classic cocktails with a superb cheese combination.

1. Veritas


Veritas is a cozy space offering elevated dishes, a tasting menu & cocktails. Why do we like it? For a good cause, Veritas has earned national notice. Chef Josh Dalton has received honors from Forbes to Food and Wine, and Veritas deserves them and more. It’s a fantastic spot to drink, order a meal, and take in the culinary genius around you. What to order: The Desert Poppy, prepared with reposado, grand poppy, honey, lemon, and apple, is my current infatuation at Veritas. However, the menu is brimming with cocktails to sample, so don’t be shy! It is a cozy space offering tasting menus that are an alchemy of seasonal ingredients and imaginative composition. Chef Dalton has coupled his inherent confidence with a passion for travel and delicious cooking. 

Chef Dalton has delivered beautifully crafted foreign meals and inventive beverages to the downtown Columbus neighborhood by plating his love. Veritas has developed into Columbus’ neighborhood fine dining forefather, noted for reflecting the natural world in straightforward and unexpected new ways – through elevated small dishes – throughout the years. Veritas has established a permanent residence in the old Citizens Trust Bank building. This location provides a one-of-a-kind, modern subterranean ambiance and the transparency of an all-glass kitchen, encouraging guests to participate in the creative cooking process. Veritas believes that the kitchen is a playground and your plate is a blank canvas. Each mouthful should be a starting point for a voyage of flavor, texture, beauty, aptitude, and experimentation. They value hard effort, remaining modest, ongoing change and progress, and the quest for knowledge. 

Veritas began as a small incubator north of Columbus, where chef Dalton planned to experiment and develop new cuisine. Today, Veritas has evolved into a Columbus landmark, delivering an ever-changing cuisine and a unique sensory experience. Chef Josh Dalton has garnered multiple honors since opening Veritas in 2012 for producing one of the most inventive and imaginative restaurant experiences in Columbus, Ohio. It would be their pleasure to assist you with your next culinary adventure. Veritas, located in downtown Columbus, OH, offers an immersive, multi-course tasting menu experience in their main dining room. Their objective is to take you on a gastronomic journey highlighting the ingredients and methods fueling our enthusiasm for modernist cuisine. So, this is one of the best bars Columbus has to offer you. If you are in the city, we recommend you visit this bar!

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