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Tunnel Chicago, Guide & Review

Shrouded in mystery Tunnel drew its inspiration from the urban Tunnel system. We opened doors in February 2015 and are now regarded the hottest club on Kinzie Street. Upon your entry, you will come across a staircase. Each step will increase your anticipation regarding what awaits you upstairs. Our club was designed by the famous interior designer Rocco Laudizio. Multi-colored LED lights, combined with a high-tech lighting and sound system, creates an excellent party atmosphere. A Twelve panelled video wall is also available, which further enhances the clubber’s experience. For us, all of our customers are VIPs, and we treat them the save way. Comfortable Leather sofa, custom made tables, and several murals are found hanging in our club. We have plenty of space available and can accommodate up to 120 guests.

Every night in our high-class DJ booth, various local/ famous DJ’s mix up different songs and play various tunes. Examples can be taken of Lago, Uzi, Nicky Balzano, Solesdin, Mr Shaw, DJ Rex and Mr New York, etc. We mostly play Top 40 and EDM music, however, depending on the event the music can end up changing. Need a private space for a party? Then give our place a try. From food to decorations, everything is customizable and will fit your theme perfectly. To keep your guests entertained, we have HDTVs, Projection screens and Microphones available. A full-service bar with an extensive collection of drinks is available here. For parties, we also offer customizable cocktail options. Up until now we have hosted various events such as Chicago Rose Day, Sunday Fiesta, The Party Next Door, Black Wednesday, Turkish Night, Super Sunday and The Walk of ShameRock, etc.

Come to our place in casual attire and we will provide you a grand place to dance. We await your arrival.

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