Techno Clubs in Chicago

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So on this page, you’ll find the official shortlist of the best techno clubs in Chicago. (More in-depth further below)

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Techno music is what taking Chicago by storm. This genre takes the edge off the good music listeners. People from all over the world visit clubs to listen to live Techno in Chicago. Not only the local DJs and musicians grace the clubs in Chicago but the renowned guest artists from all over the world come to rock the stage. No matter what age you are, all you need to be young at heart. The Techno clubs in the city assures the best of Techno to be found anywhere on earth. You have seen nothing that Chicago has to offer if you have not visited the top of Techno clubs in the city. These clubs invite all the clubbers and partygoers with zeal and fervor.

1. Spybar

Spybar is hidden deep under the streets of the River North area. We started operations in 1995 and have been running this club ever since. It has been 18 years, and yet, the memories of our opening day still remain fresh in our mind. Our Nightclub’s chic design will captivate you, and the cluster-based seating arrangement will provide you a comfortable experience. In 2013 the rolling stone called us “The River North Party Paradise.” In Rolling Stone’s club ranking we ranked at 9th place.

2. Stereo Nightclub

Welcome to the Stereo Club and get ready for a fantastic night. Upon entry, the first thing that you will notice is our beautiful design. The Blue and Pink lighting blends in perfectly and is non-irritating to your eyes. Smoky rooms and the Lighting show create an air of mystery. All kinds of music, such as 90’s disco, rock, and pop, etc. are available at Stereo Nightclub. Need a short break? Make use of our Lounge room. You will notice that this room’s design is completely different from the rest of the Nightclub. The large bar, Brown sofas, and the LED TV will remind you of Hollywood’s classy bar scenes. If you require a quiet place to chat, then the Lounge Room is perfect for you. Along with that Our Lounge Room’s relaxing environment will melt away all your fatigue.

3. Smartbar

Smartbar has a deep and rich history. We opened shop in 1982 and have been providing an excellent clubbing experience ever since. Smartbar has no dress code; you can wear whatever you want. Our sole mission is to provide you great music and a large space where you can show off your skills. Smartbar can accommodate up to 400 guests. People with different taste in music visit our club which why we play different music each night. On Wednesdays, we play local DJ’s and Chicago based artist’s music. Thursdays are devoted to Dubstep and Bass & Drum music. On Saturdays, Techno music is played, and Sundays are Disco nights.

4. Berlin

Berlin opened its doors in 1983 and became a hub of diversity. It did not matter whether an individual belonged to the LGBTQ community or was a heterosexual we welcomed everyone. 36 years have passed since then and we have become a top-rated gay/non-gay club. Berlin takes great pride in its reputation and is always striving to improve itself. Our club is comprised of two bars and a huge dancefloor.

5. Sound Bar

Sound Barwas launched in 2004 since then we have become a top-rated Nightclub. Our European design, combined with the state-of-the-art technology, will take your breath away. Our club is split into two levels a total of nine bars, four lounges and a massive dancefloor is available here. Sound Bar is a hub of famous touring DJ’s. Examples can be taken of BSMT, Jacob Henry and Super8&Tab, etc. In other clubs, only a selected few songs are playedbut, in our club, multiple music rooms are available for different genres, i.e., Hip-Hop, EDM, and Techno. All of which are played at the same time. In every room, a different color scheme is used, i.e., Red, Green, and Orange, etc.

In Conclusion

If you live by the best Techno music and want to cherish it forever and always, Chicago’s nightclubs are what you can’t miss. So, what are you waiting for! Why are you lagging behind others in quenching your Techno’s thirst when you have all the best music spots around you? Get up and rush to any of the paramount Techno clubs on our list. Believe it, these are second to none in serving you the best Techno music.