EDM Dance Clubs in Chicago

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So on this page, you’ll find the official shortlist of the best edm dance clubs in Chicago. (More in-depth further below)

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‘Electronic Dance Music’ is no doubt, one of the most famous and extensive music genres. The lovers of EDM Dance seem ready to pay any price for the good EDM. Chicago takes pride in having the finest and top of the line EDM Dance clubs to be found anywhere in the world. Not only the natives but the touring visitors from all over the world grace the EDM clubs in Chicago. Apart from the local talent, the internationally-renowned guest DJs and artists rock the stage here. The clubbers and partygoers keep on dancing on the loud EDM beats until the wee hours in the morning.

1. Sound Bar

Sound Bar was launched in 2004 since then we have become a top-rated Nightclub. Our European design, combined with the state-of-the-art technology, will take your breath away. Our club is split into two levels a total of nine bars, four lounges and a massive dancefloor is available here. Sound Bar is a hub of famous touring DJ’s. Examples can be taken of BSMT, Jacob Henry and Super8&Tab, etc. In other clubs, only a selected few songs are playedbut, in our club, multiple music rooms are available for different genres, i.e., Hip-Hop, EDM, and Techno. All of which are played at the same time. In every room, a different color scheme is used, i.e., Red, Green, and Orange, etc.

2. Primary NightClub

Primary Nightclub is an underground club and is located under the W. Division. Our club has a fantastic VOID sound system which is regarded as the best in all of Chicago. DJ’s of National and International level can be seen playing at our club examples can be taken of Derek Specs, Gene Farris, Sharam, Cocodrills, Juliet Fox, Crystal Castles, Phil Rizzo, Blu9, My Digital Enemy, Patrick Topping and many others. Primary Nightclub mostly plays EDM, Dubstep, Hip-Hop, Disco, House, Latin, etc. soundtracks. In 2013’s edition of Chicago Magazine and TimeOut Chicago, we were regarded as a top-rated electro club. Along with this, Primary Nightclub has also won various Chicago Nightlife awards.

3. Smartbar

Smartbar has a deep and rich history. We opened shop in 1982 and have been providing an excellent clubbing experience ever since. Smartbar has no dress code; you can wear whatever you want. Our sole mission is to provide you great music and a large space where you can show off your skills. Smartbar can accommodate up to 400 guests. People with different taste in music visit our club which why we play different music each night. On Wednesdays, we play local DJ’s and Chicago based artist’s music. Thursdays are devoted to Dubstep and Bass & Drum music. On Saturdays, Techno music is played, and Sundays are Disco nights.

4. Debonair Social Club

The Debonair Social Club is located in Wicker Park’s Flat Iron Building. Our multilevel nightclub is a rocking and hot place. On every floor, large bars, DJ booths, Lounges, and dancefloors are available. Both levels are equipped with high quality sound systems. Debonair holds multiple events each week.

5. Tunnel

Shrouded in mystery Tunnel drew its inspiration from the urban Tunnel system. We opened doors in February 2015 and are now regarded the hottest club on Kinzie Street. Upon your entry, you will come across a staircase. Each step will increase your anticipation regarding what awaits you upstairs. Our club was designed by the famous interior designer Rocco Laudizio. Multi-colored LED lights, combined with a high-tech lighting and sound system, creates an excellent party atmosphere. A Twelve panelled video wall is also available, which further enhances the clubber’s experience. For us, all of our customers are VIPs, and we treat them the save way. Comfortable Leather sofa, custom made tables, and several murals are found hanging in our club. We have plenty of space available and can accommodate up to 120 guests.

In Conclusion

If you have been watching out for some good EDM Dance clubs in Chicago, we have brought a list for you. Our list of the top EDM clubs includes the spots which produce the best of EDM as well as they have the chicest atmosphere and crowd. What you need to have is a youthful heart! We hope that you will make the most out of your precious time out there. Wishing you all the best! Get up and visit these clubs to have your share of fun from life. We are safe in saying, you will experience anything but ordinary!