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The Best Places to go Clubbing in Chicago

1. Watra Night Club Chicago

Watra Night Club Chicago was launched in the ’90s more than 20 years have passed, and despite that, we are still regarded as the best club in the South area. Thursdays are Karaoke nights, and Celebrity party is organised on Fridays. Some of the other events we hosted include Latin Freestyle, 2 rooms of music, Lip Sync Battle and Lime Concert. We will be updating our new list of events soon so, keep a look out for them. Various theme parties are also held at our club.

2. Tunnel Chicago

Tunnel Chicago drew its inspiration from the urban Tunnel system. We opened doors in February 2015 and are now regarded the hottest club on Kinzie Street. Upon your entry, you will come across a staircase. Each step will increase your anticipation regarding what awaits you upstairs. Our club was designed by the famous interior designer Rocco Laudizio. Multi-colored LED lights, combined with a high-tech lighting and sound system, creates an excellent party atmosphere. A Twelve panelled video wall is also available, which further enhances the clubber’s experience. For us, all of our customers are VIPs, and we treat them the save way. Comfortable Leather sofa, custom made tables, and several murals are found hanging in our club. We have plenty of space available and can accommodate up to 120 guests.

3. Afterlife Chicago

Afterlife Chicago brings amazing parties and musicians to various clubs. After continuously dealing with Nightclubs that displayed “Come as You Are, Be Who You Are” yet, enforced strict Dress codes and let specific people in we decided to create Afterlife. Our place provides you complete freedom. Your sexual orientation, race, dressing and gender, etc. does not matter to us. We started operations in 2010 and have managed to collaborate with various major clubs. Examples can be taken of OHM and Red Dog, etc. Every Saturday, we used to arrange parties at Annex Nightclub, Wicker park; however, it has now been permanently shut down. But, don’t worry because we will still be collaborating with the Golden Room and the Basecamp, etc. Every Thursday Afterlife team’s up with the Underground during which Roger Sanchez, Lucati, Ron Carrol, Saeed Younan, and Robbie Rivera, etc. perform live. Don’t miss this party at any cost.

4. Sound Bar Chicago

SoundBar was launched in 2004 since then we have become a top-rated Nightclub. Our European design, combined with the state-of-the-art technology, will take your breath away. Our club is split into two levels a total of nine bars, four lounges and a massive dancefloor is available here. Sound Bar is a hub of famous touring DJ’s. Examples can be taken of BSMT, Jacob Henry and Super8&Tab, etc. In other clubs, only a selected few songs are playedbut, in our club, multiple music rooms are available for different genres, i.e., Hip-Hop, EDM, and Techno. All of which are played at the same time. In every room, a different color scheme is used, i.e., Red, Green, and Orange, etc. Along with all of the things mentioned above, we also provide beautiful Lazer lighting, an excellent sound system, and video projection equipment. All of these features are what makes us different from the rest of the crowd.

5. Society 2201 Chicago

Society 2201 Chicago opened for business in 2012 and is located on the West Walnut Street. Our gorgeous décor, combined with high tech music system captivates the clubbers. We are a luxurious and stylish Nightclub that holds multiple events each week. Examples can be taken of The Pretty Girl Hideout, Sip and Shop, Tank and Bulls @ Bucks Game: 4, etc. Every Saturday night we host a party at Society 2201. During which we provide Bottle Specials and Live Photography. At our Saturday night party various well-known DJ’s play a variety of tunes.

6. Social Twenty-Five Chicago

Social Twenty-Five Chicago created a boom in the River North area. Our two-level Nightclub is a big hit with locals and tourists. The Luxurious leather booths and couches enhance one’s comfort. Our wooden ceiling combined with Wine racks, custom made Walnut tables and ceiling lights create a visually appealing scene. Our club is equipped with state-of-the-art sound system which provides a fabulous experience. Both of our floors are fully furnished great bars, AV equipment and LED flat screen TV’s are available on both levels. Our main floor can accommodate up to 300 guests while the lower floor can accommodate up to 100 guests. If you require a venue for Birthdays, Bachelorette party, Fundraiser or Reunions then give us a try.

7. Spybar Chicago

Spybar Chicago is hidden deep under the streets of the River North area. We started operations in 1995 and have been running this club ever since. It has been 18 years, and yet, the memories of our opening day still remain fresh in our mind. Our Nightclub’s chic design will captivate you, and the cluster-based seating arrangement will provide you a comfortable experience. In 2013 the rolling stone called us “The River North Party Paradise.” In Rolling Stone’s club ranking we ranked at 9th place.

8. Smartbar Chicago

Smartbar Chicago has a deep and rich history. We opened shop in 1982 and have been providing an excellent clubbing experience ever since. Smartbar has no dress code; you can wear whatever you want. Our sole mission is to provide you great music and a large space where you can show off your skills. Smartbar can accommodate up to 400 guests. People with different taste in music visit our club which why we play different music each night. On Wednesdays, we play local DJ’s and Chicago based artist’s music. Thursdays are devoted to Dubstep and Bass & Drum music. On Saturdays, Techno music is played, and Sundays are Disco nights

9. Slippery Slope Chicago

Slippery Slope Chicago is the coolest Nightclub on Milwaukee Ave, Chicago area. Bonny’s a local’s favorite bar shut down in 2012 to fill that hole we created the Slippery Slope. Red lightning and Vintage painting create visually appealing scenes, while the Crescent shaped booths provide a comfortable experience. A fantastic dancefloor is also available where you can show off your dancing skills. In the back area, a photo booth is also present, which can be used to snap memorable pictures. Once, you get tired of dancing; you can make use of our Skee Ball machines.

10. Stereo Nightclub Chicago

Welcome to Stereo Nightclub Chicago and get ready for a fantastic night. Upon entry, the first thing that you will notice is our beautiful design. The Blue and Pink lighting blends in perfectly and is non-irritating to your eyes. Smoky rooms and the Lighting show create an air of mystery. All kinds of music, such as 90’s disco, rock, and pop, etc. are available at Stereo Nightclub. Need a short break? Make use of our Lounge room. You will notice that this room’s design is completely different from the rest of the Nightclub. The large bar, Brown sofas, and the LED TV will remind you of Hollywood’s classy bar scenes. If you require a quiet place to chat, then the Lounge Room is perfect for you. Along with that Our Lounge Room’s relaxing environment will melt away all your fatigue.

11. Tao Chicago

Tao Chicago is a gorgeous and high class two floor Nightclub. Our upper level operates as a restaurant which serves enjoyable Asian food such as Peking duck, Lobster wontons, Satay of Chilean Sea Bass, Crispy Rice Tuna and Wagyu Rib-Eye Teppanyaki, etc. After going through our 100-year-old Chinese gate, you will enter our lower floor where you will discover a 7,000 square feet Nightclub. Beautiful Asian artwork and decorations can be found throughout the club. Our Nightclub is split into two rooms which can be combined to form a single large room via the removable wall. One room contains Private Booths, a large bar and Lounge. The other room is comprised of a DJ booth and a dancefloor, which is situated under a massive Japanese Bell. A huge Disco ball and an enormous painting created by artist Hush hangs in our nightclub. Beautiful Lotus styled mirror pendants hang above the dancefloor they will take your breath away.

12. Redemption NightClub & Lounge Chicago

Redemption NightClub & Lounge Chicago is a gorgeously designed club which has a modern look. A huge dance floor, two VIP areas and bars are available at our club. From our VIP room you can see the Ice arena to ensure complete privacy, we have tinted glass windows installed. Our excellent multi-colored lighting and sound system will create an outstanding party environment. We have hosted various events such as New Year Eve’s party, The Jingle Bell Ball, Black Wednesday, The Reunion, Grime Gather, Girls Night Out, Witch’s Brew Ball, Brews and Booze Costume Party, etc. During which numerous artists such as Mindtza, Steve Pointdexter, Coexst, Throwback Family, Jackers of The Midway, Lil Bit and many more have been seen playing at our club.

13. PRYSM Nightclub Chicago

PRYSM Nightclub Chicago is a high class and luxurious Nightclub it is located in the Lincoln Park Area. From décor, to lighting everything has been carefully selected and is of high quality. Our club is divided into two levels. It has three fully furnished bars, comfortable seating, a high-tech DJ booth, and coat checking service available. Hazing machines combined with our lighting techniques create a splendid atmosphere and has the crowd rocking to the music.

14. Primary NightClub Chicago

Primary NightClub Chicago is an underground club and is located under the W. Division. Our club has a fantastic VOID sound system which is regarded as the best in all of Chicago. DJ’s of National and International level can be seen playing at our club examples can be taken of Derek Specs, Gene Farris, Sharam, Cocodrills, Juliet Fox, Crystal Castles, Phil Rizzo, Blu9, My Digital Enemy, Patrick Topping and many others. Primary Nightclub mostly plays EDM, Dubstep, Hip-Hop, Disco, House, Latin, etc. soundtracks. In 2013’s edition of Chicago Magazine and TimeOut Chicago, we were regarded as a top-rated electro club. Along with this, Primary Nightclub has also won various Chicago Nightlife awards.

15. The Mine Music Hall Chicago

The Mine Music Hall Chicago is an extraordinary place to party. Our 10,000-feet warehouse style club has three music rooms and four bars available. Each room plays different types of music such as Top 40, Latin, Hip-Hop, Dembow, Funk and many others. Our music changes according to our events example can be taken of Ultra Saturdays during which we play Reggaeton, Club Hits and Latin music. Mine Music Hall held Multiple events such as Girls Night Out, St. Patty’s Bash, Reggaeton Nights, NYE 2019 and various others.

16. LiqrBox Chicago 

LiqrBox Chicago is a unique place which is located on Orleans St, Chicago. Neon lighting combined with beautiful street art and comfortable seating will ensure that you have a pleasant experience. Our multi-level club has four large Tv screens, Full-service bars, coat check, dancefloor, an awesome DJ booth, a hi-tech sound, and lighting system, etc., available. Artworks of David Bozic, Jacob Wayne, and Fidel Rodriguez are found hanging at our club. Upon coming in contact with the black light, the artwork illuminates.

17. Underground Chicago

Underground Chicago is the hottest place in Chicago. Our club was also featured in Entertainment Weekly and Cosmopolitan Magazine. We cater to a wide range of clientele such as celebrities, athletes and normies, etc. Famous DJ’s such as Olivier GIiacomotto, Navic, Bazzi, Jesse Seely, and Robbie Riveria play rocking music at our club. Initially, The Underground was designed according to the Bunker style. However, after going through a makeover, it was given a more modern look. We are well aware that a sound system can make or break a club, which is why we make use of Hitech sound and lighting. At our club, we do not compromise on anything.

18. Late Bar Chicago

Late Bar Chicago located at W Belmont, Chicago. Since our launch, we have done everything we can to ensure that our customers get the best experience of their lives. We are a bit old fashioned our drinking menu, and rates are displayed on chalkboards. No tabs or other electronic devices are available at our nightclub. We have been featured in various magazines such as TimeOut, Chicago Magazine. Playboy magazine also recommended our club. We have also been listed in Do312’s “Best Chicago Happy Hour List.” At Late Bar Nightclub Punk, Post-Punk, New Wave, Ska, Rockabilly, Mod, Motown, Soul, and Reggae music is played.

19. JC Martini Club Chicago

JC Martini Club Chicago is an ideal place for 18+ individuals. Our club has four music rooms available. All of them have different designs and play various kinds of music. Diverse music is played in the Central room, and Mexican Live performances are also arranged here. Multi-colored lighting, a large dancefloor and beautiful Chandeliers will fascinate you. This room is ideal for concerts, corporate and personal events. Our second room is called the Scarlet room; everything in here is Crimson colored. This room is dedicated to Latin music you will hear Bachata, Merengue, Salsa and Cumbia, etc. being played here.

20. Debonair Social Club Chicago

Debonair Social Club Chicago is located in Wicker Park’s Flat Iron Building. Our multilevel nightclub is a rocking and hot place. On every floor, large bars, DJ booths, Lounges, and dancefloors are available. Both levels are equipped with high quality sound systems. Debonair holds multiple events each week.

21. Berlin Chicago

Berlin Chicago opened its doors in 1983 and became a hub of diversity. It did not matter whether an individual belonged to the LGBTQ community or was a heterosexual we welcomed everyone. 36 years have passed since then and we have become a top-rated gay/non-gay club. Berlin takes great pride in its reputation and is always striving to improve itself. Our club is comprised of two bars and a huge dancefloor.

22. Beauty Bar Chicago

Beauty Bar Chicago was launched in 2010 and is located on Chicago Ave. Our interior has been designed according to the 60’s saloons. Large mirrors, comfortable seating and Disco balls are available at our club. Once the Disco ball is turned on the pink wallpapered walls combined with white flashing lights creates a beautiful scene. Pictures from the 60’s are found hanging on our walls. 90’s songs, rap, Motown and various other music genres are played here. We weekly organise EMO Vs POP PUNK event during which multiple artists such as The Get Up Kids, Taking Back Sunday, Dashboard Confessional, Less Than Jake, Rancid, Brand New and Rise against, etc. are seen playing at our club.

23. B.L.U.E.S. Chicago

B.L.U.E.S. Chicago  is a cosy and intimate place for all Blues music lovers. We are located in Lincoln Park and are regarded as North Chicago’s most authentic Blues club. Our walls reflect the rich history of Chicago’s blues music. You will see various artists such as Pistol Pete, Rico McFarland, Carl Weathersby, Eddie Shaw, Magic Slim, Eddy Clearwater, Billy Flynn, Lurrie Bell, Nigel Mack and many others playing Live music at our club.

24. Electric Hotel Chicago

Electric Hotel Chicago is the hottest new place in the Chicago area. We bought a warehouse and started renovating it. During renovations we heard the tale of an old hotelier who wanted to transform this old warehouse into an Electric Hotel. However, due to the Depression-era, this dream was never realised. After hearing this story, we decided to turn that dream into a reality, and Electric Hotel Nightclub was born.

25. LITE Chicago

LITE Chicago was launched recently and has ended up becoming the talk of the town. We have a 4000 square feet space available, which is ideal for holding Corporate events, Birthday parties, Bachelorette parties, and other activities. Lit Chicago holds several events each week. An example can be taken of Nostalgia Tuesdays during which the hit songs from the ’90s to 2000s are played. Listening to them will remind you of your past.

26. Disco Chicago

Disco Chicago Nightclub is a perfect example of it. We took the 1970’s theme and added a touch of modernism to it. Upon your entry, you will see Black and White pictures hanging on the wall. Along with that, the Fur sofas, Glass Disco balls, LED screens, Lucite styled furnishing, and glass ceilings will blow your mind away. At our club, the glass dancefloor illuminates with different colored lights, which creates a beautiful scene. Our music collection is comprised of Funk, Soul, Latin, House, Donna Summer, Cerrone Chic, and Nile Rodger, all of them are played by world-class DJs. They will keep the party going till morning. We serve drinks in Disco ball styled glasses which cannot be found at any other nightclub. For your drinking pleasure, we provide craft cocktails, champagne, and other beverages. Bottle service is available as well.

27. The Apartment Chicago

The Apartment Chicago like its name suggests, is an apartment style Nightclub. Bed, Reclining Sofas, fireplace, and even a kitchen is available here. Our club mostly attracts College kids and Alumni. DePaul University students frequently visit our club. In 2005 we were voted as the The Best College Bar. The Apartment mostly plays Rock, Hip-Hop and Retro soundtracks. If you need an excellent place for Birthdays, Office and Bachelorette Parties, etc. then give us a call we will organize everything for you. Furthermore, we also provide services for E-Z parties, which includes a remarkable space and unlimited cocktails. Food packages are also available at reasonable rates, which can be incorporated into your E-Z party package. If you need anything else, let us know, and we will immediately arrange it for you. This way, you will be able to enjoy the party without any worries.

28. East Room Chicago

East Room Chicago is a hot place to party and is located in Logan Square. Our club has a semi-chic and semi-industrial look. Red wallpapered walls, Black wooden furniture and dim lighting, creates a visually appealing scene. We discovered an out of service elevator at our place and transformed it into a Lounge Area. You can chill here with your friend and can have a fun time chatting with each other. Our club focuses on providing a comfortable atmosphere which relaxes our customers and reduces their stress.

29. Latin Bliss Chicago

Latin Bliss Chicago Nightclub is an elegant and sophisticated club which is located at Lincoln Ave. We cater mostly to VIP clientele; however; everyone is allowed entry. Our club has a strict dress code, which means no Jeans, Sneakers, Joggers, or any other kind of casual/sportswear is allowed. We recommend that you come in stylish clothes and dress shoes. Latin Bliss Nightclub only allows 21 years old and above entry. To ensure that you are of the appropriate age, we will check your ID’s. Our tropical design, combined with luxurious sofas, colored lights, stone status, and a well-designed bar, creates a comfortable environment that will help you relax.

30. VLive Chicago

VLive Chicago is a relatively new place which has now become a hip and cool place. It is located in Markham, Illinois area. Upon your entry, you will notice that our stairs illuminate with different colors. Along with this, our dancefloor is multi-colored as well, and yellow lightning shines brightly on the guests. Multiple Wide flat TV screens are installed in our club combine them with our excellent music, and you will get a fantastic audiovisual experience.

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