The Best Cocktail Bars in Indianapolis

We’ve taken the initiative of compiling a list of the top places to have a great drink because craft beer isn’t always enough.

 4. The Libertine Liquor Bar Indianapolis

The Libertine Liquor Bar uses traditional American liquids to create unique cocktails. The drinks have unique names inspired by numerous performers, authors, and others.

 The workers are great and take pride in their work. The ambiance is dark and melancholy. Some Devo-style dancing videos are playing in the background, which adds to the lively vibe.

Cocktails are unique and tasty. The staff is pleasant and can help you choose a nice private experience with some excellent liquors. It is a great choice for bourbon and scotch lovers. 

This place was a “must visit” recommendation of our friends living in Indy.

3. Nicky Blaine’s Cocktail Lounge Bar Indianapolis

Nothing beats an excellent upscale cigar bar with a full bar and experienced staff.

Nicky Blaine’s is a full-service nightclub and lounge recognized for our famous martinis, a fully stocked scotch bar, and an extensive range of cigars. Indy’s “Original Retro Bar” provides a one-of-a-kind experience in the city, catering to those seeking a quiet evening or the ideal setting for a social night out downtown.

The place is a joint, and there’s something undeniably satisfying about sneaking off a downtown street for a short cigarette and two fingers of vodka. People will always require the convenience of a basement bar, where the bartenders are attentive, the barstools are supportive, and the lights transform everything.

This is a lovely downtown Indianapolis cigar bar with a welcoming staff. They have an excellent assortment of cigars ranging in price from moderate to expensive. The drink menu is extensive yet quite costly. They also offer a very decent meal selection.


2. Ocean Prime Bar Indianapolis

Ocean Prime Bar IndianapolisEven if it’s just a Tuesday night with no kids, this elegant modern American restaurant in the Keystone region will make you feel like you’re celebrating a special occasion. The beautiful restaurant and slick lounge scream “adult night,” and the food and cocktails will not disappoint. Classic drinks and delectable variants on the standard make these beverages worthwhile.

Ocean Prime is a beautiful spot to socialize, talk business, celebrate, and indulge, with magnificent settings, vibrant energy, an exceptional cuisine of seafood and steaks, and simply exceptional service.

1. The Northside Social Bar Indianapolis

The Northside Social Bar IndianapolisOne of the best aspects of this restaurant is its environment. The outdoor seating is extensive and mostly shaded in the evening, making it an excellent location to hang out and eat delicious food.

The menu changes periodically, but anticipate comfort meals with a modern spin. This is a terrific venue for every occasion, thanks to classic cocktails crafted with fresh ingredients and quality liquors.

They provide various sitting options, including many indoor and covered porch tables and overflow tables on the gravel patio. Near the Monon, as well as some parking lots with picnic tables. Modern dedication and vivid artwork throughout!

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