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12. Boone & Crockett

Boone & Crockett is a quaint and trendy bar that serves barrel-aged drinks. Boone & Crockett relocated from their little spot in Bay View to a much larger venue along the river. Although it is no longer as intimate, it has kept its comfort and rustic-chic look, replete with shining chandeliers, antique furniture, and taxidermy on the walls. They still serve some exciting drinks, such as their distinctive barrel-aged Old Fashioned and a selection of classics. Step outside Taco Moto, the resident food truck, for a Dr. Pepper-braised pork taco. This hip Old West saloon-meets-Northwoods cabin does respectable work with classics like the Manhattan, Sazerac, and old-fashioned. It’s also the place to sip something different, maybe light and frothy, and partake of the artful Mexican offerings of adjacent food truck Taco Moto.

It is a Hip haunt with a dark, vintage ambiance offering seasonal cocktails, happy hours & a patio. This venue is located at 818 south water street, where nationals meet the water. Boone & Crockett’s bartenders, like the famous American frontiersmen of old, want to explore and exploit the experimental palates of the modern imbiber. From shelf to glass, we allow you to explore your boundaries, one sip at a time. Cheers! Hands down, the best vibes in Milwaukee. Boone is a must at any time of year if you visit one place in Milwaukee. It’s my favorite bar in town. Do you want some sensual fun? Great drinks, both filled with booze and NA? Love old-fashioned? Yummy food? Patio scene? This is the spot. 

The Boone team delivers amazing vibes welcoming to all. They have events throughout the year, and parking is excellent (a reminder not to drink and drive). This is a great spot for larger groups, date night, sitting at the bar and journaling by candlelight, this place screams, ‘you belong here.’ I hope you have a fantastic experience and don’t miss the view of the Hoan bridge from the covered outside the bar in the wintertime. Follow their social media for special events like bingo, concerts, mini-festivals, and so much more. Love you, Boone! It’s a perfect day for a drink. Come out and get your coupon. However, you can have whatever beverage you want. Have a draught beer, an old-school can, or a Coors Banquet. Drink some wine. So, this is one of the best bars Milwaukee has to offer you.

11. Koz’s Mini Bowl

Koz’s Mini Bowl is a duckpin bowling alley connected to a vintage bar. Taxidermy, ancient wood bar, coolers, pool table, sardonic placards. This may appear to be another dive bar until you notice the bowling lanes in the adjacent room. Duckpin bowling, where everything is little, has been around for decades. Reserve a lane ahead of time, or watch a league while sipping a Schlitz. You’ll be treated like a regular no matter what. “Please, three Miller High Lifes.” “You must be from the east side,” a fellow client says, her tone mocking these pretentious visitors. The pub has an apartment’s worth of stuff, including a taxidermied lion splayed on an icebox. “When it fled from a circus, the owner shot it,” the bartender adds, not quite believing his account. 

Mini-bowling is a must-do “while in Milwaukee” activity and Koz’s is the place to go. With an old-school jukebox and a colorful, energetic ambiance, this four-lane mini-bowling alley and bar will transport you back to the 1970s. This South Side staple doesn’t fool around regarding specialty drinks and seasonal beers. It doesn’t have to since the four little bowling lanes that dominate its rear wall are more than enough to keep locals coming back for more. “There are certain places we can’t imagine losing – though many such icons have vanished over the years – and Koz’s Mini Bowl, 2078 S. 7th St., on the South Side is unquestionably one of them. Koz’s – a bar with four duckpin bowling lanes in the rear room – is a popular South Side staple, among Kegel’s, At Random, Bryant’s, and Holler House. 

It also has a lengthy lifespan.” Family-owned generations bar that has a comforting throwback feel to it. A dive bar with lots of history. Including a full bar, pool table, dart board, entertainment machines, and even mini bowling. This Historical Landmark of Milwaukee will have you telling everyone about your good time here. It was established in 1978. Their family purchased ParkView lanes in 1978, turning them into Koz’s Mini Bowl. This 1890 building which has had these mini lanes in here since the 20s, shares generations of family fun. A place of legendary stories and community strength. They are still standing strong with leagues, parties, and regulars that give this location plenty of fun and respectful character. So, this is one of the best bars Milwaukee has to offer.

10. Bryant’s Cocktail Lounge

Bryant’s Cocktail Lounge has classic cocktails in MKE’s first lounge. Bryant’s, the king of beverages, must be included on any Milwaukee bars list. This bar combines history, a corner tavern, and a posh lounge environment into one magnificent drink. You may get whatever drink you desire here, even a few invented right here. Tell the bartender what kind of drink you want, and they’ll make you something to sip while admiring (but never touching) the velvet wallpaper. Bryant’s Cocktail Lounge, established in 1938, is the city’s original cocktail bar. The old Miller bar received a James Beard Award nomination for its bar program, which included the creation of popular cocktails such as the Pink Squirrel and the Banshee. 

The softly lighted environment has remained almost unchanged, with snug seats and velvet walls. So, make a reservation to make sure you get to see this historic site. Bryant’s feels like a movie set from the golden era of Hollywood, lit (barely) by string lights and the blue-green glow of a clean aquarium. There isn’t one. Instead, we tell the waitress what we want, and the bartenders select from a library of 450-plus beverages, ranging from alcoholic Depression-era libations to dangerously drinkable “ice-cream cocktails.” Bryant and Edna Sharp opened this historic bar in 1936 as a tie house for Miller Brewery and transformed it into a cocktail lounge in 1938. It’s believed to be one of the first cocktail lounges in Wisconsin and the place where the Pink Squirrel was created, according to Bryant’s website. 

Today Bryant’s still has an old-timey cocktail lounge look with dim lights, carpeting, and leather chairs. It is famous for ice cream drinks like grasshoppers, brandy Alexanders, and more. While those classics are available, there are no menus at Bryant’s. Instead, bartenders talk with customers about what they like and create unique drinks for each patron. “The nice thing about Bryant’s is because we don’t have a drink list. It’s more of a conversation,” owner John Dye said. “People get what they want, and a menu does not limit them. It is a unique experience that gives people what they want, and we have a huge diversity of drinks.” So, this is one of the best bars Milwaukee has to offer you. If you are in the city, go with your family, friends, or loved ones for a memorable and fun time!

9. Burnhearts

Burnhearts has a great beer bar with year-round events. It is a small neighborhood haunt featuring clever cocktails & craft beer on tap, plus pool & shuffleboard. A trendy bar in Bay View where everyone is welcome, not just hipsters? Whoa. If the impressive and ever-changing beer list doesn’t get you in the door, perhaps the unique cocktails or events like Mittenfest and obscure brewery tap takeovers will. Burnhearts keeps making its way onto national “best of” lists, but it will never lose its chill. There’s excellent, and then there’s cool that comes naturally. Burnhearts is the latter, as well as homey and personal. The tremendous and carefully chosen tap selection should go without saying. Burnhearts is a fundamental community institution located in the BayView district, a 10-minute drive south of downtown Milwaukee. 

This bar also hosts two outdoor live-music events each year to promote the local music scene: Mitten Fest in early April and Pabst Street Party in late June/early July. Craft beer enthusiasts will enjoy the selection, which includes beers from the Midwest, Mountain States, West Coast, and East Coast. The atmosphere is pleasant and homely, like being in someone’s living room, with unique furnishings and wall art. You know that guy that’s always screaming “Freebird!” at concerts because he’s so into that song and Lynyrd Skynyrd that he doesn’t care what anyone else thinks about it? I’m kind of like that with Burnhearts. Even if Burnhearts gets over-exposed and people stop thinking it’s cool, I will still dig it. 

Thirty years from now, I wanna be that guy that goes into other bars and screams out, “Burnhearts!” We’re going to sit around a table and talk about our good times there. “Hey, you guys remember when we had those super solid drinks at Burnhearts?” The question is, “Which time?”. Every time is super solid. I want to be that old guy in the retirement home rocking the Burnhearts trucker hat in the summer and the Burnhearts beanie in the winter. I’ll tell my grandkids about the ridiculous tap and lust-worthy bottle lists. The bourbon barrel is brandy old fashioneds—the brandy slushies. I’ll be nostalgic for all of the Mittenfests and Pabst Street Parties. I’ll think back on the great bartenders. I want to be like the “Freebird!” guy. I don’t care what you think about it. I love it. Two Chainz intends to be buried in a Gucci store. Bury me in Burnhearts. 

8. Bittercube Bar

Bittercube Bar is an experimental tasting room for gourmet bitters. Bittercube is a great place to go if you want to experience something different. With cozy accents and simple furnishings, it feels more like a modern living room or kitchen than a bar. You’ll also learn much about your cocktails, particularly bitters because that’s what Bittercube makes. They take strained botanicals from bitters, which would otherwise go to waste and convert them into complicated cocktails and non-alcoholic concoctions. And, because this is effectively Bittercube’s tasting room, you may pick up a bottle or two of your favorite flavor as you leave. Bittercube provides some of the most inventive and flavorful libations in town, from classics like the Manhattan to lesser-known traditional recipes to tailor-made highballs and a sleek, industrial-vibe cocktail lab where the tenders are very talented in drink-mixing. 

Located inside Bittercube’s Milwaukee headquarters, Bittercube Bar & Bazaar is a complete cocktail resource. Our staff of professional bartenders can introduce you to new bitters and spirits, teach you how to make balanced cocktails at home, or provide a unique setting for your next night out with friends. Spirit tastings on Wednesdays in the Bazaar, cocktail classes on Saturdays in the Bar, and facility tours once a month or by appointment. Private parties and cocktail classes are also available for groups of 10 – 49. It was established in 2009. Bittercube was founded by Nicholas Kosevich and Ira Koplowitz in 2009. After successful stints bartending and managing at Town Talk Diner (Nick) in Minneapolis and The Violet Hour (Ira) in Chicago, they began developing Bittercube Bitters. 

The first commercially available batches hit the market in July of 2010. Since then, the business has grown to distribute bitters in nearly 30 states and abroad in Canada, Italy, and Australia. Bittercube has been featured in Martha Stewart’s Everyday Food, Playboy, Imbibe Magazine, Timeout, Chicago Tribune, New York Times, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, GO – AirTran Inflight Magazine, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, NPR, and Daily Candy, among other publications. Brandon is the manager. So, Brandon brings a unique creativity to our evolving cocktail menu and is the mastermind behind our innovative and exciting events. Brandon has been working with Bittercube since 2012 in various roles. Currently the Research & Development Coordinator, he shares those duties with managing the Bittercube Bar. In addition, he is a partner for Heirloom Liqueurs and Bittercube founders Nick Kosevich & Ira Koplowitz.

7. Buckley’s

Buckley’s is a trendy bistro perfect for a night out. Buckley’s, a top-notch downtown restaurant, has increased its capacity by expanding into the building next door. It’s a local favorite for sophisticated American comfort cuisines like truffle-fried artichoke and fig tart. While the Bar has always been a popular hangout, there’s more elbow room in the cozy area with dark wood and light blue walls, making you want to linger a little longer. Brunch cocktails (and food) are excellent here, featuring a habanero-infused bloody mary; otherwise, a sophisticated, moderately priced house cocktail menu is available. Whatever you order here, you’ll look fantastic while sipping it. 

Its family-owned and run establishment’s mission is to give its visitors a great eating experience in a welcoming environment. A fantastic dining experience begins with excellent cuisine. Their cuisine is intended to be approachable, creative, and dynamic to accommodate their clients’ dining habits. Every client is greeted like an old friend at Buckley’s, whether it’s their first or hundredth visit. They are excited to get to know you. Buckley’s Bar was initially brought from an unnamed bar in merry old England. It arrived at Buckley’s through Manhattan, serving as the centerpiece of a little restaurant on the island’s lower east side. It received much-needed care and attention in 2019 and now offers a wide range of spirits and more seats. Buckley’s bartenders are constantly creating new and creative cocktails and maintaining a changing range of beer tap lines and a substantial wine list. 

Please visit the private events page on the official website for more information on arranging a private event in the bar area. Buckley’s Restaurant & Bar was founded in 2006 due to a lifetime of expertise and a desire to strive for culinary perfection in all aspects. They are a family-owned, operated, and occupied business that thinks their relationships with the guests they serve, the employees who choose to work with them, and the community they support combine to create something truly unique. They bring with them several years of restaurant expertise. Their enthusiasm for the business has been passed down to the next generation. So, this is one of the best bars Milwaukee offers. If you are in the city, we highly recommend that you visit this Bar at least once! Go with your family, friends, or loved ones! Their food is top-notch and guaranteed you will have a fun and memorable time.

6. At Random

At Random is a comfortable vintage club noted for its ice cream beverages. On a chilly winter night, few bars are cozier than At Random. It is a Tiki bar serving specialty ice cream drinks & cocktails (no beer or wine) in a dimly lit venue. At Random is Bay View’s Classic Cocktail Lounge, open since 1964. They specialize in ice cream drinks and classic cocktails. Patio Seating is now available on our beautiful Ice Cream Social patio. The Milwaukee institution was just acquired by the same people that own Bryant’s but don’t worry. They haven’t changed anything except for having regular hours. The beverage selection, particularly the ice cream drinks, is extensive and is still served with a cookie wrapped around the straw. The lighting is still black, and the feeling is still tight. 

If you haven’t been here in a while, make a point of stopping by for a grasshopper or blue tail fly in a pleather booth. From a vinyl booth drenched in orange light, we appear to be at a soda fountain that hosted a wild Christmas party in 1965. Then he paused the clock for 50 years. A father and son team painstakingly pour liquor into punch bowls, creating the same Singapore Slings they’ve been making for decades. At Random in Bay View has the feel of an old cocktail lounge and is known for its various ice cream drinks. At Random also has a large patio where people can order popular summer drinks like Dole whips and mai tais. At Random has evolved with its new owner, John Dye of Bryant’s and The Jazz Estate fame, and is no longer simply the gloomy (quick face-lift) restaurant offering sweet, nostalgic ice cream beverages. 

He cautiously spruced up the space and introduced a menu of traditional drinks like the Toreador (similar to a margarita) and French martini. Only those who are seated will be served, according to one of the house rules. This is why it’s called a lounge. Since 1964, At Random has been offering Bay View specialty drinks. At Random, located at the intersection of Russell and Delaware, is a time capsule with retro ice cream concoctions, vintage cocktails, Naugahyde, and swag lighting. In 2018, Ron and Shirley Zeller retired, handing up the mantle to John Dye of Bryant’s Cocktail Lounge and The Jazz Estate to ensure that At Random continues to exist for future generations.

5. Vennture Brew Co.

Vennture Brew Co. is a convivial brewery and coffee shop combo. It is a coffee roastery, beer brewery, tasting room, and community hangout located in the Washington Heights neighborhood in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. There have been a slew of new places that claim to be coffee shops and a bar, but none do it nearly as effectively as Vennture. They put as much care into their coffee, roasted and cold brewed on-site, as they do in their brews. The room, too, finds a perfect spot where you can have a flight of beer next to someone enjoying their cappuccino without feeling out of place. Vennture is as hospitable as your best friend’s basement, with board games, an honor bar for a fast cup, and even free “community cups” that you can pay forward or use anytime. 

They have coffee, beer, and a sense of community. They roast their coffee as well as brew their beer. So, their space is bright and lively, celebrating the Washington Heights neighborhood and its surroundings. It was established in 2018. They opened in early July 2018, serving coffee and beer from the morning to the evening. Three photographers from a homebrew and home roasting background decided to open a space for people to enjoy tasty beverages in their neighborhood. Our favorite local coffee shop and brewery. Great place to have a coffee in the morning, and then, depending on where your day is, it takes you a beer in the afternoon. The staff and owners are so friendly. 

The atmosphere is excellent and kid-friendly. So, it’s been a great place to go. You and your friends can have a beer, a great decaf cold brew, and both can hang out and play board games. What more could you want than pie and strong coffee? I’m not a lover of fruit tones in coffee, so I was slightly concerned when I saw that all coffee notes appeared to have some form of fruit. It seems to work for me! It’s neither overbearing nor bitter, and it’s smooth. Because they utilize pour-overs, the coffee requires a bit more care, but the flavor is excellent! They work so efficiently that it was done in no time. I was with friends who love a good cold brew, and they had a variety to choose from as well. A pour-over and cold brew (I think both 16oz) ended up coming out to around $7, which wasn’t bad! 

4. Cactus Club

Cactus Club is an intimate live music venue and dive bar. It is a Laid-back corner bar & storied, intimate concert venue hosting local & national indie acts. The Cactus Club is all chill in the front with a well-worn horseshoe bar presided over by a Schlitz lady statue and her glowing globe, but the party’s out back with a small, raucous concert space that’s hosted some notable names over the years. If you’ve never been to this Bay View institution, now’s the time to start. So, it is a Laid-back corner bar, community space & storied, intimate concert venue hosting local & national independent artists. A multimedia arts destination that offers on-site art installations, intergenerational concerts, film screenings, and artist markets throughout the week. Frida’s Cocina taco truck is parked outside the club Wednesdays-Saturdays 4-8p. Sixteen draft lines feature local craft beer, nitro cold brew coffee, kombucha, and CBD kombucha. 

Phenomenal bloody marys, vegan bloody marys & NA bloody marys. It is two streets away from Lake Michigan. Cactus Club is a multidisciplinary arts and performance place in Milwaukee, WI, artist-run and queer-owned. The venue hopes to establish meaningful relationships, showcase critical, creative voices, cultivate local talent, and present high-quality arts programs to those nearby by engaging with a culturally diverse and intergenerational cross-section of the community. The organizers want to provide a welcoming and flexible environment for creative experimentation, tastemaking curation, and interactive educational possibilities. Over 30 years, the club has grown from a local indie venue to a cultural hub and national destination, mainly due to the deep community links, inspired engagement, and collaborative growth of those involved. 

Cactus Club has the following club regulations. There will be no sexism, racism, ableism, ageism, homophobia, transphobia, fatphobia, or hatred. The Cactus Club is dedicated to fostering a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere. Predatory conduct is not acceptable. All gender expressions are accepted and validated. The Cactus Club Moving Image series (Moving Image) is an experimental cinema series produced by Milwaukee’s artist-run venue. Its mission is to foster critical engagement by exhibiting work that takes chances, questions norms, and opens dialogue through a diverse spectrum of artist-driven independent media. As a series, they seek to provide an opportunity for intergenerational guests to connect with film and extended cinema created by artists from diverse backgrounds. The monthly events will be organized by Cactus Club personnel and creative guest programmers to maintain a steady flow of new viewpoints.

3. Swingin’ Door Exchange

Swingin’ Door Exchange is a former speakeasy converted into a downtown pub. Swingin’ Door, officially opened in 1933 to commemorate the lifting of Prohibition, most likely began as a speakeasy; we can’t believe they were selling alcohol less than a month after the repeal. Nowadays, it’s a friendly tavern with a giant red stained glass window, inexpensive beer deals, dark wood fixtures, and some of Milwaukee’s most excellent bar cuisine. This intimate hangout with a saloon-like atmosphere serves beverages and American comfort cuisine. It is Downtown’s neighborhood joint! Join us for good people, great food & fine drinks! They support Walk-in only. So, they do not have reservations. Your order is freshly produced as soon as possible. 

Metered street parking is available on Michigan Street (east of Broadway), Broadway (north-south), and Water Street (north-south); free after 6 p.m. M-F and all day/night Sundays/holidays. The historic saloon and cafe, 921 E. Michigan Ave., includes three dining sections with numerous sitting options. However, only bellying to the bar will give you the real Swingin’ Door experience. Customers who were “regulars” sat on both sides of us, and the co-owner, Shelly Sincere, was working her butt behind the wood. She welcomed both gentlemen by name and, like a mixologist, appeared in front of them with a Manhattan and a gin with limes reasonably instantly. “We flourish knowing that everything here is top-quality: our meal, beverages, and service.” Even when we’re in the weeds,” Sincere explained as he placed platters of food in front of hungry customers. 

The design of Swingin’ Door is a pleasant combination of dark wood, stained glass windows, old Milwaukee pictures, and quirky antique trinkets and signage, such as one that reads “Here’s to alcohol…which frequently makes one see double and feel single.” The menu has a surprising mix of easy homemade items like burgers and pork chop sandwiches, as well as higher-end entrees like baby back ribs and a New York strip. There’s also an extended range of creative soups, salads, and daily specials. When we arrived, the Nashville hot chicken sandwich special had already sold out. One of our favorite parts of Swingin’ Door is the blend of gourmet and comfort food products. On this visit, we selected the Big KC Burger with spicy Vermouth carrots and a traditional club sandwich with roasted Brussels sprouts. So, this is one of the best bars Milwaukee has to offer you and your loved ones!

2. Good City Brewing

Good City Brewing is a bright, energetic second outpost of a local brewery. It is a modern brewery with a spacious, industrial-chic taproom offering craft beer & American plates. With all of the Bucks excitement and activities taking place in and around the Fiserv Forum, the Deer District has recently become the place to be in Milwaukee. With a significant, light-filled second outpost of its East Side center, Good City is proper in the thick of it all. This location’s beers are all sour and experimental, so anticipate them on their 24 taps alongside stalwarts like Risk IPA. When the weather is nice, expect the garage doors to be open wide or walk upstairs to the patio to feel like you’re a part of the entertainment block activity. The Good City tale is built on long-lasting friendships, a love of excellent beer, taking chances, and a dedication to finding the good. 

They have created an urban taproom and production brewery in the heart of Milwaukee’s East Side to taste fresh beer. This is where their beer is made, bottled, and supplied to taprooms and local partners. Their new site in downtown Milwaukee’s new Entertainment Block contains a taproom. It has an open kitchen, a stone hearth oven, and a private event area. In the heart of the Mayfair Collection are fresh local beer, scratch cuisine, and two private event rooms. They created a brewery centered on the slogan “Seek the Good.” “What would it look like to manage a business as if we’d been given a key to the city?” they wondered. As a brewery, they settled on three values: (1) achieving excellence, (2) cultivating connections, and (3) engaging their local community. 

Founders Dan and David had become close friends during David’s last year of graduate school, sharing a passion for craft beer and Milwaukee’s unrealized potential. One fateful summer evening in 2009, Dan came over with a challenge: let’s commit to Milwaukee. David, who had recently finished Ph.D. school, had a wife and a newborn, and had no other work possibilities, abandoned his hunt for the ideal profession, and committed to establishing roots. Dan and David followed through on their promises to one other and their city during the following six years. Dan and David couldn’t shake the desire to add to Milwaukee’s rich beer tradition after multiple beers traveled to similar-sized towns.

1. The Outsider

The Outsider is a trendy rooftop cocktail bar. Rooftop bars are uncommon in this city, most likely due to the weather. It’s a swanky rooftop bar with indoor and outdoor seating that serves inventive cocktails, beer, and light nibbles. The Kimpton Journeyman Hotel altered that by adding a stylish bar on the 9th floor. Because of its million-dollar vista and matching beverage menu, it’s rapidly become the hottest new place to be seen. This is the place to go if you are in the mood for some homemade beef jerky and a gin and cucumber cocktail. Ironically, inside the Kimpton Journeyman Hotel, you can find The Outsider. This upscale rooftop bar in Milwaukee has a classy, comfortable feel, perfect for an evening spent with friends. The Outsider is in a great location, situated in Milwaukee’s Third Ward and overlooking a beautiful chunk of the city.

Their wines are delicious and pair well with many of the shared snack plates they offer. Try my favorite Saracco Moscato d’Asti with the Balsamic Onion Dip. Aside from sitting nine stories above the Third Ward with incredible rooftop skyline views, The Outsider has exceptionally great food and drink menus and a sophisticated, big-city vibe. During the Christmas season, the décor will be transformed into a winter wonderland with twinkling lights, imitation snow, and forest “creatures.” No rooftop bar was positioned at this height in Milwaukee until The Outsider debuted within the new Journeyman Hotel in 2016. The seventh story may not seem like much, but with two terraces (forming an “L”) and comfy seats outdoors when the weather is excellent, you truly feel like you’re floating over the Third Ward. 

Tre Rivali, located on the hotel’s street level, has limited cuisine. Cocktails are the bar’s specialty, with seasonal variations such as the Snowball Old Fashioned. They are now only accepting online reservations for parties of 8 to 15. Sunday through Thursday, they cannot accept reservations for parties of less than eight persons. Reservations demand a $500 minimum meal and beverage purchase. This minimum will be met by all purchases made during your visit. So, this is one of the best bars Milwaukee has to offer you. If you are in the city, we highly recommend visiting this venue. Go with your friends, family, or loved ones for a memorable and fun experience!

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