The Best Cocktail Bars in Austin

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Bars are significant in Austin since drinking is a time-honored tradition. Because the city is brimming with bars, it’s crucial to pay homage to the city’s fundamental cocktail establishments, where well-crafted cocktails take precedence. Here are the greatest places that value the craft of the cocktail and where bartenders work hard to create exceptional drinks. There’s the long-standing upscale spot the Driskill, savvy bars like Roosevelt Room and Midnight Cowboy, and warm neighborhood favorite Nickel City, among others. Relax, drink, and enjoy. While the bulk of these cocktail bars are in/near downtown Austin, the city has much more drinking alternatives. Explore diverse pubs for every drink choice, renowned dive bars, and fantastic restaurant bars.

Higher Ground

Higher Ground

Higher Ground is full of cocktails and bar snacks in an eclectic church-style basin with outdoor seating. Opened in 2021, this social club is one of the trendiest places downtown. Combining a restaurant, bar, and nightclub into one large venue, the Higher Ground has a spiritual direction and provides guests with a sinful and enjoyable time. They bring back the theme. The space is intricately decorated with religious crafts, stained glass windows, and a DJ booth made of old organs. Enjoy seven deadly sins cocktails such as Greed (Texas whiskey, coffee-injected demerara, bitters) and last (tequila, mezcal, absinthe, strawberry syrup, blackberry). Want to check the entire list? It is advisable to order some of the delicious “bread of the day” to absorb the liquor. Higher Ground is a nightlife venue and restaurant for enlightened spirits. 

In short, it’s a pleasant nightlife spot for noble, soulful, and enlightened souls in Austin, Texas. From happy hour to dinner, Higher Ground is a unique experience. On weekends, enjoy the wonderful atmosphere of the best local DJs and dance the night under the chandeliers. Located on the corner of 8th and Congress, Higher Ground is Austin’s latest social club. Higher Ground, a nightlife sanctuary, is a high-rise destination offering designer cocktails, delicious snacks, and a place to dance at night. From Italian cuisine by up-and-coming chef Chris Garuccio trained in New York’s Michelin-starred restaurants to crafted cocktails, Higher Ground creates a unique Austin atmosphere. 

They set the stage in an elegant, intimate space, perfect for dating nights and solo wanderings. It also ignites a vibrant and energetic scene for those seeking the wilderness. Whichever you choose, each road is guaranteed to lift you higher. This bar is perfect for girls’ night outings, happy hours, and date nights! The atmosphere of both the courtyard and the courtyard is unique and suitable for Instagram! There is also a parking lot behind the building. Happy hour also has many options! Try bruschetta! This is one of the best bars Austin has to offer! So, if you are in town, you should visit this bar once with your loved ones.

Codependent Cocktails and Coffee

Codependent Cocktails and Coffee

Codependent Cocktails and Coffee is a stylish lounge offering charcuterie and desserts,  coffee, cocktails, and an extensive wine list. This all-day drinking den is the perfect chameleon for every occasion. The advanced interior creates a sophisticated environment (ideal for a glass of wine), while the outdoors are more relaxed (relax with your friends on a large, comfortable sofa). The bar is a quiet coffee spot in the morning and brighter in the afternoon (celebration espresso martini brunch, who?). Whatever your reason for visiting, don’t miss  The Codependent, a specialty beer made with Casamigos Reposado, Mr. Black Cold Brew Liqueur, Espresso, and Licor 43. Austin’s hospitality meets Italian luxury at this bar. A luxury cocktail bar designed by Urban Space Interiors. 

They are in Austin, offering cocktails, coffee, and serious design. Please don’t take it too seriously. Codependent is a conceptual cocktail and coffee bar inspired by the belief that everyone should enjoy Italian luxury, apéritif culture, and beautiful design. Imagine a high-end design showroom meeting Austin’s hospitality. Located on the ground floor of the Independent Condo Tower, Austin’s tallest residential tower, Codependent, this design-driven concept is designed for duality. A place where day and night meet. Darkness meets light. 

The iconic Italian furniture is best enjoyed with a glass of wine. She hopes that this space has a little conspiracy and a little unexpected, which can make you stay longer and, at the same time, push some boundaries. So, at first glance, things aren’t always the case. There is no food as this is a place for coffee and cocktails. The cocktail is delicious! The cocktail menu is solid, and you won’t be disappointed. Enjoy cocktails in a neat environment. They have an espresso martini! If you come to happy hour, you can enjoy a fantastic gin cocktail here. Daily happy hour alternates between drinks, so you won’t know what’s on sale until you arrive. The drinks are pretty expensive but delicious. One day they have a live saxophonist. However, sitting next to the speakers makes it very difficult to talk about volume. This is one of the fanciest Bars Austin has to offer.

Bar Moxy

Bar Moxy

Moxy Austin-heartbeat University’s core centre is Bar Moxy. Please stop in for a specialty drink (or three) with your best friends, or meet new ones in our big yet cosy lobby and open-air Backyard with fire pit seating. Consider Bar Moxy a bright new addition to the college district where you can socialise with the student populace. While there is an inside living area, step outdoors to enjoy a garden space complete with lounge seats, swings, arcade games, a fireplace, and delectable homemade beverages. Keep an eye out for themed events and deals like Fraternity Fridays, Sorority Saturdays, and “vintage” Mean Girls Wednesdays. Are you hungry? Fortunately, a 24-hour taco counter is located within the pub. 

Bar Moxy has an interior ‘living room’ and an outdoor ‘backyard,’ both lounge seating, fire elements, and specialty drinks. Mox on the Rox, Mo Moxy Mo Sangria, and The Professor are among the favourites. The hotel has a very “cool” feel that is carried throughout. It has a contemporary, European vibe to it. There is lots of sitting in the “lobby” and bar area, as well as a pleasant courtyard with picnic tables, different games, swings, and so on. Moxy Bar is a fantastic spot to unwind. And, if you are hungry, order tacos! They will make your stay pleasant. The excellent lobby/bar environment will pleasantly surprise you. So, words and images cannot do it justice. The staff is exceptionally polite, and there is a steady flow of people coming and leaving. The beverages will leave you speechless. Their Sangria is delicious! 

Try the Moxy Lady with the Double The Love. Both are excellent! The bar is located in the lobby, close to Zombie Taco. It adheres to a beautiful concept! The “backyard” is situated behind the bar and has fun seating, swings, ping pong, Jenga, fire pits, fans, and other amenities. The swankiest and most lively cocktail club on campus boasts sophisticated drink options, terrific music, and an all-star service team. Your lounge experience is complemented by quick-service Zombie Tacos, which adjoins the space in Hotel Moxy’s lobby. Have some fun! Reservations are accepted for parties of 8 to 20 people. 

The Roosevelt Room

The Roosevelt Room

The Roosevelt Room serves unique artisan cocktails in an open, industrial-chic environment with a quiet upstairs lounge. The Roosevelt Room, lit by candles and adorned in jewel tones, never disappoints. The drinks are robust and energetic, striking a mix between elegance and fun – a few standouts are the Death Valley (served in a Topo Chico bottle and created with absinthe and lime) and the exquisite Jingu Bang (made with tequila, Linie Aquavit, banana liqueur, sesame oil, and cinnamon). Are you looking for a challenge? Take on The Roosevelt Room’s Classics Card: if you sample all 50-plus beverages over time, you’ll receive a plaque and a t-shirt. 

The Roosevelt Room, located in the heart of downtown Austin’s Warehouse area, offers a seated cocktail experience, with table service provided by our educated bar staff, who will guide you through our extensive menu of traditional and creative cocktails, craft beer, wine, and epicurean bar cuisine. Roosevelt is an award-winning cocktail bar and event space in the heart of Austin’s historic Warehouse District. Since its inception in June 2015, they have been committed to treating every visitor like family and ensuring they leave happier than when they arrived, whether for a quick drink or a whole evening. They try to foster a better sense of community in this beautiful city through exquisite food and drinks, steadfast hospitality, and genuine human connection. For these reasons, their motto has always been, and always will be, “Cheers to you!” 

They offer a seated cocktail experience in their downstairs dining room, with table service provided by knowledgeable bartenders who can guide guests through the extensive cocktail menu, which includes ten innovative house creations, six Roosevelt Room classic creations, fifty-three meticulously-crafted classic cocktails, and a curated selection of spirits, beer, and wine. Their meal selection focuses on epicurean bar cuisine and includes nine Small Fare dishes, four Large Fare items, and three desserts – all of which are ideal for keeping tummies full and grinning while sipping a drink. Every Sunday through Thursday, all things are accessible until Midnight, and every Friday and Saturday, all items are available until 1:30 am.

Small Victory

Small Victory

Small Victory is a bar serving classic cocktails and innovative ice cream programs, wines, beers, and small plates. A small victory is undoubtedly a big victory. The bar serves past cocktails in a gorgeous space that still feels secret (despite all the praise). Located in the corner of the parking lot behind the Stephen F. Austin Royal Sonesta Hotel, there is a store up the stairs behind a heavy wooden door. Inside, a luxurious bench extends the room’s length, creating a long and narrow space. The game’s name is a stylish cocktail perfect for intimate gatherings. Try the Creole Cocktail, a blend of rye, sweet vermouth, Amaro Ciociaro, and Benedictine. Reservations can be made from Resy. 

If you don’t have the time you want, join the waiting list. You will be notified when the table is free. They welcome bringing in. This is your joint if you’re a fan of Attaboy, Milk and Honey, Dutch Kills, and other Prohibition-style cocktail bars. As a bartender at a similar bar in the DMV, I quickly noticed the bar setup and drink types on the menu. The atmosphere is like the bar above with mid-century aesthetics, but it was great. The bar isn’t crowded, and you don’t have to wait an hour for a callback. The staff is impeccable, and the skills are substantial. 

A cocktail struck the spot. Working in these types of bars means choosing hell from all the cocktails you’ll consume for the rest of your life, and it’s good to stop drinking at the cocktail bar and have a few flaws at the regular bar as a standard mark. This Cocktail Lounge / Speakeasy is impressive. Please come to the store with your friends and order your favorite drink! They are all fantastic. We recommend Saturn. If a man and a cocktail can get married and be descendants of his father, we will get Shin Splint very quickly. Our children will win the Nobel Peace Prize for mixology. Above all, come here to get the pipes wet-because it’s so good. So, this bar is one of Austin’s best cocktail bars.

The Long Play Lounge

The Long Play Lounge is a realistic facility displaying a vinyl collection along with cocktails, beer, and nachos plates. Want to get rid of your hair? Longplay is a discreet pub with all the right ingredients to let the steam escape. Terrace or board game? Check. A long list of craft beers? Check. Are you ready to spin more than 400 records? Check. Are puppies allowed? Yes. Their self-proclaimed “world-famous Chile” is successfully washed away with a chilled IPA or their specialty Margarita cocktail. One of the best neighborhood bars in Austin, Texas, serving craft beers, cocktails, and records. There is a record-themed lounge with a fantastic outdoor patio and comfortable indoor seating. 

Come in and let them play music for you! With over 400 records in all genres (and growing thanks to neighbors), you can pull up your chair with a few friends or interact with the crowd on an outdoor patio. Bring your puppy! Relax. Raise your feet while they keep some records for you. Not only is the beer cold and the cocktails delicious in the long play lounge, but vinyl is also the life, and everything spins at 33 RPM. We find this place to be fun. It has a very relaxing atmosphere, a great location in the north-central part, and a large and beautiful terrace. 

We think they have a retro fashion for $ 5, making them stand out as well as various Korean dishes including dumplings. This place is reminiscent of the eclectic old Austin, and we love it. When looking for a casual neighborhood environment that wasn’t a brewery, LongPlay turned out to be a good and reliable hangout. They have a wide variety of drink choices to satisfy any group. There are many large tables on the terrace. Even though they were allowed to smoke outside, I didn’t have to sit near the smoking table to bother. All the bartenders are very friendly and willing to make suggestions. If you’re there on a  busy night, the indoor seats have a warm, intimate atmosphere but can be crowded on weekends when the outside weather isn’t good.



Garage Bar is an unassuming bar crafting inventive cocktails in a hip, mid-century-inspired space in a parking garage. Garage exists in Austin’s hidden bars category—you’ll find this small joint tucked within a parking garage on Colorado Street between 5th and 6th. The raw concrete interior, with soaring ceilings and structural columns, is lit only by candles and the glow of a circular bar. Without forgetting its locale, the menu is organized with clever car terms (an ‘unleaded’ section features non-alcoholic drinks, for example) and runs the gamut with classics and signature cocktails. 

For a light option, try the herbal Indian Paintbrush (made with vodka, grapefruit juice, lime, and rosemary), or for something a little more brooding, the Penicillin (made with earl gray scotch, lemon, ginger, and honey). The Garage Bar is now open Monday through Saturday at 5 pm. Walk-ins are welcome. So, this venue is such a cool place! This bar will be above and beyond your thoughts and expectations if you can visit it! It has a great vibe, and all the staff is very professional and knowledgeable. The menu has many great different cocktails that your group will love! Everyone can get something different, and everyone’s drinks will be outstanding. So, this is such a fantastic gem in downtown Austin! This place will not disappoint! 

Suitable for pre-dinner happy hour or after-dinner cocktails. I did not see much in terms of appetizers. Go there for dinner and cocktails. The vibes are just immaculate. The Garage has a fantastic atmosphere! So, it is small, intimate, and dimly lit. You can go there with a friend around 5 pm when it opens so you can grab a seat without a reservation. Their drinks are always fantastic. We recommend getting the Jailbird and the Penicillin. These both are very tasty. They’re pricey, but you can tell a lot of thought and intention goes into every drink. It would help if you also tried the Japanese whiskey-based drink that is well-balanced and delicious. It’s very dark inside and hard to hear, so it’s possibly just an excellent spot for a drink on a date or nightcap.

Nickel City

Nickel City

Nickel City is a retro hangout with craft cocktails and a relaxed atmosphere featuring a Coney Dog food truck. The former Long Brunch Inn has been transformed into Nickel City, a refreshing and unpretentious cocktail bar with classic cocktails, imaginative twists, coney dogs, sliders, and a backyard food truck offering wings. Both patrons and newcomers praise Nickel City’s Aperol Splits for taps, but one of the “unknown” cocktails like Tiki Drinks, Boilermakers (Beer and Shots), or Dickel Inboxes. Don’t be afraid to try. Wednesday whiskey is especially popular. Nickel City is pretty close if you don’t think there is a perfect bar. Damn, we don’t have a bad time here! 

Everyone here is having a party, and it feels good. The heart of Austin is always crowded with people. The bartender is very friendly, fast, and produces delicious drinks. You will have a great time! Professional Tips: During the vacation, they decorate the entire place for Christmas: Santa Tiki Style. There is a wild-themed cocktail menu! This time is another experience and a lot of fun! This laid-back East Austin neighborhood bar serves well-mixed cocktails and cold beers for both patrons and casual visitors. The atmosphere is clear (includes mood lighting and retro signs), and there is a craft cocktail menu to counteract it. The city of Nickel attracts regular cult followers. 

To blend in, dress casually and chat with your neighbors at the bar. Guests love Nickel City in a friendly dive bar atmosphere without substandard drinks. Nickel City Negronis and Aperol Spritzes are fresh, but the rest of the cocktail menu is divided into well-known, lesser-known, and unknown cocktails. In addition, there is a section dedicated to beer and shot combinations (boilermaker). Believe in our words and order frozen Irish coffee. Popular food trucks offer coney dogs to hungry patrons. Most of the bartenders here have been here for quite some time. If you want to get an order right away, be kind and make friends with the people behind the bar. So, this is one of the best bars Austin has to offer. If you are in town, then definitely give this bar a try.



With ample patio seating and a popular food truck (Golden Tiger behind), the Whistlers are a popular happy hour destination. The combination of exposed stones and recovered architectural details (with handwritten petition plaques, like the altar of Virgen de Guadalupe) gives this spot a slightly romantic feel and a creative cocktail. It quickly hits the spot. Try Bourbon, Honeydew Melon, Lemongrass, Apricot, Lemon Drink, and Feel Good Hit of the Summer. Also, on the bar’s second floor is the Oaxaca-style mezcalería Tobalá. Here we serve agave schnapps in traditional Terracotta Copitas with slices of orange and Sardegsano (worm salt). East 6th is Austin’s coolest place, and Whisler’s is East 6th’s coolest place. Cocktails are specially crafted at the exclusive Mezcaleria Tobala on the second floor. 

They do the basics very well (for example, great old-fashioned and grand hot toddies during the winter), with some exciting additions that arouse the curiosity (and taste) of more experienced cocktail drinkers. I have. Come here to spend the night with your friends. It’s not a chaotic kind. They have specially crafted cocktails that can be enjoyed at the exclusive Mezcaleria Tobala on the second floor. They do the basics very well (for example, great old-fashioned and grand hot toddies during the winter), with some exciting additions that arouse the curiosity (and taste) of more experienced cocktail drinkers. 

Autumn glory is a special treat (rum, brandy, cinnamon, vanilla, pineapple, cider). Whistler itself is very drink-focused. Meals are served from the bar’s satellite food truck, the Golden Tiger. The Golden Tiger is parked outdoors. However, do not hold your breath. It’s just a choice of sandwiches and hamburger sponges to absorb alcohol. If you’re looking for a more elaborate meal, there are a variety of great restaurants within walking distance. After enjoying a happy hour in the sun on Whistler’s patio, many have dinner nearby and return to Whistler for a Mezcal nightcap when the sun goes down. Whisler’s is an absolute must-see in Austin, whether as part of a pub crawl or simply as a place to hide out for an incredible night of beautiful beverages. It’s a great place to go on a date, but it’s also active enough for a fun night out with friends.



Lala’s Little Nugget is a strip mall tavern with festive decorations all year round, with old-fashioned jukeboxes, drinks, and games. Lovingly called Lala’s Christmas Bar or Lala’s Little Nugget by the locals, Lala’s is located on Justin Lane’s dubious shopping street. Inside, the famous drinking fountain is festively decorated with colorful fairy lights, tinsel, and metal ornaments hanging from retro ceiling tiles (a Christmas tree is approaching in the corner all year round). The story behind Lara’s kitsch aesthetics is simple. In 1972, after the bar’s Christmas decorations were completed for the season, Lara’s founders thought the spaces were exposed and decided to put them back (since they’ve been exhausted).

Accept the kitsch and drink the bar’s reindeer water (tequila, triple sec, lime juice, rainwater) like a festival. Founded in 1972, Lala’s Little Nugget is a fortune teller and adorable bar in Austin, Texas. Lara’s is an arctic oasis in central Texas with a year-round holly-decorated hall, Santa and his reindeer on the roof, and generations of Christmas memorabilia. Here at Lala’s, we are excited to see the growth of  Crestview and the neighborhood of North Burnett and enjoy welcoming newcomers to our enthusiastic fan base. Enjoy a cold beer or a delicious cocktail with the town’s friendliest bar staff, or enjoy a warm Austin night on the patio. 

The bartenders are very friendly, and the locals are always here. No matter where you look, this Christmas pub has something exciting and fun. If you go in August, it won’t be crowded, but you can see everything. The parking area is strange and unattractive, but much of the internal space is small. You’ll find a good selection of craft beers and delicious holiday-themed cocktails with a tap. They have a Christmas countdown timer behind the bar! You will be excited to get closer to a holiday or one of their events. When you leave this bar, it feels soft! This is one of the best Christmas-themed bars in Austin! So, if you are in the city at this time of the year, you must visit this bar at least once!



DrinkWell is a typical neighborhood bar serving healthy food and inspired cocktails. A cozy gastropub serving eclectic cuisine and innovative cocktails in a stylish atmosphere. Owner Jessica Sanders brings creative energy to the table with fresh flavors such as Herbaceous Costa Brava (Spanish Mahoning, Vida Mezcal, Pajarote Grapefruit, Rosemary Liqueur, and more) Has been). The space is intimate, with 40 seats, only a handful of coveted bar seats, and the gills fill up on weekends, so arrive early to avoid disappointment. This is an award-winning cocktail bar and neighborhood restaurant in Austin’s eclectic North Loop district. DrinkWell opened on February 28, 2012. There have been many changes since then, but what hasn’t changed is her dedication to keeping Austin in a good mood. 

Over the last decade, DrinkWell has become one of the country’s most famous and consistently excellent cocktail bars. This is due to the team’s hospitality, talent, diligence, and, of course, the generous support of guests, vendors, and community partners over the years. Drink Well shines in cities that are very serious about delicious food and drink. Reservations cannot be made at this bar. All seats are on a first-come, first-served basis. So, many guests consider the visit a social event as well as a meal or cocktail. They love DrinkWell’s experience but estimating the time it takes for each table is an almost impossible task, and they hate to end a person’s visit abruptly. 

It is usually the busiest, from 6 pm to 8:30 pm on weekdays and from 5:15 pm to 10 pm on weekends. If you call in advance within 10 minutes (or so) of your trip, we will reserve a table if it is available. DrinkWell can also host your private event! DrinkWell is perfect for private parties of up to 50 people. Due to their intimate size, they cannot accommodate semi-private / partial venue buyouts. In some cases,  reservations can be made for groups of up to 12 people. To discuss the event, please send an email to They will gladly accept you. So, this is one of the best bars Austin has to offer.

Bar Peached

Bar Peached

Bar Peached is a relaxing bar with a large terrace with cocktails, home-cooked meals from around the world, and historic trees. Located in the historic center of Clarksville, you can choose between a cozy bar (13 seats only), a colorful dining area, or a large terrace (around the historic tree) where you can enjoy a drink. The bar program includes a  variety of cocktails, craft beers, and wines. Creative and Asian dishes (such as spicy fried goat pork and Malaysian fried rice)  complement alcohol and work well. Bar Peached is the team’s latest restaurant concept, bringing you The Peached Tortilla, an Asian and Southern-inspired food truck turned into brick and mortar. 

Located at 1315 W. 6th Street, Bar Peached is a bar-focused restaurant that offers small plates, tasty food to share, and large and small tacos with an Asian flair. Beverage director Kevin Kok’s bar menu includes a variety of cocktails you can tap to order, an extensive wine list, a variety of draft beers, bottled beers, and canned beers. Bar Peached walks the subtle line between natural coziness and whimsical fun. There are pictures of Lady Bird Johnson above the fireplace, cactus wallpaper, overlapping walls, and bright colors of the 13-seat bar. So, there is also a wonderful patio with historic trees and a porch, which keeps you away from the sixth traffic west. Cocktails are where Bar Peached experiments. 

Examples: Margarita de Peach, Tequila, Habanero, Thai Basil, Yoga and Chill (vodka, lime, cucumber water),  Kyoto Kiss (gin, raspberry, yuzu, shito, egg white). You’ll find a well-organized cocktail if you like gin, tequila, vodka, sparkling wine, rum, mezcal, or bourbon. Beer, cider, mead, sake, and wine (red, white, sparkling, rosé) are also available. It is a mixture of all kinds, including families with children. So, it’s a cool neighborhood bar with no adult theme. The design helps to make it more comfortable for all ages, and many people love outdoor patios and pouches for drinking cocktails (the bar’s main focus). This bar is one of the best bars Austin has to offer. If you are in town, you must visit this bar at least once.

Firehouse Lounge

Firehouse Lounge

Firehouse Lounge is a modern hostel and craft cocktail bar in Firehouse circa 1885. Behind the lobby and the sliding bookshelves is a red  Firehouse Lounge with a well-named name. The bar is located on the ground floor of  Firehouse Hostel, a European-style inn at the city’s oldest extant fire station (a building built in 1885). Here you can find classic craft cocktails such as old-fashioned Aperol Spritz and Brimstone. This is a traditional gold rush with a twist of herbs. What is our favorite part about this place? The crowds are always friendly, and the Speakeasy atmosphere makes you feel like you’ve found one of Austin’s finest gems. 

This historic building (Austin’s oldest surviving fire station, built around 1885) is partly a craft cocktail bar and partly an inn. The Old World charm of the lounge, red walls, and bare wood set the stage for live music from jazz to blues to rock and roll. As you might expect from a bar that shares a property with a hostel, the crowd here is mixed, youthful, and international. So it’s a great way to feel like you’re traveling without leaving Austin (or meet other travelers if you’re in that group). Cosmopolitan bartenders at the Firehouse Lounge make cocktails from around the world and divide the menu into classic and seasonal drinks. 

The works of the house are boldly named, such as gin, lemon, grapefruit, Amaromeretti, and zack saffron made with saffron bitters. Carnitas tacos, sliders, and cheese boards are the staple fuels of the night in the city. The bartenders here are surprisingly familiar, given the young demographics. They also change the cocktail to your liking—a youthful place to meet strangers worldwide, starting at night and listening to live music. The cozy and elegant interior of the Firehouse Lounge exudes Old World charm. Leather seats are perfect for leaning forward and relaxing. Enjoy eclectic live music with Austin’s finest jazz and blues musicians, rock and roll, and DJs. Anyone can use the lounge, which is ideal for groups and solo travelers. Native Austin Night? You will be impressed with your knowledge of local breweries and small distilleries and your commitment to local ingredients.

Half Step

Half Step

Half Step is a low-key club with dark wood booths that serves a small selection of specialty drinks. Like many Rainey Street pubs, Half Step is housed in a modest refurbished home — yet the concept, not to mention the bar’s skill, sets it distinctly. The previously run-down edifice was gutted and refurbished, and it is now decorated with floral wallpaper, booths, and indoor and outdoor stages for artists. Chris Bostick, the former general manager of L.A.’s hidden cocktail club Varnish, built a gorgeous bar program with painstakingly constructed products like the draught Ginger Paloma (made with tequila, grapefruit, ginger, burritos, and toronja). 

The two bars, which have both an indoor and outdoor area, allow customers to move between the calmer inside and the more pleasant outside, where local and traveling bands can perform, concentrating on live jazz, blues, soul, and bluegrass music. You are relaxing here. The artisan-era building is a great place to relax with a cocktail and make new friends, featuring a well-kept porch, living-room-style interior, and backyard with railings and seating. You can find regular customers relaxing in the shade of a tree or pretending to be themselves at the front door. Depending on the day, events such as live country music and hot dog eating contests can captivate the party audience. 

The cocktails here are simple and perfect for a relaxing atmosphere. Not too complicated and not too flashy; most are made of 4 or fewer materials. The formula included  New Orleans bucks (aged lamb, pineapple, lime, orange juice, ginger, bitters, Selzer) and wildflowers (cognac, rum glycol, lime, maple, cinnamon). There is no food at this restaurant (except for occasional meal contests), but there are plenty of food trucks in the neighborhood. The bartender treats the bar as if he lived there. They became known for their genuine southern hospitality. A cozy afternoon in the backyard or a warm evening with a refreshing cocktail and small talk. So, this is one of the best bars Austin has to offer. If you are ever in the city, we recommend you check out this bar with your pals.



Péché is French comfort food, and craft cocktails (many with absinthe) served in  New Orleans-style rooms. Spend the night at Péché, Austin’s premier absinthe bar, and have a delicious date. Located in Austin’s Warehouse District, Péché serves classic French cuisine reminiscent of 19th-century New Orleans. The chandelier-lit rooms and Prohibition-inspired cocktails are romantic, but they also have a large selection of absinthe and adult milkshakes. Happy hour here (all night on Sundays and Mondays, 4 pm to 7 pm Tuesday to Friday) is to die. In addition to classic $ 6 cocktails such as RoyalBees Knees and  Sazerac, you can choose half-price items. 

Austin’s first Absinthe bar presents Prohibition cocktails and French comfort food in a stylish atmosphere. The old absinthe fountain and green sconces in the bar pay homage to this famous (and often misunderstood) spirit, alongside the sophisticated international crowd that tends to look more dressed than typical of Austin’s nightlife. Heel and blazers are welcomed here if not encouraged. The rules here are strong cocktails such as Oaxaca Flocka (mezcal, rum, passion fruit, lime, coconut, absinthe rouge). Another favorite is fig manhattan (topped with rye, sweet vermouth,  house cherry vanilla bitters, and fig foam). French cuisine is a perfect match for the cocktail menu. Don’t miss the mushroom patties with sour cream (which regulars swear) and the deviled eggs with bacon and capers—looking for something more fulfilling? Peche also serves dinner. 

Recent menus include panned quail with port and figs, goat cheese, wild rice and fig demi, rabbit and mushroom barley risotto with spinach,  duck fat mashed potatoes, and wild mushrooms. It included stewed short ribs. The bartenders here take pride in their comprehensive knowledge of spirits and cocktails, creating a cozy atmosphere for asking questions. This is not a tiny drink place, but the service runs at a smooth pace—a refreshing departure from the Austin beer and pub scene. So, this is one of the best bars Austin has to offer. If you are in the city, we highly recommend you visit this bar at least once. You can go with your loved ones and friends.

Kitty Cohen’s

Kitty Cohen's

Kitty Cohen’s is a vast garden with a retro bar, specialty drinks, punch, and shaded poolside seats. So, Kitty Cohen’s is a patio bar in East Austin, Texas. Rebellious women inspire them in all of our lives. Go back to Kitty Cohens, a 1970s-style cocktail bar in East Austin, dreaming of a Palm Springs pool party. The mini-pool serves as the center of the bar’s courtyard, and tipsy guests can enjoy a seasonal sipper made from frozen drinks, Aperol splits, coconut, and 7-up in Mexico. Happy hour is Monday to Friday from 3 pm to 7 pm. And yes, you can step into the pool. 

Rebellious and feminine, this retro patio bar serves cocktails and punches in the backyard with poolside seating. Rebellious and feminine, this retro patio bar serves cocktails and punch in the backyard with poolside seating. Aquamarine palette, pink flamingo wallpaper, and lawn and patio furniture guarantee a year-round pool party without getting wet. Cheeky women dominate at this festive bar. Expect a lot of fun with little wild bar lovers who want to spend a relaxing day by the pool. Tropical drinks, cocktails, frozen rosés, and Texan beers are all orderable and served on a properly laminated menu. Frozen Rosé (frozen) is especially popular on hot afternoons in Austin, and strong drinks like the Singapore Sling always liven up the night. 

Mama Kong Food pop-ups sometimes pop up here, like  Cambodian soul food. The staff here are wonderfully cheeky and part of the charm. You can rely on them to process your orders correctly and promptly. A cold cocktail on a hot afternoon, perfect for enjoying with your friends while soaking your feet in the pool. Yes, they rent out the venue for parties, weddings, etc. Their outdoor kitchen hosts indoor cooking events and loves to discuss pop-up restaurant concepts and theme parties with independent chefs and catering companies. Kitty Cohen’s is not a music venue. They focus on culinary-oriented culinary events. That doesn’t mean they don’t book music. It’s very, very, rare, and the owner’s whims. So, this is one of the best feminist bars Austin has to offer.


The term Halcyon means prosperous, peaceful, carefree, and untroubled. The atmosphere of Halcyon’s Cafe Meets Bar is inherited by drinks such as chocolate espresso martini and ice-bound lady (rum, coffee liqueur, homemade chai). Guests can enjoy coffee, cocktails, and light meals in the spacious interior or terrace. Here, we often hear live music at night. At the coffee house during the day and the bar and lounge at night, you can always relax and find your own Halcyon. For more traditional cocktails, I like Nutty Negroni (Gin, Select Aperitif, Amontillado Sherry). Try the S’more Kit (for 2-4 people) with a tabletop stove for roasting marshmallows. Halcyon is an all-day cafe in the warehouse district that opened in 2002 before the word “all-day cafe” existed. It’s like a Swiss Army knife. 

A quiet daytime coffee shop where you can catch up with work and meet delicious espresso drinks (beans are from Katz Coffee in Houston). In addition to breakfasts such as tacos and bagels, this coffee shop offers panini sandwiches, salads, and even desserts made after receiving an order. And it’s a bar that is open until 2 am every night. They also offer chocolate espresso martini and have a good happy hour (and reverse happy hour from midnight to most late night). Sometimes I go to bars for trivia quizzes, stand-up comedies, and DJs, and sometimes I don’t want them, so check their website for a schedule. 

Halcyon’s motto is “Satisfy all legal vices,” so, in addition to caffeine and alcohol, there is also nicotine beet. They sell cigarettes and cigars from the Humidor. There are small patios on the front and sides where you can hang out and smoke a cigar. It opened in 2002, the cafe/bar combo has a familiar feel, but it’s less noticeable at night. The epoch area is very clubby, and people are often drunk late at night and rushing to eat a bite, especially tabletop s’more. So, this is one of the best bars Austin has to offer. If you are in town, we highly recommend visiting this bar at least once with your pals. 

Casino El Camino

Casino El Camino

Casino El Camino is a no-frills, no-frills rock’n’roll dungeon. Gargoyles stand overhead while television shows scary and cheesy cult movies. It’s a plain bar and grill with giant burgers, patios, and jukeboxes for music geeks. The kitchen is known for the burgers recommended by Guy Fieri. If you’re here on the weekends, you can try their finest Bloody Mary. A mix of vodka and bloody mary is topped with a bouquet of skewered snacks. Some amenities include Taquitos, bacon, corn dogs, meatballs, pizza bagels, mini sliders, and sandwiches. Despite being painted light blue, it’s easy to go around Casino El Camino and all the restaurants around it on Dirty 6th, and I think it’s another dive bar. 

But there’s one of Austin’s best-preserved burger secrets. Order Amarillo with roasted Theranos, start by slicing it in half, and then hurt your jaw trying to bite into an ultra-thick patty. When you’re done,  share your experience here only with those who appreciate the art of hamburgers in the pub. Shaking jukeboxes, horror movies on TV, and a good selection of cheap beers make this a great Six Street hangout, and burgers seal it. You can choose from about half a  dozen huge (12 ounces) burgers, so there’s no mistake. If you are looking for a delicious culinary pub in the city center, the casino is the place for you! So, this bar is one of Austin’s best bars. 

They have great service, great food, excellent movie overhead, and cold beers with cocktails. Casino El Camino is the perfect bar and grill to get to the dirty six areas. We don’t feel like competing with people or shouting orders with loud music. There are plenty of seats inside, outside, and upstairs, so look around to find the crew’s location. It is highly recommended to order immediately and as soon as you have decided what you want to eat. Depending on the number of preceding orders, you may have to wait, but don’t worry. While doing this, grab a cocktail/beer and take a shot to see what’s happening on your TV. They love showing ambiguous horror movies and playing great music in the background.

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Austin has a number of places that offer liquor and cocktails, but not all of them are outstanding cocktail bars. To be genuinely outstanding, a cocktail bar must rise above the hype, exclusivity, and novelty by regularly offering well-made mixed cocktails by experienced bartenders who know their trade. While there’s nothing wrong with ordering a Tito’s and soda every time you go out, Austin’s top cocktail bars make you want to break out of your low-calorie rut, Kool-Aid-Man-style, and then reward you for it. Above are the cocktail locations you should know, from super-secret speakeasies to pubs focusing on a single spirit.

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