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Bars and bartenders continue to develop unique concoctions that attract many people, locals, and tourists similar to them. Denver has a lot of options for you to enjoy whatever day of the week it is. Every sort of mix you could think of is available. Whether you’re looking for a rustic place that focuses more on music or a more elegant and classy option, there is an option for all of you in the city. Celebrate an occasion or sip away your sorrows. This article is your guide to finding your spot for the night, so scroll down and pick one.

9. Room for Milly Bar Denver

Room for Milly Bar Denver

One step in, and you’re taken back to the 20th-century-style supper club mixed with a modern and sleek interior. Whether you want to go with friends for a bite or a sip of a cocktail after work, this is the place to be. Inspired by Milly Parker and her adventures, the setup is the ideal space she would go to unwind. She is the inspiration behind the place. Offering a variety of mixed cocktails, each offers a whole experience as you take a sip. Each has a story reflected by its name. Like ‘The Fuel Stop, Old Fashioned’ is a mix of bourbon, cranberry, and rosemary. It is ‘relaxed and intimate with sock-feet on the coffee table.’ With subtle flirty hints, it is hard to resist the charm of this place. The welcoming atmosphere is the best place for hosting a party for all your friends. Their art collection is something everyone can admire. Some expensive and some thrifted, there is a mix of colors and visuals to soak in. If you have your eye on a piece, you can get your hands on it and support the artist. Besides this, the bar is mindful of creating waste and aims toward sustainability. 

8. Wildflower Bar Denver

Wildflower Bar Denver

Wildflower is described as ‘incredible on every level’ with a mix of Italian and Mexican influences. Located inside the boutique hotel LifeHouse, it offers a romantic ambiance perfect for your next date night. The whole building is contemporary, but Wildflower has an essence of its own. With jewel-toned decor, velvet and leather seats, draperies, and florals all around you, the mood is something you will enjoy for sure. You must try out their cocktail bar with hand-painted murals and wallpapers that surround you. You will get a taste of Colorado from a variety of options to choose from and many non-alcoholic ones. Especially from the natural wines and beers brewed locally. You will find exciting possibilities like honey wine or mead infused with semi-sweet chamomile and apple cider. The lead bartender Jacob Berndt uses high-end ingredients like prickly pear and black lime mixed in a margarita called Wildflower.

It offers a plant-based menu using as many local ingredients as possible and creating intricate dishes. Suppose you even start reading the descriptions in the menu. In that case, you will lose yourself to the list of delectable ingredients they have to offer in specially designed combinations.

7. The Welton Room Bar Denver

The Welton Room Bar Denver

Giving lounge life a whole new meaning, Welton’s room is sexy, sultry, and glamourous. The best combination for a wild night out. It promises you a sensual experience complemented by delicately crafted cocktails. The lush lounge ambiance and the small plates they offer will make you come back for more. Even the names complement the feel of the space so well. From ‘Pick me up Maria,’ a mix of tequila, freshly brewed espresso, and coffee liqueur, to ‘The dark side,’ which offers you American whiskey, single malt scotch, st. george bruto americano, Aperol, px sherry, sweet vermouth, and apple chips. It is a unique taste that you will want more of. Such a luxurious list of ingredients justifies the $16 price point. The liquid nitrogen adds more oomph to the experience one can’t resist showing off on social media. Your friends will envy you. Each drink is assembled so meticulously that you cannot help but stare at it for a while in awe. The sleek black marble bar top is complemented with dried herbs, fruits, and florals that create a sultry sensory experience.

6. Forget Me Not Creek Bar Denver

Forget Me Not Creek Bar Denver

With a minimal and sleek-looking building, the inside is cleaner with lots for the eyes to absorb. Forget Me Not invites you to put your sorrows away outside its doors and step in to rejuvenate yourself. The guests come here to talk their sorrows away or to be on the listening end, helping a friend out. Here you get to form new relationships and strengthen old ones. They were inspired by the infamous flower you create and make memories in this place and are to have a good time. Their drinks come with catchy taglines like ‘they say I’m trouble and I don’t give a damn.’ A mix of sweet and robust Nobody’s Angel sounds like something not everyone can mess with. You have a lot of cocktail options to choose from. The aesthetics of the place are on another level. With black and white tiles and marble, we see subtle accents of colors like gold, red and purple in the furniture and decor. A beautiful chandelier hangs above the bar adding to the luxurious feel of the space. The patio space is lined with a picket fence, creating a welcome vibe. The small plate menu includes lobsters, oysters, charcuterie plates, caviar, and even wagyu. Live DJ performances complement all of these, and the vibe is subtle yet sexy. 

5. Ghost Donkey Bar Denver

Ghost Donkey Bar Denver

Mexican hospitality at its finest! With 65 mezcal and 25 tequila options, Ghost Donkey is also a visual experience. Being the fourth branch here in Denver, it received an immediate rush of customers as soon as it opened up. It offers the same menu as its other branches, but local options will be joining the list soon. The ambiance itself is enough to turn heads. With red and purple hues surrounding you, and the white donkey statue in one corner, it sure does overwhelm you for a hot minute. The well-curated mezcal list is what one should look forward to. Even the spirits come from local places. Do not sip on your drink too fast, for it will hit you hard; revel in each sip and experience the taste in all its glory. Food-wise, the menu does offer exciting options. Especially the truffle nachos. Something considered very simply like nachos has a touch of elegance. A subtle flair of newness is added to these known dishes to create something exciting to the palette. Book the space for some fun times with your friends and have a blast. As they say, ‘Mezcal, tequila, and mucho good times!’

4. The Tatarian Bar Denver

The Tatarian Bar Denver

The Tatarian calls itself ‘a contemporary neighborhood bar’. The name is inspired by the tree variety that thrives in the area. It offers you a mix of nature with modern. There are abstract paintings of mountains hanging on the blue-green walls, the bar is textured wood, and so are the stools. The lights sparkle above you like a constellation of stars. If the space has not wowed you yet, the menu is a work of art. Drinks named after and sometimes even inspired by the names of trees and herbs are a whole new experience. To name a few, amate, dragon blood, wisteria, ashbrittle, angel oak, kapok, and baobab are on the long list. There are also a few seasonal options along with the classics. You would find it hard to resist taking a picture or two when the server brings your drink to you, from rainbow-colored foam or a smoke show to reveal your drink. Although the food options are limited, we would say the drinks section and the staff make up for it. For a fuss-free sophisticated experience, the Tatarian is the place to be at.

3. Lady Nomada Bar Denver

Lady Nomada Bar Denver

There won’t be a dull moment at Lady Nomada as long as you’re there. ‘Lady loves good food and comes alive at night when the music fills the air and drinks around without a care.’ It takes inspiration from Baja; each dish and drink gives you a taste of the coast and the freshness of the sun. Cocktails, beer, wine, and margaritas, all under one roof. Would you prefer a ‘painkiller’? It packs a punch with a mix of Haitian dark rum, auva cachaca, pineapple, coconut, orange, and lime! Or you might like some sparkling rose. There’s a mix of everything from strong to light to sweet and bitter. The food section has many options like snacks, small and big plates, and even some pastries. The beach inspires the wall art, and you are surrounded by fake cacti lining the walls. Even the seat patterns remind you of a vacation. At one corner, you will see a vinyl player, the owner’s liking and interest, which creates a soothing environment that makes you melt in your seat. The cane lamps hanging from the ceiling add more freshness to the whole place. The first thing you should do when you step in is to order a cocktail. 

2. Deviation Distilling Bar Denver

Deviation Distilling Bar Denver

Deviation Distilling is a distillery that claims to bring you the best gin and spirits in town. Adding their spin to the gin and spirit process, they claim to give you something unique that you have not tasted before. The inspiration is the traditional process, but the artisans are given creative liberty to mix what they like. Once a firehouse, this place has been transformed into an intimate cocktail lounge perfect for events and to stop by after work. Located between restaurants, retail outlets, and hotels, it is a destination for all those who come to the area. A buzz of activities going on around attracts a good crowd. A stunning display of bottle lights welcomes and guides you inside. There are two sitting levels. One is a patio with an indoor bar area. The upper level is more private, with tables and dim lighting to set the mood. They use a lot of fresh fruits and herbs in their cocktails, designed very beautifully with fresh orange and grapefruit slices complementing the drinks. This place will convert you into a gin fan, from bright gins to chai and coffee-flavored whiskeys.

1. LaBouche Bar Denver

LaBouche Bar Denver

From France to Denver, the owners have curated a divine wine experience for all its customers. It is ‘The perfect mix between French & American cultures, between Parisian & Coloradoans’ styles’ as they say. The authentic wine experience gives you the best of both worlds. It is only closed on Mondays; it opens at 4 pm daily and even offers brunch on Sundays! They also host events on behalf of the French embassy, so you might be able to polish up your French skills one evening while you savor the wine. Or maybe dog of the month would interest you more? Their red wine selections include different varieties of grenache, cabernet sauvignon, merlot, syrah, pinot noir, and malbec. Sauvignon blanc, chardonnay, pinot gris, chenin blanc and viognier and a part of the white wine selection. There are also more premium options available in both sections. If you are overwhelmed with the options available on the menu, you can order a flight and then see what you want to go for and get a glass of that. Of course, there are options for beers, champagne, and cocktail lovers, as well as cheese boards to pair perfectly with the drinks. The community it is located in is keen on trying out new stuff, so the place is always nicely packed. Complete your European experience without your passport! 

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After the pandemic, most of us are getting used to going out again and what better place to meet than at a bar? This list has all of the best cocktail bars that Denver has to offer, so make sure that you choose the one that appeals the most to you and give it a try! The long list of cocktails on the menu will not disappoint you. 

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