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PRYSM Nightclub Chicago, Guide & Review

PRYSM is a high class and luxurious Nightclub it is located in the Lincoln Park Area. From décor, to lighting everything has been carefully selected and is of high quality. Our club is divided into two levels. It has three fully furnished bars, comfortable seating, a high-tech DJ booth, and coat checking service available. Hazing machines combined with our lighting techniques create a splendid atmosphere and has the crowd rocking to the music.

Various famous DJ’s and bands such as Steve Angello, Afrojack, Borgeous, Snoop Dogg and Cash Cash are seen playing at our club. Multiple events such as BassJackers vs. Breathe Carolina, Industry Mondays, Pretty in Pink Wednesdays, No Filter Thursdays, and Lolla Pre Party are going to be held this month. Reservations for the events mentioned above can be made on our website the ticket holders must arrive before 11:30 pm. Early arrival will ensure that ticket holders get admitted quickly. After 11:30 pm general walk-ins are allowed entry. But, if the venue ends up getting filled, you will have to wait. As the crowd thins, the ticket holder will be given priority entry, which is why we recommend that you make a reservation in advance and arrive early. This way, you will be able to enjoy the event without any problems.

PRYSM’s dress code is trendy, classy and fashionable. No hats, shorts, baggy clothes, joggers or any other type of sportswear is allowed. We want our customer to come dressed in their best clothes. If you need privacy, we recommend that you book our VIP suite. PRISM is perfect for corporate events and birthday parties etc. Go to our Facebook page, schedule an appointment, and we will take of the rest.

Looking for a classy place with high-quality music and tasty drinks, then give PRYSM a try. Visit us soon.

Prysm Nightclub Chicago Dress Code Guide

Prysm ranks among the top-notch nightclubs of the Chicago city where the night dwellers party in style. People say that it is one of the best things that have happened in Chicago since, with the advent of Prysm, the nightlife has come bubblier than ever. Some people call it a 4 am bar whereas others call it as a 5 am a bar. On Saturday, it remains open till 5 am, and that is why it is called the 5 am bar.

Are you planning to visit this nightclub to celebrate your friend’s birthday here? Well, in that case, this article is a must read for you.

Prysm Nightclub Dress Code Guide for the Ladies

Prysm nightclub management is very loud and clear about the dress code for women. You have to wear something fashionable. If you have no idea of what to wear in the nightclub, then check out the Facebook profile of the Prysm nightclub. Look at the pictures uploaded by the Prysm nightclub management. You’ll get a good idea of what to wear for a party.

Usually, women wear a dress (short, long, backless, halter necks, off shoulder) at the party. Slim fit jeans and a sexy top would also go well. If you don’t want to wear jeans, then you can wear a short skirt and a cropped top. Black skirt or a dress suits almost everyone. So it’s a safe bet for you. Other colors you can try are red, white, blue, purple, and green. A red short dress can never go wrong. It’s enough to grab the eyeballs of all men drinking and dancing in the nightclub.

Heels go well with short skirts and dress. So next time you’re out shopping, buy a pair of killer stilettos. Try to avoid sandals or flats because these are again not permitted.

There is no restriction regarding the hairstyle. You can straighten your unruly curls and keep your hair open. Or, you can make a stylish knot. It’s up to you.

Prysm Nightclub Dress Code Guide for the Gents

The standard outfit is a collared shirt and jeans. If you have nice pants, you can even wear that. Always try to avoid sportswear in a sophisticated nightclub like this. Typically, jerseys, hats, baseball caps, track jackets, sneakers, and sports shoes are considered as sportswear.

Avoid wearing graphic tees with offensive pictures and logos. Also, don’t wear joggers, gym shoes, shorts, baggy clothes, hats, and chains. The nightclub management doesn’t allow men to walk into the nightclub wearing these things.

Black and white collared shirts always look good on men. If fashion is not your forte, then you can try these colors to avoid looking like a fool. Try dark colored denim if possible.

Don’t carry backpacks with you. They are usually not permitted inside the premises of the nightclub. If you’re coming straight from work, then keep your backpack either at the office or at your cab.

Our Suggestions 

Look your best. Wear something fashionable and trendy. The Prysm nightclub management expects that you would make some effort to look good at its private parties and concerts. So you better dress to impress the nightclub management. They have the absolute authority regarding the dress code. Their decision is the ultimate, and you have to respect that.

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