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The Best Places to go Clubbing in Denver

1. Glow Lounge Denver

Glow Lounge Denver is designed by local artists and is filled with many glowing fascinations you will see in the town. The owners of the Glow Lounge believe in the power of people, music, lighting, and art; when all of them come together, we are bound to feel the glow up. If you are young at heart, you must visit this one of a kind night out destination in Denver.

2. Your Mom’s House Denver

Your Mom’s House Denver is your thing! It is one of the most paramount venues in Denver which boast the best lights and sounds in the city. The venue is loved and famed for its up-n-coming, fresh music. Besides that, the old music styles are offered as well. Not only the resident, in-house artists, and DJs rock the stage in Your Mom’s House but the touring, guest artists from all over the world make this venue alive and kicking by their outstanding performances. The music scene is wide and miscellaneous including Latin, House, Electronic, Jazz, Soul, Techno, Reggae, Bass and more. The interior of the venue is chic and stylish. The stage is spacious presenting the best artists across the world. The state of the art visuals and sound systems are what make this venue vibrant and electrifying. Concerts, parties, and events go up till the wee hours.

3. X BAR Denver

X BAR Denver is One of the best bars and clubs which live up to the true Denver is X Bar. This casual and clubby spot prides itself on being LGBT-friendly venue. The motto of the bar: ‘Drink. Laugh, Dance’ speaks about the place. Apart from a spacious lounge, the venue offers a big outdoor patio. In the daytime, people love to sit in the patio. The interior is chic, modern, and up to the date. The ambiance is great. The venue serves as a family-oriented spot. Lunch and dinner are on offer. The food is delicious and tasty. The menu is miscellaneous and wide-ranging. Many international cuisines are offered.

4. Temple Nightclub Denver

Temple Nightclub Denver is a venue for the finest artists, by the finest artists. Here, you can get a night experience like no other in Denver. The venue features a fully impressive, awe-inspiring, and state of the art visuals and lighting paired with an electrifying sound system.

5. Tracks Denver

Tracks Denver is a premier GLBT club in Denver. Tracks has deep roots within the Gay community. People love to come here to turn their bleak nights into bright days. The venue continuously striving to be the most paramount GLBT nightclub across the nation.

6. Terreno Macizo Denver

Terreno Macizo Denver you will be faced by the quaint and vibrant club scene. The dancers and party goers keep this venue humid. The venue presents the world-renowned artists, performers, and DJs who come to Terreno to rock its stage. You should have a knack for good music as Terreno offers a wide range of music styles and genres including EDM, House, Techno, Hip Hop, Electronic, Latin Dance, Reggae and more.

7. Trade Denver

Trade Denver  has all the essentials which make up an ideal gay destination. Soon after its birth, the Trade got famed by the gay partygoers across the nation. A decent, chic, and modern crowd can be seen in Trade. In addition to a spacious lounge and dance floor, the Trade offers an outside patio for the guests. Not only the local and in-house DJs and artists play in Trade but guest performers from all over the world come here to rock the stage. The music scene is wide, diverse, and miscellaneous including EDM, House, Techno, Reggae, Tech, Electronic, Latin Dance, Jazz, Soul and more. The crowd is insane and crazy.

8. The Grizzly Rose Denver 

The Grizzly Rose Denver was born in the year 1989. It is growing better and stronger with each passing day. The Grizzly Rose is truly among the few great honky tonks, left in the world. The venue is famous world-wide for offering the paramount country music with a wide range of styles. It also features the best and popular concerts so the venue is perfect to get personal and close to your favorite bands. Not only the local artists come here to rock the stage but international, touring artists make this venue alive and kicking.

9. ROLL Denver

ROLL Denver is a nightclub is famous for Denver’s best and biggest roller skating parties for adults. The skate-dancing experience at ROLL will take you down the memory lane in your childhood with old-school hip hop, open skate, reverse skate and more.

10. SoCo Nightlife District Denver

SoCo Nightlife District Denver is home to six venues in Denver: The Church Nightclub, Club Vinyl, City Hall, Milk Bar, Living Room, and Bar Standard. SoCo provides upscale experiences for anyone and everyone in its unique and quaint spaces with cutting edge production and talent as well as their out of the ordinary hospitality. All the six venues of SoCo are found within a walking distance from one another.

11. El Marisela’s Nightclub Denver

El Marisela’s Nightclub Denver Nightclub is nothing less than a heavenly place for the fans of Latin music. The club features some of the most paramount artists and performers in the world. The venue is also loved and famed for its best musical concerts in the town. You should have a knack for good music and two buttocks to dance all night long at this one of a kind entertainment venue.

12. La Trampa NightClub Bar Denver

La Trampa NightClub Bar Denver is a popular venue is open from Wednesday to Sunday. The best parties and events of Denver happen in La Trampa Nightclub. Aside from talented local artists, the venue prides itself on bringing the best internationally-renowned musicians, DJs, and artists on the stage. The touring guest DJs rock the stage of La Trampa almost every weekend. If you are going to visit this venue, be prepared for anything as La Trampa is all about surprises!

13. Lipstick Disco Nightclub Denver

Lipstick Disco Nightclub Denver is a west-side club with two separate dance floors. The venue keeps rocking until the morning on weekends. The most loved music in Lipstick is top 40 and Latin. If you are fond of Latin music, then this venue will become your all-time favorite! The best DJs, artists, musicians, and performers from all over the world make their appearance in Lipstick to rock the stage. A decent and sophisticated crowd can be seen here.

14. Oasis NightClub Denver

Oasis NightClub Denver a one of a kind venue that brings a diverse nightlife experience for you which Denver is all about! At Oasis, you will get the high level of service. The venue prides itself in extending one-stop, Miami style location where the bleak nights turn into the bright days. Come to Oasis for watching a live band or DJs rocking the stage. The venue is one of the newest clubs in Denver which got fame and love in the blink of an eye. The music scene is miscellaneous covering a wide range of styles including top 40, EDM, reggaeton, Latin, and Hip Hop.

15. Neon Baby Denver

Neon Baby Denver has stepped in the late-night entertainment scene of Denver. The club has gone above and beyond in gaining acceptance and popularity among the forever lovers of its older sibling, Yeah Baby. The building in which this beautiful and quaint club is located has a rich history. In 1889, the venue was functioning as a brothel before it was made a Buddhist temple. However, it still sat unattended up to the time of Neon Baby’s advent.

16. Howl at the Moon Denver

Howl at the Moon Denver nightclub should be a must-visit place! The Howl At The Moon is a high-spirited dueling piano party venue with live music focused on audience participation. Go sing, howl, and dance in HATM while enjoying their one of a kind entertainment! The venue offers full as well as semi-private buy-outs. Table reservation is also on offer.

17. Milk Denver

Milk Denver Bar operates from Wednesday to Sunday. Timings are from 9 pm to 2 am. In such a limited duration, the venue extends unlimited entertainment to its guests. Many renowned DJs and artists come here to rock the stage of Milk Bar. The interior is stylish and chic. Hip Hop, Techno, Trap, Mashup, Break Beat, Breakdancing, and Turntablism are further highlights. The venue is all about surprises. Expect anything to happen here. But one thing is constant, the FUN!

18. Live at Jack’s Denver

Live at Jack’s Denver nightclub is a must-visit venue for you. The place has beautiful and comfortable sitting, unlike typical nightclubs. As soon as the night falls, the inside gets dark as they switch off the lights. Only the stage is focused on where the best musicians, DJs, artists, and performers do their best to get you in the mood for the rest of the night.

19. La Rumba Denver

La Rumba Denver can’t-miss destinations for Latin nightlife in Denver is this one of a kind entertainment venue, La Rumba! This sultry and voluptuous concert venue and Latin dance club extends an experience unlike any other entertainment venues to its guests. With the welcoming yet sophisticated ambiance, La Rumba shows off a sexy vibe, high energy, and the best Latin music and dancing around.

20. Club Vinyl Denver

Club Vinyl Denver is a spacious venue with four floors. The main floor offers the best of bass and house music. Besides, Top 40 and Hip Hop is also played on different days of the week. DJ Danny rocks the stage on the Glass Lounge on the second floor. While the rooftop is dazzled with Hip Hop and Top 40 by DJ Dave Peacock. All the four nights bring in something unique and different for 18+. However, the Sundays are exclusively for 21+ adults as the Sin Sundays are celebrated in the basement with the special drinks all night.

21. Charlie’s Nightclub Denver

Charlie’s Nightclub Denver is cowboy-themed with a sit-down bar and a spacious stage for popular weekly drag shows as well as an outdoor, fenced-in patio. Charlie’s Nightclub also has branches in Chicago, Las Vegas, and Phoenix. The venue is a hot spot for all the gay party-goers in the city. Not only the inside of the bar offers the best entertainment for its guests but people also love to sit on the outdoor patio to enjoy the sunshine, which Colorado is famous for!

22. 52eighty Sports Bar And Night Club Denver

52eighty Sports Bar And Night Club Denver nightclub a kind of a venue that caters to the needs and wants of all and sundry. It is a mid-sized nightclub where you always feel welcomed and want to come back. The best DJs rock the stage here. Not only the residents but the internally-acclaimed DJs and artists around the globe make their appearance at this small, unique venue.

23. Bar Standard Denver

Bar Standard Denver nightclub is venue has all the essentials, that you can expect from a standard bar. The club has renovated and remodeled to catch up with the modernity and trendiness of today. However, it was equally famous in the past times as of now. The most famous DJs and artists made this venue alive and kicking including the former Jonas Brothers, who kept rocking the stage of the Bar many times. Still, the venue prides itself on bringing the top-notch DJs and artists on its stage, who spin dance and house music.

24. #VYBE Denver

#VYBE Denver is nothing less than a self-proclaimed, community bar; that has been a favorite destination for high-spirited party-goers for years. The venue serves as a nondescript hangout spot for all club-maniacs with a small bungalow of dance floor occupied by the paramount DJs and a pool table that stows away the most attention. The jukebox is miscellaneous that blares everything from Queen to Whitney Houston. The interior of the venue gives you good and healthy vibes with wood-paneled walls. The patio extends the best features with umbrellas and picnic tables for accommodating large crowds in summers.