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16- Vintage Lounge

Vintage Lounge is a place for conversation, camaraderie, and cozying up to an impressive wine list. This location was previously Torch, a dark nightclub, and Betsy Berry of B. Berry Interiors has changed it into a bright and beautiful place reminiscent of a trendy European destination. The barrel ceiling, plated in an irregular pattern and providing a subtle glow that allows for perfect selfie light, is one of the most remarkable components of the area. The marble-topped bar runs the room’s length, and a hidden treasure of a courtyard/patio in the rear is a gorgeous classic-movie set. 

The clientele is as elegant as the location, a well-dressed young professional who knows their wine and is interested in rare varietals and adjectives other than “hints of fresh melon.” Everything revolves around wine here, from wine-based cocktails (such as Lillet and Ginger) to wine tastings by the glass and bottle. There’s even a $10 glass named “The Blind.” It’s free if you predict its contents. There’s also a serious cheese and charcuterie selection to fill out your table (and Instagram next to your glass, of course). Aside from that, a few fondue options and a modest list of small plates, including a rather hearty manchego flatbread. There are lactose-free choices, such as oysters and beet salad, but you’ll be envious of the amount of fromage on other people’s plates. 

The bartenders are genuine wine enthusiasts who formerly worked at Bin 152 and 167 Raw. Thus the wine list and staff training are excellent. However, when it gets busy, as it frequently does, the best seat in the house is at the bar itself. Because there’s so much space here to stretch out, bringing a large party to a table is simple, which might clog up the service bar if the rest of the venue is busy. To satisfy our passion for wine and to share that passion on Instagram. Have you noticed how beautiful this light is? Hold our phone for a second. So, this is one of the best bars Charleston has to offer! If you are in town, you should visit it at least once!

15- Edmund’s Oast

Edmund’s Oast is a favorite mingling spot for locals with a highly rated beer list. Do you want a beer? Edmund’s Oast produces beer and showcases other offerings from outstanding producers. So there are more than 35 possibilities available. Are you more interested in wine? Then there are plenty of alternatives that complement the cuisine, with a focus on whites, rosé, and sparkling wines, and most cost $12 to $15 by the glass. Do you want a drink? Then, thanks to Jayce McConnell, you may experience one of the city’s most innovative programs. Outside, there’s a sizable concrete gathering space with picnic tables for casual beer drinkers, an outdoor bar connected to a covered beer hall “bower,” or a dining area with long, family-style tables. 

When you enter the main restaurant, the word “hall” still applies: wide with high exposed beams, high-backed leather seats, a bar running the length of the area, and an open kitchen buzzing with many cooks and servers. EO guests are a colorful bunch, consisting of industry types, the well-heeled adventurous dining set, and others who prefer to linger over drinks and choose their courses rather than follow a traditional dinner flow. Executive Chef Bob Cook has grown into his role, introducing a variety of Asian cuisines to the seasonal menu. Guests frequently socialize at the chef’s station or family-style tables, so those looking for a quieter night or a simple supper tuck into the large and comfy booths around the dining room’s perimeter. 

They can accommodate a fast supper; if you want to make an evening of it, there’s no rush, and the pace is ideal. Because of their focus on safety in 2020, this restaurant attracted a whole new set of dedicated customers. Therefore reservations are now more critical than ever. Still, service is courteous when you come, and if you want to hear them ring a bell, buy them some beer. Service is kind and family, yet highly knowledgeable about all food elements. This is a festive venue because of its indoor and outdoor settings, casual courses, and plentiful drinks. The area welcomes and fosters connection, so it’s not a place for a “quiet table in the corner.”

14- The Commodore

The building’s sign says “Touch of Class,” but keep going since you’re at the proper spot. The Commodore’s bar is original to the building, as is the ambiance, a traditional and legendary music club that instantly makes you feel relaxed for having selected this location. A disco ball illuminates the dance floor; there are velvet curtains, mirrors, and many dark nooks; and the night is young. The crowd can be eclectic earlier in the evening but come later in the evening on the weekend, and the dance floor is packed with the Charleston party crowd, eager to dance and drink until the doors close. There are a few specialty drinks, but most customers stick to classics, such as wine, beer, or bourbon on the rocks. 

Glasses are elegant early in the evening, but the cups might become plastic after the bouncer arrives. There is no food menu at the Commodore, so eat before arriving. The bartenders are quick and professional, but they won’t hold your hand while you discuss the benefits of mezcal vs. tequila. Be kind to them and the visitors in line behind you, and everything will be OK. This is a venue for music enthusiasts, non-sitting dancers, and those who wish they could travel back in time while wearing the current styles. 

It’s for many folks who don’t want to spend an evening alone. Throwback bar, the Commodore is like taking a trip back in time. The jazz club interiors remain the same as they were in the ’80s. Most nights are full of a band on stage and customers taking over the dance floor. There are plenty of booths and lounge tables for those not wanting to bust a move. So, this is one of the best, most fun bars and nightlife spots Charleston has to offer! If you are in town, you should visit this place at least once! It is a great spot to stay with your friends and loved ones or follow a quest to meet new, exciting, fun people! So, this is the hub for all those purposes! We highly recommend it.

13- The Bar at Husk

With The Bar at Husk getting ready for the crowds, the bar here is just as beloved as the restaurant next door. The inside of this dark and sensual pub seems a little like a pirate ship, but not in a theme-park manner. The basement is dominated by a large bar, and the exposed brick wall opposite it has some bar seating as well—but come ready to get intimate because it may be packed wall to wall with thirsty eaters on weekends. Snag a table upstairs or opt to try your luck next door at Husk. You’ve heard about the burger, the bourbon collection, and the balanced-yet-boozy drinks, and now you’re here to try them all. Sure, you’ll run across individuals who read food writing before booking their holidays. 

Still, The Bar at Husk has also begun to attract a constant stream of cocktail-loving locals, particularly those in the Charleston Brown Water Society (a club of whiskey aficionados). This bar is well-known in the cocktail world, and you’ll find some rare (and expensive) bottles on the shelves. There are many options, but if you like a cocktail, try the Charleston Light Dragoon’s Punch, a 1792 recipe unearthed in the records of the Preservation Society of Charleston that combines two types of brandy, rum, black tea, and lemon. 

This bar isn’t a replacement for a table next door, so even if the menus overlap in a lovely Venn diagram, don’t expect to get your complete Husk fix here. Many of your favorites are unavailable at the bar, and the bartenders will not make an exception for you (a request they field daily). If they’re available, go for the Pig Ear Lettuce Wraps and order a burger; it’s big enough to split if you want to preserve room for supper, and it comes with seasoned wedge fries. The bartenders know that they work exceptionally well and the value of excellence—after all, it keeps customers coming in and money going into their bank accounts. They’re well-trained, used to questioning, and have the know-how to maneuver around crowds of people. So, this is one of the best bars in Charleston!

12- The Cocktail Club

The Cocktail Club is a combination of craft cocktail bars and clubs. It is located above The Macintosh, but with its entrance on King Street, the steps leading to the second story create a sense of anticipation that pays off when you reach the top. With ancient room walls surrounding various spaces, crumbling brick fireplaces anchoring those rooms, broad leather seats, and a dim-lit bar so tall that bartenders must use ladders, its Charleston architecture is reduced to its bare bones. Servers in tiny black gowns weave their way through the crowd, and you haven’t yet arrived at the rooftop bar. This is the see-and-be-seen crowd, with ties and heels as the norm, followed by the college-aged well-dressed cocktail group later in the evening. 

They are interested in what they are drinking, but who they are drinking it with is more important. The list at one of Charleston’s first solid craft cocktail places is still fantastic, with their house favorite, a Double Standard, made with house-infused serrano gin, cilantro, and lime juice, remaining on the menu. Their Punch bowls and a well-crafted Pimm’s Cup are other standouts on a seasonal, rotating menu. Of course, beer and wine are offered, but the tavern’s name says it all. The meal consists of a five-ounce burger and a brie-grilled cheese, but for a $3 snack, go no farther than the bacon-spiced popcorn. 

Meats and cheeses are also available for people who want to snack while drinking their punch (bowls, that is). Because the bartenders may become overworked, especially on weekends, try ordering from a punch bowl. Do this if you have a group that can agree and a table to sit at. The expertise level of individuals working the floor varies widely. Still, it’s challenging to wear a cocktail dress and carry a tray among a crowd that is typically dried after standing in a queue on a Saturday night. The Double Standard drink is a citywide staple, so order that, but on weekends, the Cocktail Club blurs the boundary between craft bar and club, so plan accordingly. A velvet rope and a large crowd are waiting to interact.

11- Doar Bros.

Doar Bros. perfects the on-trend cocktail menu. Doar Bros., tucked inside a block that looked to be dedicated entirely to visitors, invites craft cocktail enthusiasts with its opulent aesthetic, suggestive of a velvet-lined jewelry box. The bar, which has a cut crystal punch bowl among its many shining bottles, sits at one end of the room, and plush banquettes in dark green contrast marble-topped tables and deep blue walls. Doar Bros. is passionate about its drinks, and it’s clear that its customers are as well. There is a good mix of walk-ins and residents that come here mainly to sip. This isn’t a vodka-and-soda bunch; they’re debating whether the evening calls for a Boulevardier or a Negroni. 

They are closely linked to the current methods of the cocktail culture in certain aspects, but what makes them so unique is the execution and editing. With the expertise behind the bar, the menu is smaller than it might be, but it’s confined to a slim selection of both classics and new choices, with the unspoken rule that you may always audibly communicate with the person making your drink. Bar meals forego wings and fries in favor of brown butter popcorn, Caviar service, and prosciutto, but there isn’t much light on the menu, which doesn’t appear to concern most since they need something stick-to-the-ribs to balance the alcoholic choices. 

Be prepared to hear how to order the truffle mac and cheese if you sit next to someone who just had it. Local Charleston bar star Megan Deschaine leads the staff at Doar Bros. It is anchored by two genuine brothers, Charleston residents who are frequently seen welcoming visitors and cleaning glasses. The crew is modest but talented, good at swizzling and assessing the crowd, and they have helped make this bar one of the most incredible things to launch on Meeting Street in years. Doar Bros. has the door open for you if you want to win hearts, talk to clients, catch up with friends, or fly alone for a drink. So, this is one of the best bars in Charleston if you want an exceptional cocktail experience!

10- Proof

Proof is a cocktail throwdown. It’s a low-key entry on King Street into a tiny space with dark wood and sunlight slanting in the front windows until the light fades and the night begins. Small votives are placed on the bar and adjacent tables, while the primary light source comes from the bottom-lit bar itself. A large absinthe fountain stands between diners and bartenders while bottles pack narrow shelves on the bar wall. On a chalkboard, there’s a daily quotation and some daily deals, accentuated by the sound of bartenders hand-cracking ice. Although the days of this location being mostly occupied by regulars are long gone, regulars frequently rub shoulders with the occasional bachelorette party or another cocktail aficionado that visits. 

And indeed, everyone appears to consider the list of combinations, even if they merely choose a beer or wine. Craig Nelson, one of the Charleston cocktail scene’s founding fathers, has been running this serious cocktail business since 2012, and it’s been ground zero for many an official or unofficial Charleston event after-party. Aside from the ambiance, the drink menu is arguably the right balance of innovative and classic. A Sazerac or Scotch-based Penicillin sits next to a Siddhartha Spritz with Mango Shrub; they produce a great Manhattan and something resembling Strawberry Quik. It’s an ancient saying that you must know the rules before breaking them, and the Proof team is an A+ student of the cocktail canon. 

Snacks are provided, but be aware that a few crackers won’t be enough to counteract the spirit-forward flavor of the drinks. Hence, nibbling alongside other supper plans is advisable unless the bar has a pop-up chef on hand serving ramen or tacos. Small foods menu staples include boiled peanuts and pimento cheese, which combine well with Charleston cocktails. The bartenders also work the tables, so you benefit from their spirit and taste knowledge no matter who you chat with. Ticket times can be longer than at a beer and shot bar, which is expected at artisan cocktail places, but it’s clear that the bartenders are working hard to produce lethal concoctions quickly. Because the staff is tiny, most regulars know everyone by name. This is a post-party stop, a date night diversion, a late-night let’s-get-lit happy hour, or an I’m-feeling-like-a-French-75 stop.

9- The Living Room at the Dewberry

The Living Room is the perfect fancy bar. Place your smartphone in your pocket. As you enter the vast lobby, resist the impulse to Instagram. Remember, you’re too cool for that. That brass bar over there is stunning and shiny, and the bartenders’ white dinner coats are a great touch. Yes, that person over there may be a celebrity (or at least someone whose skin care regimen could belong to one.) And, yeah, we know you’re going to pull out your phone and take a few pictures while we’re not looking. It’s all right. Everyone finally does. The furnishings are too lovely, and the beverages are too well-dressed. It’s unusual for a hotel bar in Charleston to become a popular hangout for locals, but that’s precisely what happened here. 

It truly is the ideal post-event meet-up area (and there are many events in Charleston, in case you were wondering) and a place for hotel guests to begin or finish the evening. Classic cocktails and imaginative originals are offered, as are award-winning, boozy, and unabashedly elegant drinks. There are bespoke ice cubes on occasion, negroni riffs served from coconuts on silver trays, and brandy snifters filled with rare, top-shelf whiskeys. Because everything is a little pricey, especially the wine, cocktails should be the go-to option. Only get a beer if you’re in the mood for one. Snacks and small plates complement the aesthetic and vibe of this bar perfectly, although they are costly ($9 for marinated olives). 

Caramel popcorn is complimentary, but if you’re looking for more than oysters, olives, and the like, head to the hotel’s restaurant Henrietta’s. The bartenders are old school, competent, well-trained, silent, and acutely aware of any VIPs in the room without making a fuss about them. In The Living Room, it’s just another night. The Living Place is available for any business conference close to five o’clock, pre-game or post-game downtown wedding, date night, fancy time, or a well-made beverage in a lovely room. So, this is one of the best bars Charleston has to offer! If you are in town, we highly recommend this bar!

8- Graft Wine Shop

At the Graft Wine Shop, you can Pull up a seat and hang with the owners of this bottle shop bar. The Graft is essentially a bottle shop where the proprietors prefer to hang out with their pals, but horse up to the nine-seat bar, and you, too, maybe their friend. Customers come in to purchase wine for the evening, and some real talks about terroir and tasting notes are offered on occasion. There is no pretense here. Graft wants you to consume healthy juice. Local, local, and more local. Miles White and Femi Oyediran, the owners, are skilled somms and well-connected in the food and beverage industry, so residents, particularly those with a sense of hospitality, have welcomed Graft as their downtown living room. 

It’s all wine, yet unless you’re studying for your Court of Master Sommelier exam, you’ve probably never heard of any of it. But that’s half the joy. Friendly costs encourage daring leaps of order, yet there are some fancy sips for individuals who may never be able to purchase “that bottle.” There are snacks from famed Charleston caterer Callie White (and Miles’ mother) right now, so you need the pimento cheese and these new-to-the-market wonders: Callie’s In-Betweens, a mix of her biscuits, cheese straws, and chorizo. Friendly, laid-back, and each has its personality and fan base. 

If you come in on Tuesdays for the weekly wine tasting, you could find yourself chatting music with new pals at the bar or purchasing a bottle of something you simply must serve at your next dinner party. Graft’s staff fosters a carefree drop-in party feel. So, visit the bar to learn about wine, win a heart, hang out with pals, and try before purchasing. Therefore, this is one of the best bars Charleston has to offer! If you are in town, we highly recommend you visit this bar at least once. It is a great spot to visit with family, loved ones, and pals! You can make new friends at the bar by striking up a conversation. This bar provides a positive atmosphere to do so! So, don’t be shy.

7- The Royal American

The Royal American is not your uncle’s roadside dive. Stained glass, string lights, stickers, and an Ernest Tubbs picture Check. Dive bar. But wait, a sign that says “No PBR, don’t even ask”? That’s your first hint that the Royal American isn’t your average dive bar, even if you’re not sure the latch on the restroom stall ever functioned. There’s a stage right next to the bar, a patio in front, a patio to the side, dogs, and if you’re fortunate, the train conductor might hold down the whistle as he goes by on tracks only a few feet away. Hip, local creatives occasionally bring their dogs to the bar, paint their hair blue, or discuss which CD from their favorite band is better. The stadium cup punch (bourbon, rum, or Kool-Aid green vodka) for $8, a canned lager, or a shot of the housemade cinnamon whiskey are always the best bets at the bar. 

Regulars have always appreciated the option of a loaded baked potato after a few beers. The restaurant has since constructed a new kitchen and menu, including an excellent chicken cutlet sandwich and a hobo plate (pork rinds, pimento cheese, and pickles) to satisfy those buzzing needs. However, the potato remains as excellent as it has always been. Take your meal from the kitchen window. When the band’s lead guitarist is wailing over his licks, the staff isn’t in the business of addressing your repeated queries about cocktail ingredients. 

However, when it’s calmer, they’ll gladly discuss their favorite dishes off the menu and may even introduce you to the person you’re admiring down the bar. Go here for Summer evenings when you need to escape to the patios to cool down or smoke, and the next day after the night before when you need a little of the dog’s hair and a big large chili dog. They regularly have Live Music after 11:00 p.m. This is one of the best bars Charleston has to offer! If you are in town, you should visit this venue at least once! Go there with pals or visit the bar to make new ones!

6- The Belmont

The Belmont would be like a bar if Spencer Tracy opened an after-hours cocktail pop-up. This is a Fernet-foggy dream come true for artisan cocktail fans. There are black and white movies on the rear wall, a 1950s clock hanging from the tin ceiling, dark corners and comfortable seats, and not too many people permitted in at once. Excellent beverages are served on cloth drinking napkins, fresh pop tarts and charcuterie are served from the kitchen, and the ambiance exudes cinematic noir. There are usually tourists on King Street, but an excellent regular clientele is pleased to greet any guest who likes creative drinks. 

People congregate at the front tables to catch up with friends, and others opt to make Belmont’s snacks “dinner” so the crowd isn’t a one-and-done affair. Drinking the classics here is like seeing your favorite band perform a cover, sometimes with a twist, sometimes not, but consistently excellent. The Corpse Reviver may be the best in town, the Spicy Cucumber Gimlet a new favorite, and the rest of the menu is extensive. There’s a Fernet menu, an outstanding assortment of Amari, and a knack for mezcal cocktails. The emphasis is on build-your-own charcuterie and cheese platters, with several panini options and a range of homemade pop tarts. 

The amounts are a little tiny for the price, but if you’re having fun and don’t want to leave your bar seat, they’re lovely. While the bartenders are professional and attentive, they are not often exuberant, which may put off specific customers. They are more concerned with the technique of preparing drinks than with talking with newcomers. They are used to lag times before decisions because there is a vast list of drinks and liquor alternatives. If you want a more in-depth discussion, come before 9 p.m. on a weeknight. It’s more of a hangout and party location after those hours. So, this is one of the best bars and most fun places that Charleston has to offer! We highly recommend you to visit this bar at least once if you are in town. It becomes an exciting party spot as well.

5- Stems & Skins

Stems & Skins is a perfect wine place whether you’re wine enthusiastic or just wine curious. Overhead, wooden beams give way to a lower tin ceiling in this galley-style space, which revolves around a bar and an army of soft blue chairs urging a belly-up. You’re given a clipboard with menus ranging from cheeses to canned seafood to Coravin poured by the glass. The music may be jazz, Frank Zappa, or Willie Nelson, and your company could be locals who know their bartenders by name, know their Chenin from their Chardonnay and are eager to try natural wines by the glass. To be sure, there’s a significant group of regulars, but since Stems (as it’s known) has made many a national list, all the fancy food editors have found their way to this Park Circle establishment at some time. 

Cocktails, beer, wine, and snacks are on purpose here, and those eating and drinking are eager to go on a journey with these pet nat pied pipers. This is the place to go if you want to learn about wine. It feels like you’re at a friend’s house who also happens to be a somme. Because you’re precisely where you’re supposed to be—they couldn’t fit you all in their living room, so they constructed this facility. The tagline is “fresh and funky ferments,” The menu meanders across geographies, styles, and plenty of items that most astute eaters would consider strange. Yet, it all feels relatively simple because the service is so excellent. 

They get to know you (or ask questions if they don’t), and it’s all about getting a sample drink of anything by the glass before you wager on the whole thing. S&S was at the forefront of the European canned seafood game in Charleston, and it’s still one of the most incredible things to order here, but the kitchen has added additional menu items to entice tastes over the years. A luscious grilled cheese (try it with champagne, believe us) and the dessert of the day by local favorite Mirabelle Bakery, appealing from its footed cake stand behind the bar, are always standouts. Still, there’s no food shortage if you want to spend the evening here. 

4- The Gin Joint

At The Gin Joint, serious drinks are made in the neighborhood that can be a vortex of tourists. Tucked down on a fairly touristy and commercial stretch of East Bay Street, it’s tempting to presume that this establishment, with its dripping magnolia flair and bourbon tipples, is touristic. That assumption would be incorrect. If you take a moment to gather your bearings in this little room, you’ll see that serious cocktailing. In reality, The Gin Joint is a godfather of the local cocktail culture, and kissing the ring is still proper. The finest seats in the house are in the little bar at the rear, where you can watch the magic unfold. Sure, there are visitors, but plenty of locals are also in the mix. 

Because it’s small, it’s more of a couple or small group venue, which is ideal if you want to avoid those big Charleston fixtures: bachelorette parties wondering, “What is fernet?” The Gin Joint is serious about cocktails, with seasonal changes on the most recent menu iteration and working knowledge of a slew of classics. The adventurous may choose for the “bartender’s pick,” selecting a couple of adjectives from a list that includes “refreshing,” “tart,” or “licorice.” Still, the true adventure is typically sipping something already created and on the menu. Just because you don’t recognize an ingredient or can’t picture mustard seed in a cocktail with hog fat-washed whiskey (My Hickory Honey Ham) doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try it. 

Allow yourself to be surprised by the bartender’s creativity. There are nibbles available, ranging from pretzels to charcuterie to robust pimento cheese, but remember that these are snacks, not meals, so plan your drink orders appropriately. A round of soft pretzels is always an excellent choice. It can be a little inconsistent here, but that’s because the room can fill up quickly as people pour in. Because there is only room for one behind the bar, expect your beverage to take some time. Be patient; the flavor will reward you. So, this is one of the best bars Charleston has to offer! If you are in the city, you must give this bar a chance.

3- The Griffon

The Griffon is a dive bar with an authentic food menu. They got that. A massive dive bar smack in the heart of the tourist sector. People have been stapling dollar notes to these walls for over two decades. However, it is more than bottled beer; there are several local beers on draught and a great lunch menu that brings the community together over onion rings. Cool. So, who’s in? Tourists brush shoulders with attorneys who have just left court. Chefs and carriage drivers converse while a group of guys orders shots. How are the beverages? This is a beer place with 16 on draught and 18 in bottles. If you want a drink, keep it simple, and if you wish to wine, you’re on your own. 

Happy hour continues to be one of the most significant values in town, with $2 PBR draught and $3 healthy liquor. What are they going to eat? There is a menu, and the area can get crowded around lunchtime, especially on Fridays during peak tourist season. The daily lunch specials (rotating meat-and-two dishes) and fish and chips are the way to go here, while loaded tater tots are also available. If that’s the case, The Griffon will comply. How does the service work? The bartenders are seasoned professionals. 

They’ve seen everything, from film teams to late-night partygoers, and they’re ready for anything. That is not to say that the treatment is cynical; the workers are some of the most honest people in town. So, what is the bottom line? Great beer and happy hour specials might easily make this the first visit, but it’s usually the last stop for a party. So, this is one of the best bars Charleston has to offer! If you are in town, we highly recommend you to check out this bar at least once. You can visit this place with friends, family, and loved ones! Their full bar and a wide variety of tasty food make them an ideal spot to visit.

2- Faculty Lounge

The Faculty Lounge is a low-key, convivial cocktail lounge offering beer specials, tap wine & bar snacks, plus dance nights. Look at the Faculty Lounge’s Instagram account, and you can probably figure out that this spot is a quirky bar — but in a good way. The hidden space hosts Beyonce nights and rotates DJs, experiments with mezcal and brandy cocktails, makes a mean Corpse Reviver #2, and offers discounted top-shelf liquors at happy hour. Don’t be intimidated by this cool kid on the block. Ring the doorbell to get access to this local speakeasy. 

Faculty Lounge is a traditional neighborhood cocktail bar with great drinks in an unpretentious atmosphere that attracts both locals and visitors for their fabulous cocktails. If you’re hungry, head to their pizza restaurant Renzo next door, or enjoy snacks from the Asian market at Faculty Lounge. The present Faculty Lounge has only been in operation since 2013. However, the building in which it is housed and its historic title dating back to the 1970s. Faculty is the location you’d never know existed unless you lived nearby. 

After a bartender buzzes you in, you’ll discover a cheap happy hour (and a very affordable selection of drinks even during non-happy hours) and a peaceful ambiance with a sort of mid-century modern vibe, engaging bartenders tossed in as a bonus. So, what is the bottom line? Great beer and happy hour specials might easily make this the first visit, but it’s usually the last stop for a party. So, this is one of the best bars Charleston has to offer! If you are in town, we highly recommend you to check out this bar at least once. You can visit this place with friends, family, and loved ones! Their full bar and a wide variety of tasty food make them an ideal spot to visit.

1- Babas on Cannon

Babas on Cannon is a relaxed destination with a patio & a European vibe offering light bites, coffee & cocktails. Step off the crowded sidewalks of King Street and find the quaint spot Babas on Cannon. It’s like a European cafe with coffee and sandwiches during the day and cocktails and nibbles during the evening. All the boozy drinks, like the highly recommended gin and tonic, come with a side of potato chips and olives, which usually leads to ordering a second round. This new “old world café” in Charleston launched in the fall of 2018 and immediately became the most excellent spot to sip coffee in the morning, have breakfast and lunch throughout the day, and drink wine in the evening. 

We mostly visit Babas during drinking and enjoy going there before or after dinner for drinks! We want Babas just as much when it is quiet and private as when it is bustling with activity. We enjoy their wine list and their Spritz No. 2 drink. Babas are also included under “top wine bars.” It is located on Cannon Street. Babas on Cannon and Babas on Meeting are two cafés inspired by European neighborhood cafés and bars. They invite guests for cappuccino and house-made pastries in the morning, sandwiches and seductive salads for lunch, and drinks and wine in the evening. They are at 11 Cannon Street in downtown Charleston and 804 Meeting Street in Charleston’s east-central district. 

They are open from 7 am to 8 pm Tuesday through Sunday. They draw inspiration from cafés in Italy, France, and Spain that are part of everyday life. The excellent service, food, and drink quality at these local hangouts turn a morning espresso or an evening aperitif into a simple pleasure. They love tracking down the best ingredients and love taking care of folks. They hope to see you soon. So, this is one of the best bars Charleston has to offer! If you are in town, we highly recommend you to check out this bar at least once. You can visit this place with friends, family, and loved ones! Their full bar and a wide variety of tasty food make them an ideal spot to visit.

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