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Berlin Chicago, Guide & Review

Berlin opened its doors in 1983 and became a hub of diversity. It did not matter whether an individual belonged to the LGBTQ community or was a heterosexual we welcomed everyone. 36 years have passed since then and we have become a top-rated gay/non-gay club. Berlin takes great pride in its reputation and is always striving to improve itself. Our club is comprised of two bars and a huge dancefloor.

In comparison to other clubs, we provide delicious drinks at reasonable rates. Our bartenders are professionals who love interacting with different customers. Berlin weekly hosts various events such as Cosmix Friday, Drag Matinee + Twisted, Pride Fest, Crash Landing, Bittersweet, MadonnaRama and many more. Theme parties along with weekly drag shows keep the patrons on their toes and offers them a unique experience. Berlin is a place for 80’s music, House and New Wave if you are only interested in listening to top 40 hit songs then our Nightclub is not your cup of tea.

To us it does not matter whether you are a celebrity or a regular customer we treat everyone equally. Elton John, Andy Bell, Oliver Stone, Donna Karan, and many others have been spotted at our club. Our resident DJ’s are awesome and will play tunes that will have your feet dancing in happiness. Examples can be taken of Greg Haus, Larissa, Nevin, Philly Peroxide and many others. At Berlin we don’t care about the Dress Code you can wear whatever you want. However, flip-flops, skates, hover-boards and open-toed shoes are strongly discouraged because they carry a high risk of injury.

So, if you are looking for a non-judgmental place that comes with incredible music and a fantastic dancefloor, then give Berlin a try. Visit us once and you will not be able to stop yourself from coming back.

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