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Debonair Social Club Chicago, Guide & Review

The Debonair Social Club is located in Wicker Park’s Flat Iron Building. Our multilevel nightclub is a rocking and hot place. On every floor, large bars, DJ booths, Lounges, and dancefloors are available. Both levels are equipped with high quality sound systems. Debonair holds multiple events each week.

An example can be taken of New wave 80’s video dance party which is held on every Thursday. Every Wednesday the Drum and Bass music event is organized, Fridays are dedicated to DJ Ryan Paradise, who plays different soundtracks such as House, Hip-Hop, Trap and Top ’40s which, creates a remarkable party environment. On Sunday’s Cowabunga party is held during which people get to eat delicious Pizza and can dance to their hearts content.

During the Paper Magazine Nightlife awards, we were given the title of “America’s best party.” Since then, many large companies have hosted various events at our club. Electronic Games promotional parties were held at our club. Along with this, we have also held events for Entertainment weekly, Puma, Vice Magazine and Elite Models, etc.

Since, our launch we have managed to fill our roster with world-renowned bands and DJ’s such as Bloc Party, MIA, Diplo, Harlem, Steve Aoki, and many others. This resulted in our customers being able to enjoy various genres. Along with High-quality drinks, Debonair also serves a wide variety of yummy Pizzas and Sandwiches. Our kitchen is open all night; you can place your order whenever you want and our staff will prepare it for you.

Multiple bottle service packages are also available at our club, and we weekly introduce new ones as well. If you are looking for a place to celebrate your Bachelorette party, then we recommend you give us a try. We will ensure that you will have an excellent experience at our club.

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