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Stereo Nightclub Chicago, Guide & Review

Welcome to the Stereo Club and get ready for a fantastic night. Upon entry, the first thing that you will notice is our beautiful design. The Blue and Pink lighting blends in perfectly and is non-irritating to your eyes. Smoky rooms and the Lighting show create an air of mystery. All kinds of music, such as 90’s disco, rock, and pop, etc. are available at Stereo Nightclub. Need a short break? Make use of our Lounge room. You will notice that this room’s design is completely different from the rest of the Nightclub. The large bar, Brown sofas, and the LED TV will remind you of Hollywood’s classy bar scenes. If you require a quiet place to chat, then the Lounge Room is perfect for you. Along with that Our Lounge Room’s relaxing environment will melt away all your fatigue.

Thirsty? Then take a look at our drinks catalog. All of the beverages are prepared by professionals and are super delicious. They will put you right back in the party mood. Stereo Nightclub’s motto is Nighttime chic. So, come dressed to impress and let your inner dancer shine. Baggy clothes, hats, and sneakers are a big no.

If you are coming with a large group of people, we recommend that you reserve a table. This way, you will gain instant access and won’t have to go through the hassle of waiting. Bookings for Birthdays, Bachelorette parties and other events are also available. Our booking process is pretty simple, all you have to do is fill up the online form, and one of our staff members will contact you for further details. If you are ever in Chicago and are looking for an excellent Nightclub, then we recommend that you give us a try. We promise you will have a fun time.

Stereo Chicago Dress Code Guide

Stereo nightclub is a great place to eat, drink, and be merry. The nightclub offers great music and keeps the environment energetic. The decor is gorgeous, and the ambience is beautiful. The moment you enter the nightclub, your mind feels fresh, and your heart feels light. That’s the charm of the Stereo nightclub..

Stereo Nightclub Dress Code Guide for the Ladies

The official website of Stereo nightclub doesn’t specify anything about the dress code for women. So this implies that women have liberties to wear what they want apart from these things:

Tank tops
T-shirts with offensive language

Tank tops are usually not allowed in all the respectable nightclubs in this country. Stereo is not the only one.

You can wear t-shirts and jeans at the nightclub. You can also wear a dress (which is the most popular attire in the nightclub). But don’t wear t-shirts that contain bad language or vulgar logos or slangs.

There is a guideline regarding shoes as well. Don’t wear sandals. Wear heels because that’s the norm. Check out the latest trends in shoes and dresses. A black backless dress is a nice option with black stilettos. Black is always a very safe color. You don’t have to bother about stains. Plus, it always makes you look more slender than what you’re. So if you’re a chubby girl, then you should wear something in black.

A smart tip would be to carry a clutch rather than a bag since it becomes troublesome to handle it. Plus, bouncers may check your bag thoroughly and discard the things that are not allowed in a party — for instance, arms and alcohol.

Stereo Nightclub Dress Code Guide for the Gents

Proper dress code is required. This is what the Stereo nightclub states on their official website. The term proper dress code implies that you have to wear a collared shirt, jeans, dress shoes, dark colored denim, etc.

You know what is the proper dress code right now. So the next question that is likely to come in your mind is,

What do you mean by the improper dress code?

Well, at the Stereo nightclub, anything that can be called sportswear is regarded as improper dress code. So you shouldn’t wear jerseys, hooded shirts, track pants, and joggers.

Apart from the sportswear, shorts and baggy pants are also considered as improper dress code.

Gym attire and shoes are completely prohibited. If bouncers are in a good mood, they may allow fashionable sneakers. But to avoid any hassle or controversy, it’s better to avoid wearing them.

Hats, baggy pants, and shorts are also against the dress code of the nightclub. So even if you feel at home wearing them, you shouldn’t wear them. The nightclub is not your home.

Our Suggestions 

So that’s what all I had to say about the dress code. Now you know anything and everything about the dress code at the Stereo nightclub. So it’s up to you how you want to dress up for the party at the Stereo nightclub. Go and enjoy. Have a blast at the nightclub.

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