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Electric Hotel Chicago, Guide & Review

Electric Hotel is the hottest new place in the Chicago area. We bought a warehouse and started renovating it.During renovationswe heard the tale of an old hotelier who wanted to transform this old warehouse into an Electric Hotel. However, due to the Depression-era, this dream was never realised. After hearing this story, we decided to turn that dream into a reality, and Electric Hotel Nightclub was born.

Take one step into our club, and you will instantly be transported to another time. Our club’s retro design combined with the rustic paint job, vintage artwork, hardwood floor, timber columns and vault doors have transformed the old warehouse into a beautiful place. However, don’t let our old fashion appearance fool you because all the facilities of a modern Nightclub, i.e. Hi-Fi music system, remarkable lighting, excellent bottle service and a breathtaking VIP area are available at Eclectic Hotel.

Mostly EDM, Top 40 hits, Hip-Hop is played here along with this we also organise Live music. Our Dress code focuses on trendy nightlife attire. No sportswear such as Jackets, Jerseys, Sneakers and Hats, etc. are allowed. Our club has hosted multiple events, e.g. SAMF Afters, Deep Down Under Feat, Late and CheckOut, etc. In July, we will be hosting an event called One More Time A Tribute to Daft Punk.

Along with this every Wednesday, we arrange No Tell Hotel Music Party, which features various DJ’s such as Brotinez, Karsten Sollors and John Summit, etc. If you are Interested in an event, then we recommend that you reserve a table this way you won’t have to wait and can attend the event without any problem.

We have custom packages available for Birthdays and Bachelorette Parties. They can accommodate various sized groups. Come to the Electric Hotel, try our delicious drinks and dance the night away.

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