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The Best Casinos you’ll love to visit in Columbus

Hollywood Casino

Hollywood casino offers many different live table action games such as Roulette, Craps, Blackjack, etc. At the same time, there are other exciting games like Mini-Baccarat, Face up Pai Gow Poker, and Crazy4 Poker. Moreover, this casino offers more than 65 table games to enjoy and play. This casino has all the variety one could want. Apart from these traditional live dealer games, some electronic versions of these games are also available, which allow you to have fun and play classic games with newer game styles. Apart from these, there are many progressive games as well. Machine slots have always been the attraction of many casinos, and it is the case here. There are over 1900 advanced machines for you to play on. Some of them are reel-based, video poker, and progressive, so you can choose which one you want.

Moreover, there are high-limit slot areas for those who like to bet high and have a more intense game. Some of the most famous slot machines include Dragon Link, Lightning Link, Dollar Storm, Ultra-Hot Mega Link, All aboard the Vault, and Regal Riches. Some newer games include Happy 8, Lucky Ox, Make that cash, and Wolf Run Gold. The poker room at this casino speaks for many different games and a great ambiance. There are different versions of Omaha and Texas Hold’em to enjoy. There are six dining options at this casino, some of which are fine dining eateries, while others are the more traditional sports bars. This casino also offers a couple of entertainment options like many different events it organizes in collaborations with other institutions for entertainment.



Eldorado Gaming

Eldorado Gaming is another popular choice for gaming by individuals in Columbus. Eldorado gaming is home to some of the most famous machine slot games, and hence individuals throng here in huge numbers. The machines vary. There are some video poker ones, video reels, and progressives. Some of the slot machine games include Buffalo Cash Express Luxury Line, Buffalo Chief, Buffalo Link, Cash Machine, Crazy Rich Asians, Dancing Drums Prosperity, Dragon Link: Golden Gong, Dragon Link: Ghengis Kahn, Fu Dai Lian Lian: Peacock Boosted and Fu Dai Lian Lian: Tiger Fu Boosted. In addition, there are some newer games, including Aristocrat Legends and Buffalo Diamond, among others. Eldorado gaming area also has a dedicated space for betting on horse races where you can enjoy the true spirit of betting. The site is quite posh and attracts the most affluent personalities in Columbus as they bet on their favorite horses.

Moreover, there are different entertainment options at this casino. It hosts various events, allowing you to experience more than races and machine slots under the same roof. The dining options at this casino are the highlight as it offers three different dining options. The Brew Brothers are one such option, where you can have delicious wood-fired pizzas and try one of their excellent brews. In addition, there is a café called Dash Café where you can grab a quick hot meal and head back to your games. Convenience is the top priority at this casino. The Clubhouse is the third and last dining option at this casino, where you can enjoy a fine dining experience with great views!

B33 Bingo

B33 Bingo is another great option for playing bingo and enjoying in Columbus. B33 is a renowned bingo hall that operates with a great purpose. Their proceeds go to charity and hence this place is very well looked after and is loved by the locals. You will find all sorts of lovely people here supporting a cause, and accordingly, you can use this space to expand your social circle and donate while doing so! There are specials on Mondays where you can play and enjoy different rewards. In addition, there are monthly drawings, so you can also participate in that. A dining service called Kelly’s Kitchen is quite humble, but you will find delicious food here.

Quick Tips for going to a casino in Columbus

Listen to the staff

It would be best to always listen to the staff whenever you visit these casinos. Visiting these casinos and treating the staff poorly is against the etiquette of behaving in a casino, and we strongly condemn it. However, you should understand that the waiter, servers, and dealers work challenging shifts and long hours to make an honest living, and when they tell you something or ask you to follow the casino’s rules, they are just doing their job, and you should listen to them.


Most of these casinos will offer free drinks to their customers as part of a complimentary feature. It would be best to ask your waiter or bartender for any such promotions, as they are widespread. However, you should not drink so much that your games and behavior are affected in the casino. You should always maintain your composure and drink as per your limit.


There are different types of tables for other games at these casinos, and hence you should understand and learn how to take a glance at the table and understand the kind of players you are dealing with, as it will help you a lot in your gaming life.

Ego Betting

Ego betting is the most common mistake people make when going to casinos. Please make no mistake, as experienced players can fall prey to ego betting and do what we call bet regrets. Bet regrets happen when you wager on something you cannot afford to lose and have second thoughts. Moreover, bet regrets can be pretty intense, and it can change the whole perspective of gaming for players. Therefore, you should always bet as much as you can easily afford to lose so that ego betting does not damage you are emotionally and financially.

Common Questions our customers ask us before going to casinos in Columbus

Which is the best casino in Columbus?

There are around three casinos to choose from in Columbus, and we have brought you detailed reviews on all three of them so you can make an educated decision. However, in our view, the best casino to go to in Columbus is the Hollywood Casino Columbus due to the significant number of slot machines, different table games, and other amenities it offers to its players. In addition, the casino offers a host of promotions, dining facilities, entertainment options, and other things, making it the best.

Do all casinos offer the same games?

No, different types of casinos offer different games. For example, some casinos focus on machine slot games, while others focus on table games. Moreover, there are specialized casinos, which are poker-oriented and only have poker rooms. Therefore, it would be best to choose a casino based on the games you like and the casino with them.

Which casinos are the most common?

There are several different types of casinos, and some of them are more prevalent than others. Americans love poker more than any other game; hence, you will find that casinos dedicated to poker are more common than any other type of casino. There are different betting laws in every state of the US; hence the number of casinos and their type will vary from border to border. You should be acquainted well with the state’s laws you are playing in.

How do you choose a casino?

You can look out when choosing your favorite casino for several variables. First, you should look out for its reviews and talk to people who already play there to know what you are investing your time and money in. Moreover, it is wise to visit a casino before buying its membership. Finally, choosing a casino can be a tricky business; hence there are some factors like the quality of chips used, the type of dealers, and a number of dining options, among other things.

In conclusion

We would like to say that these casinos are an excellent form of entertainment if appropriately used. These casinos also act as a social hub and allow you to interact with all kinds of people to make more connections. You can go to these casinos with your friends for a casual outing or with your loved one for a more thrilling date, or you can go by yourself and blow off some steam. Even if you are not a huge gaming fan, there are many things to do at these casinos. This article has talked about the three best places in Columbus where you can play casino games.

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