Gay & LGBT Clubs in Chicago

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So on this page, you’ll find the official shortlist of the best gay & lgbt clubs in Chicago. (More in-depth further below)

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The Chicago City has a varied and rich LGBT scene with everything from supper clubs to huge dance parties to dive bars. In addition to that, the most popular Pride Parades is what the city takes pride in. Although, Boystown is regarded as the best-known and largest gay clubs in the neighborhood. But Chicago’s eccentric people do not start or end there. The city embraces every individual equally, no matter what sex-orientation they belong to. More and more Gay and LGBT event series and collectives have come out with time to offer more inclusive spots for the people having intersecting identities such as people of color, non-binary people, women, and trans.

1. Smartbar

Smartbar has a deep and rich history. We opened shop in 1982 and have been providing an excellent clubbing experience ever since. Smartbar has no dress code; you can wear whatever you want. Our sole mission is to provide you great music and a large space where you can show off your skills. Smartbar can accommodate up to 400 guests. People with different taste in music visit our club which why we play different music each night. On Wednesdays, we play local DJ’s and Chicago based artist’s music. Thursdays are devoted to Dubstep and Bass & Drum music. On Saturdays, Techno music is played, and Sundays are Disco nights.

2. PRYSM Nightclub

PRYSM is a high class and luxurious Nightclub it is located in the Lincoln Park Area. From décor, to lighting everything has been carefully selected and is of high quality. Our club is divided into two levels. It has three fully furnished bars, comfortable seating, a high-tech DJ booth, and coat checking service available. Hazing machines combined with our lighting techniques create a splendid atmosphere and has the crowd rocking to the music.

3. Latin Bliss Nightclub

Latin Bliss Nightclub is an elegant and sophisticated club which is located at Lincoln Ave. We cater mostly to VIP clientele; however; everyone is allowed entry. Our club has a strict dress code, which means no Jeans, Sneakers, Joggers, or any other kind of casual/sportswear is allowed. We recommend that you come in stylish clothes and dress shoes. Latin Bliss Nightclub only allows 21 years old and above entry. To ensure that you are of the appropriate age, we will check your ID’s. Our tropical design, combined with luxurious sofas, colored lights, stone status, and a well-designed bar, creates a comfortable environment that will help you relax.

4. The Underground

The Underground is the hottest place in Chicago. Our club was also featured in Entertainment Weekly and Cosmopolitan Magazine. We cater to a wide range of clientele such as celebrities, athletes and normies, etc. Famous DJ’s such as Olivier GIiacomotto, Navic, Bazzi, Jesse Seely, and Robbie Riveria play rocking music at our club. Initially, The Underground was designed according to the Bunker style. However, after going through a makeover, it was given a more modern look. We are well aware that a sound system can make or break a club, which is why we make use of Hitech sound and lighting. At our club, we do not compromise on anything.

5. Sound Bar

Sound Barwas launched in 2004 since then we have become a top-rated Nightclub. Our European design, combined with the state-of-the-art technology, will take your breath away. Our club is split into two levels a total of nine bars, four lounges and a massive dancefloor is available here. Sound Bar is a hub of famous touring DJ’s. Examples can be taken of BSMT, Jacob Henry and Super8&Tab, etc. In other clubs, only a selected few songs are playedbut, in our club, multiple music rooms are available for different genres, i.e., Hip-Hop, EDM, and Techno. All of which are played at the same time. In every room, a different color scheme is used, i.e., Red, Green, and Orange, etc.

6. Debonair Social Club

The Debonair Social Club is located in Wicker Park’s Flat Iron Building. Our multilevel nightclub is a rocking and hot place. On every floor, large bars, DJ booths, Lounges, and dancefloors are available. Both levels are equipped with high quality sound systems. Debonair holds multiple events each week.

7. Beauty Bar

Beauty Bar was launched in 2010 and is located on Chicago Ave. Our interior has been designed according to the 60’s saloons. Large mirrors, comfortable seating and Disco balls are available at our club. Once the Disco ball is turned on the pink wallpapered walls combined with white flashing lights creates a beautiful scene. Pictures from the 60’s are found hanging on our walls. 90’s songs, rap, Motown and various other music genres are played here. We weekly organise EMO Vs POP PUNK event during which multiple artists such as The Get Up Kids, Taking Back Sunday, Dashboard Confessional, Less Than Jake, Rancid, Brand New and Rise against, etc. are seen playing at our club.

In Conclusion

Having this evolution in mind, our list of the top Gay and LGBT venues includes some of the finest LGBT bars and clubs in Chicago. If you are watching out for some good Gay and LGBT clubs in the town, choose one from our list. Believe it or not, you are going to enjoy the party like never before. So, waste no more time and rush to some good and out of the ordinary LGBT club in Chicago to get the fun experience like no other. Wishing you all the best. See you!