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Sound Bar Chicago, Guide & Review

Sound Barwas launched in 2004 since then we have become a top-rated Nightclub. Our European design, combined with the state-of-the-art technology, will take your breath away. Our club is split into two levels a total of nine bars, four lounges and a massive dancefloor is available here. Sound Bar is a hub of famous touring DJ’s. Examples can be taken of BSMT, Jacob Henry and Super8&Tab, etc. In other clubs, only a selected few songs are playedbut, in our club, multiple music rooms are available for different genres, i.e., Hip-Hop, EDM, and Techno. All of which are played at the same time. In every room, a different color scheme is used, i.e., Red, Green, and Orange, etc. Along with all of the things mentioned above, we also provide beautiful Lazer lighting, an excellent sound system, and video projection equipment. All of these features are what makes us different from the rest of the crowd.

Do you require a large space for your party? No problem we have got you covered. Our private rooms can accommodate more than 50 guests. The whole floor can be booked as well. Multiple packages for both personal and corporate events are available. A wide variety of drinking options such as Champagne, Vodka, Wine, Rum and Non-Alcoholic drinks, etc., are available. All ofthe bottles are incredible. Our multiple bars feature makes it easy to get your desired drinks and also resolves the issue of overcrowding. At Sound Bar, we focus on providing quick service. Place your order, and our bartenders will quickly prepare it for you.

So, if you are looking for a club with an extra punch, then give Sound Bar a try. We will do everything in our power to ensure that you have a wonderful time. Visit us soon.

Sound Bar Chicago Dress Code Guide

Sound Bar is an upscale nightclub that remains open from 10 am to 4 am in the weekdays. On Sundays, the nightclub is open till 5 am since people are not ready to leave the party until the wee hours in the morning. Most people are not ready to welcome the ‘Monday blues’ yet.

The usual waiting period in the line is 30 minutes. This small piece of information is enough to depict the popularity of the nightclub in Chicago. So when you’re planning to visit this nightclub, keep in mind 2 points.

The first point is you have to reach the venue a tad bit early. The second point is you have to dress as per the nightclub’s guideline. Otherwise, you won’t be allowed at the nightclub.

You already know the official working hours during the weekdays and weekends. So today, let’s talk about the dress code guideline for both men and women today.

Sound Bar Nightclub Dress Code Guide for the Ladies

Your dress should be a style statement. It should be nice and elegant. A dress or a skirt is a good option as long as it fits your body perfectly. Heels can complete your dress (be if short or long). So a small-inch heel is enough to do the part.

If you don’t like to wear a dress or skirt, wear cute tops and jeans. However, that doesn’t mean you can wear graphic tees/tops with offensive language. And,  try to avoid wearing beachwear or shorts. Don’t be so casual about your dress that guards are compelled to send you back home within a few seconds of looking at you.

Just like dress shoes are important for men. Likewise women should wear heels at the party because that is the only type of female shoe accepted by the nightclub management.

The fashion-conscious female often visits the nightclub. Men wearing button-down shirts are easily noticeable at Sound Bar. So dress to impress them and dance away the stress.

Sound Bar Nightclub Dress Code Guide for the Gents

The dress code guideline is laid out by the Sound Bar nightclub management. At night, men should wear a collared shirt and jeans. Dark denim and dress pants are acceptable. However, joggers, jerseys, sneakers, track pants, track suits, sports shoes, etc. are not at all allowed in an upscale nightclub like Sound bar.

Baseball caps, sunglass, gym attire, gym shoes, and the much popular shredded jeans are not allowed in the nightclub.

Oversized or baggy clothes are looked down in an upscale nightclub. Keep them as your night clothes since those are light and extremely comfortable during summer.

Torn clothes and ripped jeans are extremely popular among men. But you can’t wear them to the party. If you do, then be prepared to leave the line even after standing for a long time.

Our Suggestions

Just one suggestion. Don’t go to the nightclub carrying a backpack even though it is of a good brand. Women should carry a small bag whereas, for men, a wallet is enough.​

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