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Spybar Chicago, Guide & Review

Spybar is hidden deep under the streets of the River North area. We started operations in 1995 and have been running this club ever since. It has been 18 years, and yet, the memories of our opening day still remain fresh in our mind. Our Nightclub’s chic design will captivate you, and the cluster-based seating arrangement will provide you a comfortable experience. In 2013 the rolling stone called us “The River North Party Paradise.” In Rolling Stone’s club ranking we ranked at 9th place.

At Spybar you will come across various talented and famous DJ’s. Examples can be taken of Victor Calderone, Anthony Attalla, Kalendr, Dino.G, Jason Patrick, and many others. Our club mostly focuses on Techno, Electro, and House music. Each night specific music is played in our club. Wednesdays are dedicated to hip-hop, from Thursday to Saturday Electronic music is played, and Sundays are dedicated to Latin music. We can accommodate up to 300 guests, which is why we recommend that you make use of our table reservation services.

Unlike other clubs, we do not mind casual dressing wear whatever you are comfortable with. Dancing to the beat of the music can make you tired and sweaty. You can make use of our outside patio. It will help you cool off and will also refresh. Female patrons who enter before the midnight don’t have to pay the cover fee. Spy bar is an ideal location for both corporate event and personal events.

Along with an incredible experience, we also provide high-quality service. Our staff is professional and will do their utmost to ensure that you remain happy. Spybar remains open from 10 pm to 4 am on weekdays and till 5 am on Saturdays. Visit our Nightclub once, and you will be coming back for more.

Spybar Chicago Dress Code Guide

Want to relax after a hectic schedule at work in Chicago? Want to drink the best wine and dance with gorgeous women at a cool nightclub? Look nowhere than the Spybar nightclub who has everything your heart desires for.

Located in the North River area, Spybar is an upscale nightclub where live DJs play hip hop music, and a fantastic sound system creates a musical environment for both men and women.

Spybar Nightclub Dress Code Guide for the Ladies

Girls are the lucky ones because there is no such dress code for them. So if you’re a woman and you’re reading this article, then you should be very happy since there are plenty of good things to tell you.

First of all, you can wear anything. A short or a long dress. A short or a long skirt. Jeans or nice trousers. Anything. The length does not matter. But the shape matters because it can enhance or ruin your look. So wear something that suits you.

White, black, beige, blue, and grey colors are in trends. So you can wear something in this color. As far as makeup is concerned, you can watch makeup tutorials on Youtube. A few things are learned better when you see upfront.

Some night clubs have a very strict rule regarding shoes. They don’t allow anything apart from heels. Many women find it hard to dance while wearing those killer heels. But that is not an issue here. You can avoid wearing heels here and dance comfortably. If you’re comfortable in flats, you can wear them. Just make sure that shoes are nice and comfortable. Read the fashion blogs to get an idea of the latest trends.

Spybar Nightclub Dress Code Guide for the Gents

According to Rolling Stone magazine, Spybar ranks among the top 10 nightclubs in the USA. When you plan to visit such an upscale nightclub, you got to dress the best. Plus, the nightclub also has a proper dress code, which you need to follow.

Wear a collared shirt, jeans, and dress shoes when you’re going to the nightclub for avoiding unnecessary trouble. This is the safest dress code here. You can even wear a sport coat to look trendy. But don’t take the term ‘sport’ too seriously because sportswear is not allowed at Spybar.

Avoid wearing jerseys, track jackets, hats, sneakers, tennis shoes, and baseball caps. Apart from these things, don’t wear ripped jeans or shirts also.

Baggy clothes are comfortable, but they inflate your figure. You won’t look good wearing those things. So avoid wearing these types of clothes.

Our Suggestions 

Spybar has a very chilled and relaxed environment. The dress code is also not strict. Just avoid wearing sportswear, torn clothes, shorts, and gym clothes at the time of entering the nightclub. The bouncers will happily allow you to dance in the nightclub.

Last but not least, don’t wear anything offensive. This includes a t-shirt having an offensive logo or a slogan. That is not allowed in almost all the decent nightclubs in the USA.

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